Friday, February 27, 2015

113 311 | THX 1138 and George Lucas

Notice the film was released on March 11, by George Lucas, and has '113' in the title.
  • George = 7+5+15+18+7+5 = 57
  • Lucas = 12+21+3+1+19 = 56
  • George Lucas = 113
    • THX 1138
    • Released 3/11 or 11/3
I very much want to watch this movie.


  1. Hi. Ive watched it a few times now, sadlly its pretty dull. George likes to forever change his movies too so you get some lame cgi on top of a low budget movie from the 70's.

    Interestingly though is the main character THX (=52) is pronnounced 'TEX' which gives us 49, very popular this year. What prompted you to think of the film just now?

    George Lucas claimed THX-1138 was simply his phone number at the time, ha!

    Also dont forget this 33 story:

  2. Also see:

    "Tomlinson Holman x" in the English Reduction system equals 74

  3. Robert Duvall stars in it as well and is 84 this year.

    1. Duvall is great as THX1138. Tough role but he nailed it. When they chip THX1138 and he is being remotely controlled, Duvall made it look very real.

      Great movie. Very underrated.

  4. You should. You would probably see alot in this movie even without numbers. This movie's story is definitely NWO prophecy/analogy.

    86 minutes long originally.
    Director's cut 88 minutes.

    It had a budget of $777,777.77
    Then Star Wars came out in '77.

    1. Agree. Zach will be able to decode many things that most simply can not.
      The 88 minute directors cut is outstanding. Thanks to Zach I plan to watch it again with more educated eyes.