Wednesday, December 14, 2016

163 | Donald Trump ordered to sit for 7-hour deposition in early January, December 14, 2016 news

You have to love how they captured Clinton Global Initiative.  I'm not sure why this photo is used for this story.

President = 110

The name Jennifer A. Di Toro has familiar gematria of '163', the 38th prime.


  1. Zach, the hand gesture from the man represents 666 in Freemasonry, which is used by Trump and numerous others.

  2. Just noticed this, haven't seen it mentioned in the NFL discussions so don't know if it's been said, Luck went to Stanford

    'Stanford'=97 O, and this is the 97th NFL season
    'Stanford University'=88 R (Trump=88, and he won)

    Stanford was founded on November 11th, 1885;
    11/11/1885 = 125/44*/26/107* (Super bowl has date numerology of 44, and it is in 17' a lot like 107)

  3. Elway went to Stanford and won in 97 and 98

    Colts missed the playoffs 97 & 98
    Colts missed the playoffs in 2015 & 2016?

    Or luck wins in SB 51&52

    I own your soul Boy George!

    1. Colts is on the 97 madden cover! With Kesey numbers 74,21 and partial 9cause the second number is blocked

  4. The Orginal white horse ! 2-5 in SB

    Sheriff Peyton followed the blue print 1-1 SB

    Will luck follow with 1 LUCKY SB win?

    That's Irsays worst nightmare, what do you think the pain meds is for? Oxy

  5. Jim Irsay wants two Super Bowl titles in 'Andrew Luck era'
    By Will Brinson / NFL Writer
    May 04, 2015 12:35 PM ET
    No pressure, Ryan Grigson. Your boss just wants back-to-back Super Bowl titles.

    While introducing new first-round pick Phillip Dorsett over the weekend, Colts owner Jim Irsay slipped in a line about winning during "the Andrew Luck era" that would probably frustrate any Colts front-office employee.

    "In the Andrew Luck era, we would like to win at least two world championships,” Irsay said.

    I mean, yeah, that would be great. Luck looks like he's going to go on and have a Hall of Fame career and be really amazing and set records and stuff. But Dan Marino and Jim Kelly are two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and they don't have a single Super Bowl title between them.

    Peyton Manning, as you'll recall, has just one title. No doubt there's something related to Manning's run in Indy involved here too.


      Source !

      I hate readers contributions, that have no viable source.

  6. Seven games= 110/660/973

    Hillary rodham Clinton=973

    (Hi-Lary) you can use this one too !

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  8. The hand gesture/symbol shows allegiance to the gang that he belongs too.

    "Satanic Hand Symbol" in English Reduction equals 63
    "Clinton's" in English Sumerian equals 636
    "Climate Change" in English Gematria equals 362

  9. Uranus rules elections. Uranus is associated with purple. This is why we've been seeing so many damn purple ties. Purple, traditionally, as well as black, is associated with saturn. Saturn rules law and judges. And, of course, 666 mudra.

    Astrologers are pointing out a powerful alignment late this month. Mystic rectangle. Could be a "terrorist attack" between Christmas and New year's. Maybe NYC times square?

    1. no
      purple is what you get when you mix red and blue
      or dems and reps
      UNITE the reds and blues under the NEW colour purple
      its a scam

    2. Why do they use red and blue? It symbolizes duality/
      Law of polarity. Red represents male, day, the sun, fire. Blue represents female, night, moon, water. Bring the two together and you get balance, transcendence, godhood. That's why judges sometimes wear purple. It represents balance, good judgement. (Most judges wear black, which represents saturn in modern astrology. Saturn is the boss of the material world.) This is also the same principle driving the "transsexual agenda."

      These people use the law of polarity to manipulate the masses who easily fall for WWE, good guy bad guy narratives. Check out the seven hermetic principles.

  10. This is the hand sign of Zeta Beta Tau -- the ZBT's or "Zebs".

    "World's First" -- & only -- Zionist Fraternity.

    Not just frat boys -- they claim to Mold ALL Future World Leaders.

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  12. 7 hours = 420 minutes. Hitlers birthday, April 20th, 4/20. Trump the new Hitler/Stalin comparisons doin' the rounds lately.

    1. ha, and 420 minutes = 25200 seconds. The measurement for the sacred cubit, is 25.20 Pyramid inches. Close enough. That's where Plato gets his whole famous prime number of 5040. 2520 x 2 = 5040.

  13. Feck almost forgot ... here's one. A '7' hour disposition.
    And with the lad flashing the '666' hand sign ...

    The sum of the first '7' prime numbers, squared,
    eg, 2x2 = 4, 3x3 = 9, 7x7, = 49 etc ...

    4+9+25+49+121+169+289 = 666.