Monday, December 12, 2016

29 33 44 57 88 113 138 | Death of former Colt/Jet/Raven TE Konrad Reuland, December 12, 2016

Dead at '29', eh?

His name gematria pops out too.  Keep in mind this man was teammates with Andrew Luck at Stanford.

Konrad = 27/63; Reuland = 30/75; Konrad Reuland = 57/138 (Donald Trump = 138)

Notice he wore the #88, and played for the Colts as well as the New York Jets.

Think about how Trump is from New York, and Mike Pence, his VP, is from Indiana, like the Colts, and like the two teams this man played for.

Notice how the name Reuland connects 'Indianapolis Colts' as well as their upcoming opponent, the 'Minnesota Vikings'.

His birthday makes things even more interesting.  Notice he was born on April 4.  This season, the upcoming Super Bowl is on a date with '44' numerology, February 5, 2017.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

His place of birth connects to the location of Super Bowl 51, Houston.  Houston is also where Andrew Luck played his high school football.  That is the city his father played for the NFL Oilers as well.  Oliver Luck = 47; Luck = 47; Super Bowl 51, 47th of the modern era

'Mission Viejo' also connects to 'Indianapolis'.

His date of birth, April 4, 1987 has '33' numerology.

4+4+19+87 = 114
4+4+1+9+8+7 = 33
4+4+87 = 95

His date of death, December 12, 2016, also has '33' numerology, often a number of sacrifice.

12+12+20+16 = 60 (Indianapolis) (Mission Viejo)
12+12+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Colts have been in Indianapolis for 33-years)
1+2+1+2+2+0+1+6 = 15 (Fifteen = 38) (Death = 38) (Killing = 38) (Prince = 38)
12/12/16 = 12+12+16 = 40 (United States)

There is a parallel to today's date and the date he has died.

12x12 = 144 (Andrew Luck wears #12)

Aneurism = 44; Kill = 44

He has died 252-days after his 29th birthday, or a span of 253-days.  It is interesting to note how much of combinations of '235' we have seen this year.

He has died 113-days before his 30th birthday, or a span of 114-days.  Again, he has birth numerology of '114'.

Again, Donald Trump has just been elected President, at the end of the 114th Congress.

I sense more foul play from the Scottish Rite Freemasons, who gave us American Football.

It was John Harbaugh who broke the news after the MNF game.  MNF = 13+14+6 = 33

Notice he was on the Colts last, but never recorded any stats.  His beast season was 2012 with the Jets, where he had 11 receptions for 83-yards.  Football = 83

Notice he wore #49 for the Colts.  Their next game, against the Vikings, is 49-days from the Super Bowl.  Also, he was from Springfield, Ohio.

Springfield = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119

Notice his career total of 90-yards receiving.  Ninety = 33

He had 12 receptions, like the number Luck wears.

His college stats are impressive as well, where he played with Luck at Stanford.

Notice he had 351-yards receiving.  When you sum 1 through 26, it totals 351.  Notice he also had 27 receptions.  Andrew Luck is currently 27-years old.  Irsay = 27

Notice Luck had 13 TDs his first season.   Luck = 233 (Jewish Gematria) (233, 13th Fibonacci #)
Notice also the 37 TDs in his last season.  That is the number haunting him this year.  37 is the 12th prime number, like the jersey number he wears.  Again, Reuland has 12 total receptions in the NFL.

It was the date November 28, 2016, the story emerged about his brain aneurysm.

11/28/2016 = 11+28+20+16 = 75 (Reuland = 75) (Indianapolis Colts) (Baltimore Ravens)
11/28/2016 = 11+28+(2+0+1+6) = 48
11/28/2016 = 1+1+2+8+2+0+1+6 = 21
11/28/16 = 11+28+16 = 55 (Sacrifice = 55)

From the date of his death to the Super Bowl is 55-days.

The election this year, of Trump, was also on a date with '55' numerology.

11/8/2016 = 11+8+20+16 = 55


  1. Great find Zach!! I think Colts are the real deal this time. I know we've all said it before, but the Colts are definitely winning out from here! 9-7 and on to the Superbowl! This HAS to be a sacrifice for Andrew Luck to become a champion.

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    2. Lmfao you guys think ohio st winning bc they have the same number as the colts who arent even making playoffs? You jerkoffs should hurry up and jump off the highway

    3. Colts = 24/69/414
      Texas = 24/69/414

      Andrew Luck born on 9/12
      Superbowl LI = 912
      Ninety-Seven = 912
      Indianapolis Colts = 192
      Andrew Austen Luck = 192
      NFL = 192

      Superbowl LI = 152
      Ninety-Seven = 152
      Indianapolis Colts = 1152
      Andrew Austen Luck = 1152

      Andrew Luck is Twenty-Seven years old,
      Twenty-Seven = 46
      Houston, Texas = 46

      Twenty-Seven = 1032
      Superbowl Fifty-One = 231
      1032(132) reflects 231

      Colts are the Underdog in the year of "upsets"
      Underdog = 88
      Trump = 88

      Houston = 112
      Andrew Luck = 112
      Horeshoe = 112
      Ohio State = 112
      Fidel Castro = 112
      Cubs just won 112th WS

      And there's just more and more...

    4. Saw this stat on ESPN...

      On Sunday vs. the Texans, Luck's Completion/Attempt ratio to TY Hilton was 9/12 and 4/14 to all other recievers.

      Superbowl LI = 912
      Ninety-Seven = 912
      Luck born on 9/12

      Colts = 414
      Texas = 414

      Not to mention this game was played on 12/10 or 112!

      This is such a joke! Its a wrap!

    5. Former Houston oiler Jeff fisher fired 291 days after his birthday.

    6. The masses always fall for the "Underdog" team rising from the ashes, overcoming adversity and winning story line in sports.

      "Underdog" in the English Gematria system equals 520
      "Ashes" in the English Ordinal system equals 52
      "Superbowl LI" in English Ordinal system equals 152
      "Indianapolis Colts" in English Sumerian equals 1152

      "Tight End" in English Reduction equals 42
      "Adversity" in English Reduction equals 42

      "Andrew Luck" in English Reduction equals 40
      "Victory" in English Reduction equals 40

    7. Manning how can you still tweet after you slagged off the Cubs all season. You are some sort of retard.

    8. Gary we know that's you posing as mike manning ,you say the same shit on twitter you do here ,fucking stupid moron ,

    9. Apparently Luck debuted against Fisher's Rams...

    10. Great finds guys, if Colts don't win this I'm gonna try and get that suicide hotline from the Mikes

    11. "Colts Giants" = 510 in Jewish, or 51!

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    13. Intresting. But to be honest, I don't really understand how these connections relate to anything. Are you saying Raiders are going to SB 51? None of that sells me at all!

    14. You dumb ass. Carr will be playing in game 51 at the end if the playoffs this year. You've been brainwashed. The movie oblivion is pointing clearly to the new York Giants and also the raiders. Brainwashed people. Great points not interesting at all. Mind blowing.

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    17. How the fuck does sand people=44 have to do with anything?! To bad you deleted your posts...I wonder why?

    18. You dumb ass. Carr will be playing in game 51 at the end if the playoffs this year. You've been brainwashed. The movie oblivion is pointing clearly to the new York Giants and also the raiders. Brainwashed people. Great points not interesting at all. Mind blowing.

  2. Konrad = K = 11 ... Reuland = R = 18 ... 11 + 18 = ... 29 ... His age of death.

    Reduced: K = 2 ... R = 9 ... 2 .. & .. 9 ... = ... 2 9 ... 29 ... Again, the death age.

  3. It keeps getting better and better for the Colts.

  4. Zack,

    Peterson comes back for Vikings against Packers.

    Peterson has 97 overall career touchdowns.

    If Vikings win they'll be 9-7
    On the 97th season of the NFL.

  5. Did you know from 12/12 til the AFC championship game 1/22 is 41 days. Or span of 42. Freemason =42 or 41/14 week 14. Also 12/12 could be a clue of 12 vs 12 Brady vs luck?

    1. What you doing here mahu bitch. Only real men in this blog. Fag the fuck out of here!

  6. Has anyone else noticed this guy's uncanny resemblance to VLADIMIR PUTIN??

    SON ... maybe -- or -- possible ... CLONE?

    Your "Jacob Sheep" video -- (which, BTW, was Exceptional!) -- reminds us just how utterly POSSIBLE it is that we're seeing -- & probably around -- CLONES ... everyday.

    **There's been nothing to indicate that Clones would be TOLD that they're Clones. **
    And unless someone were comparing DNA samples -- everything about them would likely seem "normal".
    Hell -- lots of US could even be clones for all we know.
    LOL -- but I DO mean that seriously!

    Recall that -- sometime after Dolly the Sheep's successful cloning -- Congress took the unusual & unprecedented step of declaring something that SEEMED "frivolous" at the time --
    -- That CLONES deserved all the same rights as 'naturally conceived' people -- & should be regarded as nothing less than completely human.

    Such an act wouldn't have been necessary unless there already WERE Cloned Humans -- & they had been around for some time ... at least long enough for their "status" & "rights" to become "An Issue That Needed To Be Addressed".
    (The discussion -- in fact -- was so surreal that it seemed more like a scene that'd been cut from the Robin William's movie "Bicentennial Man"!) ;D

    1. Have you seen the new show Westworld? check it out, it's about a town of clones that real people visit like an amusement park and they can whatever the want to the clones. The clones think they are real though
      It's fucked, I'm beginning to think this is how the world is really becoming

    2. John Bean -- I'd heard the title but this is the first real description I've gotten about it. Now I HAVE to check it out -- sounds both interesting & disturbing!
      Seems like the Clones are regarded as slaves or lower classes. When you consider how the Ruling Class currently treats "the rest of us" -- there isn't a whole lot of difference between THAT "reality" & OURS.

      Interesting that the show's premise sounds a lot like the ORIGINAL "Westworld" (with Yul Brynner). Except "CLONES" have taken the place of "Android Robots". Maybe someday we'll be looking at old "entertainment" about Androids & Robot Servants -- & realizing those stories might've been rooted in a truth we weren't aware of -- only with Clones instead of Robots.

      I agree with you -- this DOES seem to be the realm we're probably entering now.
      Clones are mentioned everywhere -- though not in a "Scientific Reality" sort of way -- more like generalized entertainment & in the context of a "Near Future Reality".
      Up-and-coming generations are being acclimated to the idea from childhood on -- by the time the "truth" becomes obvious, nobody's going to be very shocked.

      In fact -- they'd likely do just what the show indicates -- introduce "Cloned People" as a "non-threatening" Form Of Entertainment. Just like the Newest iPhones & toys ... encouraging people to disregard the "disturbing features" & instead focus on the "uniqueness" of it.
      Which -- ironically -- is something a Clone is NOT!
      "Unique" ... I mean ... Lol

      Like the saying goes -- The Future Is Closer Than You Think! ;D

    3. The HBO series (WestWorld) is based on the 1973 original film (same name) starring Yul Brenner.

      "Illuminati" in the English Reduction system equals 48
      "Clones" in the English Sumerian system equals 408
      "Yul Brenner" in the English Sumerian system equals 804
      "WestWorld" in the English Sumerian system equals 834

  7. Jeff fisher fired 75 days before his birthday the day reuland=75 dies

  8. My calculations is saying possibly 3/31/17 WW3 will begin. Look into the numbers connected to the president and all of us and sports. 133/313

  9. Off Topic, but I found something interesting in light of the #47 & 77 being connected to the police

    Some states have special cellphone-only numbers such as *SP (star 77) for State Police or *HP (star 47) for Highway Patrol, to report highway/vehicle related problems.

  10. Lots of talk about Andrew Luck and his connections to this superbowl but for Colts to get anywhere close TY Hilton is going to have to perform big for this team.

    Eugene Marquis Hilton = 233

    233 = 51st Prime... Superbowl 51.

    From His birthday to the Superbowl is 83 days.. Football = 83.

    Looking ahead at his stats if they where to make it to the superbowl and win am i correct in saying they'd win 7 straight?

    The superbowl would be his 88th career match. 88's been a big number.

    If he wins he'd pick up win 57. Superbowl = 57.

    The greatest game ever played ended with the Colts winning with 23 points, 83 = 23rd Prime.

    From the superbowl to his next birthday 9m 9 days.

    Greatest game ever played = 99.

    1. 233 is also the 13th fibanocci #

    2. Andrew Luck can get his 51st win by winning Superbowl 51

    3. Derek Carr can play his 51st game by playing in Superbowl 51

  11. Tucker or TUCK rule 15 years ago

    Ravens kicker Justin Tucker's league-leading streak of 35 straight field goals was snapped without a misfire by Patriots last night.

    3x5=15 like 51 Brady won his 202 game he has 22 playoff games and in the SB he gets his 25th! On 2/5 and wins the SB has 5 rings 2 losses.

  12. Step back and take a breath.

    there were TWO death with the Ravens one In Miami which ties to Donshula and the CON-LAND death. Due to a BRAIN Issue. Use your BRAINS it's a CON job lol.

    Death and firing of people tied to an organization do not determine SB championships. They tell the story of how
    These fake lives are interconnected into the Fake shit in every day life.

    So instead of the sheep mourning the loss the focus is on a part time actor a KON-LAND

    I'm so disappointed that you guys don't see it.
    Everyone is so hung up on this miraculous comeback there are only 16 games not much room. There's no fucking reason to make it this difficult for LUCK. The Colts look and playing like 6-10 or 7-9. You guys keep forgetting that Houston and Tenn fans are more desperate than Colts!

  13. it really is pretty crazy when you think of how many NFL players die young...

    1. How many celebrities die young, it is more than football.

    2. It's also about creating a culture in which death is always imminent and could come from anywhere. This places a fear of dying into our subconscious and it keeps people in their homes, keeps them from speaking out, keeps them vibrating at a low frequency.

  14. Houston must sell hope with Osweiler
    And TENN needs to send hope to the fire victims. McNair didn't die a few years ago for nothing . That's why they got Marriota and RB from philly.
    Colts have time Andrew luck will be great , shit Peyron had to wait his turn hence his record vs Brady!
    You guys are reaching way TOO hard.
    Colts look like 6-10 or 7-9 that's ok, because they can fire Pagano get a better coach draft better and build the team for the long run.
    Be patient and start looking at other options.
    The games are RIGGED but they still build teams in the NFL that's why the league is so popular.

    Nothing wrong with holding out hope for Colts vs Giants but truthers should be able to THINK outside the box,but not totally OFF the grid.

    1. Just to prove you wrong again, go revisit all the deaths for these recent winners; Cubs, Cavs, Broncos, Warriors, Royals. That is the short list. Then go back and read your comments about Cubs and Cavs being done. Then after that, take your faggot troll ass somewhere else. Your opinion = shit

    2. How's the hot pocket this morning Zack ?
      Basement warm up yet?
      No one gives a fuck about two teams that were favored to go to championships.
      You're work is 50/50
      Let's start with the Broncos /Seahawks
      Trump election
      Trump assassination
      The Olympic blast
      This is the last super bowl b.s
      Your work=shit

      Stolen for that matter. Dan B ring a bell ?
      Russian vids exposed your fake ass Satan worshiping devil.

      Mormon or Jew huh Zack ?

    3. Harrybutts just go away already. What the fuck can't be serious. How can you side with the video that DISABLED COMMENTS?!

      I'm starting to think you're on payroll. Painting this picture of a jobless fool in his mom's basement eating shit food? The only people who talk like this are still in high school. No shit he's been wrong about things. But nobody's been right, so what's the fucking difference?

      I've been ignoring your shit posts for a long time, because I don't like draining my energy on this kind of thing, but I think you just exposed yourself with this post. Go get some skills, get a job, and take your hatred with you.

    4. He doesn't know how to love himself. That is why there is so much hatred.

      You can see through his words. Harry, we know you were probably mistreated or abused when your a kid, but it doesn't mean you take hatred on the people who are helping society.

      Even Gary Grinberg, look it the way he talks. He wants attention. Probably was hated on or was/still annoying and never knew how to change themselves throughout time.

      Now since Zach is giving knowledge away for free. He is taking whatever business MILO and Gary, the rest had. This is why they have all the time in the world to come here do the BS they do.

      People who flash 100s on videos are completely out touch since they have been socially engineered by USA Corp to be MK ULTRA Slave.

    5. Lmao!!!

      Zack not trying to mess with your hustle!
      If you don't take advantage of the GOY someone else will. JEW101

      Vikings let you down, don't copy shitty
      Work it makes you look real bad !

    6. Slim you had the Ravens then your begging for info on the Broncos game.

      Slim cmon man!

    7. Now your speaking like you know me. I actually never though the Vikings would go to SB. I just thought it might be part of a storyline.

      Work it? Work what? I can work you down to your soul and grind you up little one.

    8. Zach I only got 1 question if colts do play giants in superbowl, who do u suspect will win?

    9. You'd have to imagine if Colts do get there against the giants that the colts would win.

      Luck would pick up win 51 of his career in superbowl 51. 51 days before colts franchises birthday.

      Ty Hilton would also get win 57 = Superbowl.

      Chuck Pagano would also get win 57 in the superbowl

      The superbowl comes 239 days before his 57th birthday. 239 = 52nd Prime (Prophecy) or 126 days since his last birthday. 126 + 106 share a relationship, so more prophecy coding here.

      One last thing to note if the Colts are to get going here then the run will start against the Vikings.

      Luck will pick up his 44th win (Superbowl on a date with 44 numerology)

      TY and Pagano will start the run with win 51 (Superbowl 51)

      To cap it all of Luck, Pagano and Hilton will all win the superbowl on their 7th post season win taking their play off records to 7-3.

      Lucky number 7? Lets see.

    10. You're talking to the wrong Slim, that would probably be Young Slim. I don't really make predictions. I'm making the Gematrinator. In fact I may be featured on Zach's YT channel within the next day.

  15. Once again before I'm called faggot Troll
    Which are not bad things. The numbers DO LIE to those that allow them to. These games are fixed years in advance, with that logic what happens today sets up things in the near future!
    Be careful dissecting recent things.

    Cheers minions


  16. strongly Lean jaguars but I am gonna do more decoding, but feel free to add any info u can find on this game that can point otherwise, I also have titans losing to chiefs

    12/18/2016=66 jacksonville jaguars, Shad Khan
    =46 houston texas, obrien’s 46th game
    =39 167 days from bradleys prev bday, 167 is 39th prime, Shad Khan
    =21 bortles 21st away game, Obrien can pick up 21st loss osweiler 21st game
    =30 Shad Khan

    5-1 at home
    4-0 vs division
    Vs bengals next on sat night

    1-5 away
    1-2 vs division
    Vs titans on sat night next

    Osweiler can fall to 8-3 at home
    " texans" in the English Ordinal system equals 83
    "Shahid Khan" in the English Ordinal system equals 83 (19+8+1+8+9+4+0+11+8+1+14), which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2

    Houston Texans Franchise
    Seasons: 15 (2002 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 104-133-0
    Playoff Record: 2-3
    Super Bowls Won: 0 (0 Appearances)
    Championships Won*: 0
    18-11 vs jags, this will be 30th meeting

    Jacksonville Jaguars Franchise
    Seasons: 22 (1995 to 2016)
    Record (W-L-T): 154-195-0
    Playoff Record: 5-6
    Super Bowls Won: 0 (0 Appearances)
    Championships Won*: 0

    1. Awesome work,the top 3 teams would be 7-7.
      Seventy-seven = 49.... 49 days from the Super Bowl.

    2. What are your picks for this week?

    3. Andrew lucks season record is 41-26
      Overall record is 44-[29] 3-3 in the playoffs
      If he wins 7 straight he will be 51-29 overall. 51+29=80 [8] eight= 49 revelation revelation ch. 8 talks about the "7" trumpets going off to signify the second coming of Christ. WW3 NUCLEAR WARFARE. Maybe the true god will save us all who knows. But these rigged sports is hinting to us and giving us clues to the end of times!

  17. all the while learning from his dad what it took to be a top-flight quarterback. The NFL player he admired most was Peyton Manning of the Colts—the man he would one day “chase” out of town.

    Andrew spent his high school years in Houston, where he joined Eliot Allen’s high-powered Stratford High School varsity. The Elks won the 1–A state title in 2005 with Andrew seeing quality time as the sophomore starting quarterback. He threw for over 1,500 yards that year as the Elks went 15–1 and beat Big Sandy High School in the championship game, 21-20.

    Andrew blossomed in his junior season, throwing for 27 touchdowns passes and almost 3,000 yards. As a senior, he accounted for a total of 33 touchdowns on the ground and through the air. The Elks ran a pro-style offense that made great use of Andrew’s proficiency as a drop-back quarterback. He ended up throwing for 7,139 yards in his varsity career, and also ran for 2,085 yards. He passed for 53 touchdowns. Among the colleges he considered during his senior season were nearby Rice, along with Purdue, Oklahoma State and Northwestern. Andrew already had his eye on the NFL, which gave Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh the inside track. In the end, that is where Andrew decided to go.

  18. The Colts have not had a losing season since Andrew entered the league. Andrew has never had a losing season this includes high school, college, and the now the NFL.

    1. State championship ?
      BCS national championship ?
      Playoff games ?
      Heisman ?


    2. The Elks won the 1–A state title in 2005

    3. two QB's ever have won both NCAA and a NFL championship - TWO.

    4. two QB's ever have won both the Heisman and the Super Bowl - TWO.

    5. your logic is less than shitty, I easily eviscerate clown babies such as yourself. obviously you didn't pay attention when I pulled Mike Manning's entire fucking application for public review.

      you're next, puss face.

  19. I looked up what the name Konrad Reuland means....

    Konrad - It is derived from the Proto-Germanic name Konrad, from conja meaning "bold" and rad "counsel".

    Reuland - From the Germanic elements hrod meaning "fame" and land meaning "land", though some theories hold that the second element was originally nand meaning "brave". Roland was a semi-legendary French hero whose story is told in the medieval epic 'La Chanson de Roland', in which he is a nephew of Charlemagne killed in battle with the Saracens.

    So put it together... means "brave counsel will make you the fame of the land"... Roland is a legendary hero who dies in battle... very interesting

    1. dude it's a made up name!
      Another GOY

    2. I find his #88 pretty interesting too. In my video on Alex Smith, I mention how 88 signifies the approach of a full circle. This could very well be a sign of Luck's.

  20. Omg guys, enough is enough. The Colts have been virtually eliminated. The NFL needs to seem believable to the masses and right now everyone thinks the Colts are trash because they have been playing like trash.

    This system of Gematria and Numerology used is incomplete. It is good for analysis but poor at making predictions. This is because there is an assumption that the Elite are just insane and there is no method to their madness.

    Isn't that funny? Because last time I checked, they are the ones running the show. Do you know why? Because NUMBERS and Astrology matters. Numbers actually hold metaphysical, vibrational qualities.

    Until we start taking into account the actual vibrational qualities of numbers and the Astrological dates, (Chinese Astrology especially) we are using incomplete tools. There is a reason why the Elite love the number 11 and 33. Its NOT because they are insane. It is because they hold real, tangible significance.

    1. That is why we have people post right? lol

      Are you trying to mind fuck people?

    2. Are we that arrogant to assume that the Elite are simply insane? DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE ELITE! Youa re underestimating the Elite, a tragic mistake if you think that all of the people they put into power, all of the numerology they do is just because they are sick and obsessed with numbers.

      There is a reason why they run the world. There is a reason why the OCCULT is the OCCULT (Hidden knowledge) and why they call themselves the illuminati.

      Numerology is the highest form of physics and metaphysics because numbers are the rawest representation of energy. It all has to do with energy.

      Look at all of the major US presidents recently.

      Bill CLinton born 8/19/1947 8 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 7 = 3 + 8 = 11

      Al Gore his running mate: 03/31/1948 = 11

      Obama is an 11, Palin is an 11, Mccain, 11. I could go on and on.

      If you think they put puppets into power because they are obsessed with this number for no other reason because they are insane, then you are a fool.

      September 11, 2001 happened on a numerologically significant 11 date for a REASON. And its not just because they are insane. It is because the vibrational energy on that date makes the ACT, or the perceived act (if you think it was a hoax) all the more impactful. This is how they stay in power - numbers hold power.

      And its not just politics, its everything. Look at Sports. Michael Jordan? 11. Adrian Peterson is an 11. Kobe 11. So on and so on.

      Another problem is that decoding is simply reactionary and promotes confirmation bias. When you form an opinion, you look for clues to confirm that opinion and you don't consider other options and weigh probabilities of other outcomes. The way decoding is done, its really hard not to fall into the trap of confirmation bias.

      Instead, what we can do is take a look at the numerologist and astrological profiles of the teams in play, and see what years and what numbers favor them this year.

      Let's take Jeremy Lin for example. Remember him? Born 8/23/1988. SAME birthdate of 8/23 as Kobe. Back in 2012 he was all the rage...well, of course he was. That was a Dragon year, and Jeremy is a Dragon. Look at his stats for the 2012 year and compare them to other years. 2012 still marks the year where he played the most games and became a star.

      If you think these are coincidences...that's pretty ironic.

    3. Hypercritic, you're coming from a place of knowledge. I'll hold out judgement on the Colts for now but I do now question what of what I'm seeing is rigged and what is naturally-occurring phenomena. Are the numerologists really scripting EVERY thing? Or are they assembling their teams based on birthdays, jersey numbers, and then hoping that their numbers game defeats the other GM's numbers game? It's wild man, the world is nuts.

  21. I never thought they were coincidences, but you offered no proof. If you want your point, you need to explain to people with synchronicity of Astrological that you spoke of before.

    I know what Occultic work is, your talking about Michael Tsarion and others that are involved in their message.

    And yes, I know how insane people in power are as I have personally dealt with that.

    1. I just gave you proof. I just gave you examples of sports players, presidents having the same numerological profiles. What are the chances of 11's in power like that? Slim to none, its what is called an "over-representation" just like how there is an over-representation of Jews/Zionists in these Secret Socialites. The chances of being an 11 is slim enough, just like the population of Zionists is slim, yet there are so many in power.

      The world we live in is proof. The mass brainwashing is proof. You think the TV and media are doing it all by themselves? Lol, dont be so naive. There is metaphysical energy at work here. This is why they are called the Illuminati.

      If you cannot see that indeed is proof, then you are as blind as a bat.

      And no you will NEVER meet the real Elite unless you are deep within their organization.

    2. I mean how ridiculous is this. Yes the Elite the people who run the world just happen to be obsessed with numbers, but they are just insane and numbers hold no significance.

      Even though they run the world. z


    3. ^Hahaha. His posts are all one big contradiction.

    4. My point is that the methods used for predictions are not good enough.

      Connections can be found everywhere. Narratives can be found everywhere. People have done breakdowns of other teams and find "connections" where they could win the Suberbowl. Hell its been done for Pats and Cowboys. Gclub did it - I am a member and get their newsletter.

      We need to take the Elites and their methods seriously if we really are interested in the truth. We must explore the possibility that the numbers really do hold metaphysical significance and have a real impact in our reality.

      So yes, I am talking about the numerology of numbers. I am talking about the fact that some teams do better and only win championships on even or odd years. The fact that many major stars have birth dates of 11. Or the fact that some players will have really bad off years when they enter the year of their enemy Zodiac sign.

      These possibilities need to be explored, not laughed at.

    5. Im with you on this one.

      You can find connections for lots of teams for SB 51. I will say the colts seemed to be coded in the media though which is what they often tend to do for the upcoming winner.

      I think there's a bigger picture here as well and have been saying it for a while.

      Star signs, birth numerology, astrology are all key. Thats why nearly every event is coded through birthdays of the individuals and eventual winners.

      What we are doing at the moment is writing out words and then matching the numbers... There is a very vague understanding of what the numbers mean or their power.

      We all know 49 = revelation, but knowing WHY 49 = Revelation and the frequency and power of the numbers 4+9 together is whats key to this whole thing imo.

    6. I agree we are only scratching the surface of it. Also there are lot of knowledge we do not know about like you have discussed above because we live in a 3D World, which most people perceive as reality.

      I would like to hear how all the Tributes to the Colts do not have any significance? Like you have stated your a member of the GClub, what are the tributes other teams have received, so we can compare the counter narratives to why you maybe correct about if the Colts are finished or not?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Even my name and birthday line up, and there's no way my parents planned any of it. My full name sums to 95/203 in Reduction/Ordinal. My birth numerology has 95/23. The other numbers are 33 and 114. The 33, well that needs no connections, but the 114 makes no sense until you write out my reduction total:

      "One hundred fourteen" is the first number that sums to 95.

      What the heck.

    9. Indeed, my name and birth numerology connect as well. The day i was born also holds massive significance the 14th day of the year. 14/41 connect to my name, birth numerology and events that i've looked back on in my life.

      My Lucky number is also the exact sum of days between mine and my mothers birthday which im sure is no coincidence (Ive never known why 36 was my lucky number).

      I think we have a basic understanding of connections and numbers but its the interpretation of them that becomes difficult especially when your trying to work out a winner.

      I've said so many times sports championships and finals are so much easier then a single game.

    10. I cannot give specific examples of Gclub's work as it would be disingenuous since its paid. But what I can say is that they have Pats, Cowboys, Packers, Giants and Vikings all in contention. They have alot of possible match ups.

      One of the big problems with these methods is that it assumes all of the games are scripted and rigged. Are they really?

      I suspect it is a mixture of both. The Elite know that numbers hold metaphysical properties, so they apply that to their advantage. Why rig every game anyway? It seems like a waste of resources, when they could easily attain their goals. I think some games are scripted, while they let others play out. Yes, technically this makes the entire league rigged, but not every game is fake.

      If we want to really find truth we gotta leave our egos at the door. And explore all possibilities. This includes things like "Metaphysics" or "Flat earth", "magic" etc etc. We know we've been lied to this entire time. It needs to be a total blank slate. If its not blank, not clean, then filling it up would be muddied waters. You cant fill up a dirty cup and expect clean water to drink.

      You want to really make predictions? Look at patterns. Look at dates. Look at who wins, and when. And who loses, and when.

    11. @Slim, Yes, it was not planned. The universe works. some people know how to manipulate it, others do not.

      The Chinese do. They started the Olympics on 8/8/2008, at 8:08pm. THIS IS NOT random. 8 is the number of wealth and power. The Chinese did this AGAIN on 8/8/2011, downgrading the US Credit rating from AAA. The market crashed. Go look it up if you don't believe me.

      Again, decoding is good for analysis. But we are ignoring the properties of the numbers themselves. Numbers have metaphysical properties. The Elite know this and use it to their advantage. It's literally the Matrix.

    12. can't share knowledge "cause it's paid"

      for real though? that's some spineless, hide behind my ego while I espouse 'checking' egos at the door for everyone else type shit.

    13. @Hyper, totally with you about the rigging aspect. In the video I posted about the Chiefs-Raiders games, it's OBVIOUS there is some crew who went over this same stuff, reviewed it, and applied it to pay their little tributes. Of course, it can't happen to that degree every game. But there ARE "insertions" (how do I make that not sound dirty?) where they will find alignments, maybe WAY ahead of time, maybe that week, and do some sort of scripting to honor it.

      But every game?! Of course not to that extent. They can slowly tear down a good team with bad officiating, a mole on the offensive line, whatever it takes to make sure their team wins the championship.

      Besides, how many times do you think someone's blown their role and a game wound up going the other way because of it? I think it's happening less now with whatever ball-moving technology that's in place (I guarantee this is true), but no doubt, even rigged games can get screwed up.

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  23. Zack didnt twist your arm to bet you degenerate!

    bet on them next 3 games !!!
    If they let you down , I will refund you 💩

  24. The greatest truth is that life is but a collective dream. Intention experiments have been scientifically proven many times. Lets all blast out the intentions for the Colt Giants Super Bowl so it can enrich us and expose the false reality and create heaven on earth!

  25. Yo Zach I love your blog/channel man, it's easy for all the other guys to pin the Christians against you bc as a Christian myself, I know that most of them are just looking for someone reliable for truth, but won't from you bc you aren't Christian.. most of these so called Christians like that guy and his buddy that debated you on pizzagate are some fake ass folks.. the rules apply to everyone but them.. it's ridiculous, source is irrelevant bc truth is truth no matter who tells it. It's so stupid when I see comments or videos made solely to discredit someone.. everybody thinking the next man is an agent or shill or some shit its so stupid man, keep doing your thing Zach. -Mitch

  26. the story comes out of his death with eighteen days left in the year, sacrifice equals 18, sad to see another who sold their soul for this bull shit

  27. Nice one Lenny! How r you doin these days pal?