Monday, February 23, 2015

33 | The Earnhardt's and "33" in NASCAR and Sports


  1. They got their fingers in everything, don't they? It's amazing.

  2. That crash could not have killed a human male adult. Period. It's almost as ridiculous as a "plane" melting like a butter stick in to a NY skyscraper and it falling straight down an hour later. Or a "bomb" in Boston that only injures people below the groin.
    NASCAR is fixed like the WWF. It's also laced with numerology. What is the design of the final and most iconic flag in every race? I rest my case.

    Earnhardt (#3) was hit by the #36 car.
    3+36=39 (93 inverted)

    Had their been an active #90 car, i'm sure that one would have "killed" him.

  3. It is Pete. It is because everything on tv, for the most part, is their creation, meant to distract us from our reality, at least so I think.


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