Wednesday, December 14, 2016

33 106 111 | Viral story of boy dying in Santa's arms is retracted, December 14, 2016 headlines

This is the media's way of reminding you they're the real fake news makers, while the masses do nothing about it.  Just yesterday, this was a top headline.

It was a 'Sam' who wrote the false story.  Sam = 33

And the name of the actor's name is perfect too.

1:06?  Notice the story comes out of Tennessee.  Tennessee = 106


  1. Muhahahahahaha!!! Oh shit. That is awesome. People were all over this like maggots on corpse. Too good.

    1. The Truth about Santa Claus=290, 1740

      Santa Claus Isn't Real=209

      Ho Ho Ho=174J

  2. What a bunch of pricks if this one was fake, may be real since they're saying it's fake but regardless to go that low, one thing to do fake shootings but to say some child died in Santa's arms, fuck them honestly.

    1. Has to be fake, U cant be that sick and go see santa...ur in the hospital dying....U dont just drop dead in the car on the way to work from something like cancer...

  3. Anymore, sooner or later a "Dying Child" is planted in EVERY "major media story".

    Remember "Bern, Baby, Bern"? The "Bernie Sanders lookalike baby that suddenly DIED right after all that fame hit?

    In retrospect I think there were hints about the upcoming FIRES that would later strike ISRAEL ... & TN, GA, NC.
    (As I recall, "Bernie Baby" supposedly came from a Jewish family ... hence the Israeli Fires connection.)

    Obviously, certain people feel compelled to infuse every joyful occasion with a dose of traumatic imagery.
    What's a "holiday" without SADNESS ... right?

  4. Reminds me of Future Santa in the show FUTURAMA.

    If kids -- & everyone else -- didn't run from Santa ... they WOULD "Wind Up Dead".
    That's why he swooped in on his "SLAY"/sleigh.

    Equating Santa with Dead Children is NOT "heartwarming" -- at all. It's really disturbing -- no matter what the (publicly claimed) "intent" of the "story" may have been.

    "Dying Children" has become a marketing tool -- guaranteed to increase sales of -- whatever -- because people have been TRAINED to REACT with "Tears & Outpourings Of GENEROSITY" whenever they're exposed to such MAUDLIN Propaganda.

    Knee-Jerk Responses + "Grief" = $$$$ !!!

  5. Snopes? :/
    Snopes = 88
    I don't know about the story but I think Snopes is b.s.