Tuesday, December 6, 2016

13 41 66 | Week 13 NFL Observation, Andrew Luck ties Aaron Rodgers, passes Johnny Unitas

A few things stand out about this stat shown during Monday Night Football, December 5, 2016, Colts at Jets.  One, I've been saying this Andrew Luck / Colts season (2016-17) will be reminiscent of the last year the Packers won the Super Bowl with Rodgers, if they win it (a come back, underdog season).  Notice Luck tied Rodgers in this game.  Also, the turning point game for the Colts season, when they look back, should they make it to the big game, will be the game at Green Bay, where they were two touchdown dogs, but upset the Packers.  LAST, the 124 TD connects to the date of the Sunday Games, December 4, or 12/4.

The stat is through the players first 66-games.  NFL = 66; Andrew Austen Luck = 66

Johny Unitas = 53; 12/5/2016 = 12+5+20+16 = 53; 12/5/16 = 12+5+16 = 33 (MNF = 33)

Two, Johnny Unitas's 119 TDs are something else.  Keep in mind, he died September 11, 2002, the one year anniversary of the day Tom Brady clones flew fictional airplanes into the World Trade Centers.

Three, Marino's 160 are 41 more than Unitas's 119.  Unitas played for the Baltimore Colts and won the Super Bowl in '71, something, Marino never did.

Baltimore = 41; Super Bowl = 41; Jim Irsay = 41; Green Bay = 41; Rodgers = 41
*41 is the 13th prime number, and this was Week 13

Last night, Andrew Luck earned his 41st regular season win, beating the Jets 41-10, in Week 13.  13?  Luck?  Think about it.  I heard John Gruden say at the end of the game the Texans got Lucky beating Luck earlier this year.

Ten = 39; NY = 39; New York = 39; Indy is on the 39th Parallel; Luck had 39 birth numerology

Speaking of 39, recall that Manning retired at 39 last year.  Checkout his TDs with the Colts, from Indianapolis, again, on the 39th parallel north.