Wednesday, December 30, 2015

32 50 | The NFL Cardinals Very Long Championship Drought

The Arizona Cardinals have been in multiple locations in their very long existence.  They were established in the year 1920, the first year of the NFL, which was named the American Professional Football Association until 1922.

1920-1959, Chicago Cardinals
1960-1987, St. Louis Cardinals
1988-2015, Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have not won a championship since 1947, having only won twice, in 1925 and 1947.  Both of these wins came before the AFL-NFL merger.

In the era of the Super Bowl, they have only participated in the big game one time, against the Steelers, Super Bowl 43, February 1, 2009.  They lost 27-23, on late heroics by the Steelers, who became the all-time leader in Super Bowl wins by defeating the Cardinals.

The game was played on the 32nd day of the year, in a year where the date had a '32' numerology, a special number to the NFL, which has 32 teams.

2/1/2009 = 2+1+20+09 = 32
NFL = 14+6+12 = 32 (32 Teams)
America = 1+4+5+9+9+3+1 = 32 (America's Game)

With regards to 'America', this is the year of Super Bowl 50, and the lone Super Bowl the Cardinals participated in, had a sum of 50 points.  Perhaps that will bode well for them this season.

America = 1+13+5+18+9+3+1 = 50