Saturday, December 3, 2016

159 | Gatlinburg, TN to Antioch, TN is 159-miles, the "New Testament" number

Recall, in 1985, a book was released about the destruction of the world, and how that destruction begins in Antioch, TN, a town that takes it's name from the Bible.  Antioch is where the Christians are from in the Bible.

Anyhow, notice how Antioch, TN is 159 miles from Gatlinburg, TN, where they just staged the fire, to drop these major Revelation clues.

In case you missed the story about the lone Bible page recovered in Gatlinburg, it was from Joel.  The clearest verse you can read is Joel 1:19.


  1. Tennessee = Ten Essene

    Gematria Jewish 145
    Gematria Reduction 12
    Gematria Summerian 234
    Gematria Ordinal 39
    Gematria English 255

    Gematria Jewish 235
    Gematria Reduction 22
    Gematria Summerian 402
    Gematria Ordinal 67
    Gematria English 265

    Ten Essene
    Gematria Jewish 380
    Gematria Reduction 34
    Gematria Summerian 636
    Gematria Ordinal 106
    Gematria English 520

    From Webster's
    "Essene: a member of a monastic brotherhood of Jews in Palestine from the second century b.c. to the second century a.d."

    Read more about the Essenes:

    Bible meaning and references to the number 10:

    In the Bible, the number 10 is used 242 times. The designation "10th" is used 79 times. Ten is also viewed as a complete and perfect number..."

    "The last great world-ruling kingdom of man under Satan is symbolized prophetically by the 10 toes of Daniel 2 and the 10 horns of Revelation 13 and 17."

    Gematria Jewish 211
    Gematria Reduction 34
    Gematria Summerian 420
    Gematria Ordinal 70
    Gematria English 331

  2. Then the straight line distance from Antioch to Elberton, GA(The Guidestones) is 396.6 KMs.

  3. "I felt my skin melting" in the English Reduction system equals 88

    "I felt my skin melting" in the English Ordinal system equals 223