Tuesday, December 6, 2016

13 42 84 31 | Week 13 NFL Observation, the Steelers last two home field wins, Jets and Giants

The Giants fell to 8-4 with a Week 13 loss at the Steelers, who are in their 84th season.  #84, Antonio Brown, outplayed #13, Odell, in '31' land.  Steelers = 31

Again, Eli Manning is in his 13th season, and this game came in Week 13.

Notice the Steelers last two home wins are against NY teams.

These games were 'nine' weeks apart.  Nine = 42; NYC = 42; Freemason = 42


  1. It's looking good for The Giants vs Colts in SB 51

  2. top headline on CNN, 'completely devastated'
    equals 74 the small way and 227 the big way... they must be ecstatic to use something so perfectly coded...

    1. oh and i should have checked, its 1703 in jewish... so there is the 137, 33rd prime, fine structure constant, 304,805 letters in torah 50+84+03 =137 and kabbalah in hebrew equals 137...

  3. joe theismann and earl thomas could have some parallels please look into that

  4. heres the article says " went from league mvp to second worst passer".
    cam newton was the quarterback when this happend to thomas and he was mvp last year and doing below average thisnyear https://www.washingtonian.com/2015/09/29/the-oral-history-of-joe-theismanns-broken-leg/
    also happened in 1983 which u beliebe has many parralles to this season

  5. also, cowboys qb and running back wear 4 and 21 respectively, prince died on 4/21 ...?