Saturday, December 3, 2016

60 | Jim Irsay tweets November 30, 2016, that Colts fans should "believe" in a Super Bowl



  1. Jim Irsay = 104/41
    Super Bowl = 41
    10-4 buddy!

    Conspiracy = 123/51,60
    Indianapolis = 123/60
    Super Bowl 51

    Someone on the blog mentioned if Luck "wins out", including the Super Bowl, that will be his 51st win all time. Are you still leaning towards a Giants' victory over Colts, or could it be either way? Not sure Colts win all 5 of their remaining games, but it's definitely possible.

    1. What I can say is Zach will come out with a video on the Oakland fire killing many, 9 at this point.

      He will talk about the video being 1:19 in length
      119 (All See in Eye, Master Plan, Star of David)

      He will also talk about the Eyes 'urban art' on the building in the photos.

      It will get related to Football, no stop.

      Happened on 12-3, 123 (Conspiracy, masonic sign)

      Add 321 + 123 and you get 444

      The post updated at 11:30 or 311 backwards. (K+K+K)

      Across the country from the Rhode Island nightclub inferno (New England)

      This was in Oakland

      Oakland v. New England in SB?

      And the address and other numbers in the story all have 13 or 31 in them.

    2. At 2:31, from the fire fighters twitter feed, remember the 31.

      Two dozen missing still, baker's dozen? 13? Yes these numbers still important.

      Thirteen stripes on our flag, 13 everywhere.

      The blaze happened, but by whom though?

    3. It isn't if he wins out. If he finishes 9-7, and wins the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl would be his 51st win of the season.

    4. *Oakland and New England both play in the AFC.

    5. Now if Pagano wins out, HE will have 51 wins going into the playoffs...

    6. I think if the Colts go 4-1, they will likely lose to Oakland. Then, depending on how the seeding goes, they may have to go through Pittsburgh, Oakland, and New England, vanquishing 3 teams that have beaten them of late. I think somehow they will definitely play PIT and beat them in the playoffs, because currently Pittsburgh leads the series 22-6...

    7. Also, I don't know if this has been pointed out, but:

      Luck (Jewish Gematria): 233
      233 is the 51st Prime

    8. Just don't see ANY storyline for Colts, still nothing, for people to care or watch.

      We're getting dinosaurs in the Big Game, no two teams have more controversy than New England and Green Bay, pop culture story lines, Russian story lines, Robert KRAFT, the king jew of the NFL, Al jazeera PED stories, canceled games, Hall of Fame inductees, CTE, injuries, qb wife stories, Bachelorette winners, Rodgers lack of family, pure hatred/jealousy of the two said quarterbacks, Trump win, recount of votes, matching date numerology to both team's coordinates, etc.

      What do the Colt's have? A cancer survivor, newsworthy in the 80's and 90's, now every tenth person deals with the big C. Then you have Andrew Luck, a last name and the Colt Horseshoe? Help me out, why would people watch.

      Yeah Oakland AFC is lame, my whole comment string cannot encapsulate the sarcasm enthralled within.

    9. @InsaneUnknown

      Yawn....stop wasting your life.

    10. Disagree there;

      They are already warming the public for New England's playoff loss, with the Gronkowski 'injury,', that will be the media & public's reasoning to New England not making it. "They just didn't have enough without Gronk"

      Oakland, Im still unsure they even make the playoffs. Don't forget they're headed to Las Vegas, a Super Bowl would halt that plan.

      And the Colts..

      Just my two cents:
      They're going to win the division. Therefore start checking your AFC teams off, If it's not New England, ..not Kansas City,..not Oakland,..not Denver,...not Buffalo, not Pittsburgh. Who's that leave?

      Colts in Houston in February.

    11. Oakland is making the playoffs, they need a new stadium, its why they are doing well this season.

    12. I told you all about the Oakland video, that is now up. I was right, broken down to the number, all while pitching a loaf. Zach is predictable and can break down my own shit my way. It's the thread that's important. The think tank.

      Still no Numbers or Truth why Colts are the pick, you freshman, ArithMatrix. Lay some numbers down, dare to play, earn some cred, or regurgitate Zach, either way. Be real.

      Also why is 2/3 of the September blog gone Zach? It's ok, I will be clogging blog arteries soon...

      If I am not getting challenged or laughed at, I'm not hitting any nerves or self doubt... I am callous like your mother's toes.

    13. Insane unknown you are a fucking idiot,there have been shit ton of colts clues dumbass mf,they have the strongest coding then any other team

    14. Oakland vs New England in the SB, sure would like to see the odds on that. LOL

    15. Sports bet capper ,Oakland and New England can't play against each other in the SB ,they are in the same conference

    16. It was sarcasm mocking insanes post.

    17. Andrew Luck has 43 wins all time. He needs eight wins to get to 51 Let's count backwards Superbowl AFC Championship Divisional Round Wild card. That's four. Week 16 week 15 week 14 week 13. So yes Luck won't lose again to get 51st win all time in Superbowl 51.

      Now with the Giants: Look at Eli Manning's playoff record: 5-1 on the road in the playoffs. The question is:who is considered home and away in the superbowl? If Giants get a bye and Eli wins three at home in Jersey hell be 4-2 at home in playoffs and if Giants are the road team then Eli could finish the year being 5-2 with a loss on the date of 2-5.

      Check this out: Colts would beat Vikings with above scenario. Guess what happens week after the Colts Vikings!!! Christmas Eve Football!! Guess who is coming back in December?? Adrian Peterson!! Do you know his nickname? "Purple Jesus!!! So Purple Jesus comes on XMAS and helps get Vikings into the playoffs at 9-7. Vikings knock off the Cowboys so Giants remain home advantage throughout playoffs then lose to Giants in AFC and then Giants lose to Colts in superbowl.

      If Colts win all 8 games, they will get 10-6 prophecy regular season win-loss record. Colts winning Superbowl at 14-6 record for the year exactly 146 days from Andrew Luck birthday. Patriots traded a key defensive piece away #91 who now wears #51. It's like saying Pats traded away superbowl. When #91 got traded away #19 got hot on the Pats.Then Andrew Luck gets bad Luck and team becomes 2-1-1 on superbowl. It was bad luck to be on concussion protocol on a short week and Tolzien's record become Andrew Luck Jersey backwards 0-2-1. Now Gronkowski goes out for 8 weeks which effects #12 on Pats. #12 for Colts for 8 weeks will then catch fire or at least enough for all these wins including beating the patriots. Just announced he cleared protocol a few hours ago.

  2. Notice the picture that Ray Bridges tweeted was at the Bears stadium, the colts beat the Bears in super bowl 41.

  3. Location of the tweet. Carmel = 25 and 52. SB DATE.

  4. Well Oakland fires = death, destruction, 45...

    So death coding for the Raiders...

    Florence Henderson, the mom in "Brady Bunch" dies wth patriots coding...

    So death coding for the Patriots...

    The colts are a shoe in... if the colts finish the season 9-7 and win the SB... it will be his 51st won on super bowl 51....

    Don't over-code, it doesn't help, it only convelutes the riddles

    1. Vikings will go 9-7 and Ravens will go 9-7. Colts will go 10-6 above. I believe Ravens equals 79. So I think they go 9-7 because it's 97th season and Baltimore Ravens used to be Baltimore Colts 1958 is when Baltimore Colts played greatest game ever played and 1985 or 1984-1985 season was when Indianapolis Colts were founded some 33 years ago!!!. I think they will hit 8-5 which is opposite of 5-8 plus they'll need to to go 9-7.
      So I think Ravens win against the Dolphins. Before my initial pick was the Dolphins.

      Did you all notice that the Colts beat the Bears on 10/9? for a score total of 52 points 2/5 anagram)

      Also do you remember the Odell Beckham Pepsi commercial? They talk about winning a purple bear? Vikings play bears last week of the season. Vikings will win and Odell Beckham will face winner of the purple bear and the best not anywhere near playoff spot.


      Just sick of the 'I think'. Also sick of these narratives we all come up with (myself included). With no numerical, or coded basis.

      However, look in the mirror my friends, we are all isolated and THINK we are breaking the coded madness.

      I'm extremely disappointed with Zach, for calling everyone a troll, basically telling new membership to fuck off if you disagree with him. What he is failing to realize through his Smug, (remember the South Park) smug episode? fucking hillarious, also The Portlandia sitcom) is that people watch and practice before they blog their comments, for months. People are all in but don't want to post on this Chinese-banned government-watched site.

      Then some guy comes on and says the fire was real in Oakland, as it was real. What Zach could have said to this poor lad was, hey man, hoax doesn't mean it was fake, it means the event was to deceive you and/or planned. The death count may be adjusted for coding and the information released is timed, and yeah there's a lot of expendable death in the path of this evil empire we are decoding.

      Zach needs a 'PR' course or two. It would boost membership/subscribers. But like I said, that West Coast Smug makes you foggy. You don't want to constantly offend people. When I was in a band, that was the first thing the producer in the recording studio said. Offending people, immediately cuts off half or more of your potential listeners.

      There are Jews on this site (searching for truth), Muslims, racists, TRUMP voters and Government workers. I know this because I have personally turned some of these folks into truthers. What you think you know, you surely do not 'maggots' Yes, maggots it's a friendly Slipknot reference..