Tuesday, December 13, 2016

85 | The April 10, 2015 death of Jim "Bucky" Mutscheller, of 1958 Colts-Giants 'Greatest Game Ever Played'

Tight End = 42/87

This post was inspired by the death of Konrad Reuland, December 12, 2016, the formers Ravens/Jets/Colts TE.

In 2015, it was a former NFL player, dead at 85, a standout number in the National Football League.  He is remembered for his big catch that setup the game tying touchdown in 1958, on a pass from Johnny Unitas, against the New York Giants.  That was when the Colts were in Baltimore, where the Ravens now play.

His name gematria connects to 'Indianapolis', 'New England' and 'New York City'.  (So did Konrand Reuland's name)

Jim = 14/32; Mutscheller = 46/55/136 (Patriots = 37/46) (NYG = 46)

His death was just before Frank Gifford's of the Giants, who died in August of 2015 by the numbers.  It was his death that began to unravel clues for a rematch of the 1958 and 1959 championship games between the Colts and Giants.

Let us examine the birth and death numerology.

His birthday, March 31, is the 90th day of the year.  331 is the 67th prime; Blood Sacrifice = 67

3/31/1930 = 3+31+19+30 = 83 (Football)
3/31/1930 = 3+31+(1+9+3+0) = 47 (First Super Bowl in 47th season)
3/31/1930 = 3+3+1+1+9+3+0 = 20 (Death)
3/31/30 = 3+31+30 = 64

He died on the 100th day of the year.  (Playoffs = 37/46/100)

4/10//2015 = 4+10+20+15 = 49
4/10/2015 = 4+10+(2+0+1+5) = 22
4/10/2015 = 4+1+0+2+0+1+5 = 13
4/10/15 = 4+10+15 = 29 (Football = 29/83)

The date of his death also looks a bit like '41', or '4/10'.

Notre Dame = 41; Baltimore = 41; Super Bowl = 41; 41, the 13th prime

His death was announced on April 13, the 103rd day of the year, the 27th prime.  Andrew Luck is 27-years old in the 2016-17 campaign.


His nickname Bucky is interesting.  Bucky = 17/26/62; Bucky Mutscheller = 63/72/81/198


His death was 667-days before Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017.

I wonder if he died a day early.


  1. Thanks to --> Nicholas McPherson <-- for the ESPN NFL playoff calculator.

    Now, I have a clear idea of what is going to happen according to the storyline.

    Colts will make the playoffs, the only team with a 9-7 record.

    #1 NE #2 KC #3 PIT #4 IND #5 DEN #6 OAK
    #1 DAL #2 SEA #3 ATL #4 GB #5 WAS #6 NYG

    By my projections, once KC defeats TEN, they have no reason to win any more games. They are locked in #2.
    OAK has no reason to win any games. All MIA has to do is lose 1 game and OAK is guaranteed in the playoffs.
    DEN MUST WIN (in theory) and will pass OAK for the #5 seed.
    NYG & WAS (last game) will actually be fighting to lose the game to avoid going to GB in the winter, outside. That should be a funny game.
    DET & MIN miss the playoffs entirely. DET loses their last 3 games.

    If this happens, I will hit a nice playoff parlay.

    1. You trippin Detroit making playoffs

    2. GB WILL MISS PLAY OFF THEY SACRIFICE THIS YEAR 8-8 the 88 connection with Wisconsin and Donald trump

    3. Whoever made the DET schedule, it is clear they had no intention of the Lions making the playoffs.

      2 road games against 2 playoff teams, one with the best record in the league.

      The last game is against, what is appearing to be, a HOT QB, on a team that DET always struggles to win against.

      To me, that is not a script favorable to the Lions at all.

      If Green Bay wins out, DET is out of the playoffs.

    4. DET and MIN making the playoffs. GB will not make playoffs and will be eliminated by viks in 2 weeks

    5. Thanks Matthew Rhodes, I shared that for people to use it and really understand the matchups before saying who's making the playoffs or not. If you really play around with it you see that the schedules tell the story of who's really going to get in.

    6. Mines only slightly different, I've got...

      1.NE 2.KC 3.BAL 4.IND 5.OAK 6.PIT

      1.DAL 2.DET 3.SEA 4.ATL 5.NYG 6.GB

      PIT vs BAL
      OAK vs IND
      GB vs SEA
      NYG vs ATL

      PIT vs NE
      IND vs KC
      GB vs DAL
      NYG vs DET

      NE vs IND
      DAL vs NYG

      IND vs NYG

      Doubt I'm 100% though

    7. Looks interesting. Need to look at the path of your picks to see what I need to change.

  2. Retard...

    Patriots scored 30 like Buckys birth year

    Brady's 14th season like 41 meat head



    4th qtr total was 13!

    Montana went to ND who rivals Brady's Michigan=64 like 46

    Brady's 40 yard dash= 5.2 like 2/5

    Brady is 6' 4" like 64/46

    Brady 33-46= 79 or 97

    Brady's best season 18-1 like 19 Jonny U tribute
    The original Goat to the new Goat

    Brady completed 25 of 38 passes for 406

    It's in everyone's face!

    1. You're just tom Brady's number 1 fan gtfoh

    2. Stop smoking Reggie !!!
      Get some Kush.

      Brady's number one fan is the 11 year kid who put 12 on his head he's dying of cancer 44

      Yesterday news story with 55 days to go

      44+11 minion

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  3. Died In a span of 83 days from deflate gate game
    Football =83
    Birth numerology of 83

    1. You see the 38 Brady put up last night

      See that 83 ?

  4. Patriots box score


    97th season

    Brady born in 77

    1. U mean the 3 records of the afc south teams after week 15
      texans, titans,colts will all have 7 wins. 7-7-7 the 9 could be the giants if they lose this week.

  5. Zack you are my new GOY

    Stop trying to sneak the Patriots in your summary faggot!

    I saw what you did there.

    Keep colts Vs giants because your Vikings copied pick is wrong...

  6. at least give the GOY their Mana Zack.

    Bucky or Buck rhymes with LUCK

    Luck's best offenses are using double TE like he had at Stanford. Remember they brought over his OC and TE fleener ?

    Remember when Peyton had Marshall
    He gave Peyton the nickname the Sherrif ?

    Then Marshall went on to win a SB without him.

    Then EJ came to town that went nowhere from Miami.

    Luck has A used up GORE from Miami
    Remember Reggie Wayne 87 from Miami
    He helped Peyton

    Well Luck had Andre, now #15 from Miami
    But his best weapon is from FIU... Lmao
    His coach Cristobal was a champion in Miami
    But TY is nothing more than a reject

    Marvin Harrison # 88 from Syracuse via Philly
    H.o.f inductee in 2016
    Accused of murder age 44

    14,000 yards
    1,102 receptions

    Why haven't you used this guy as a probability for the Colts?

    How can you miss this?

    Stop making up number to fit LUCK

    Give them the real info! Or a refund you turd.

    1. Lol you said cause bucky rhymes with luck and thats your proof why youre right hahaha wow, just from reading your dumbass comments makes me feel like im losing iq

  7. I wonder if someone forgot 2016 was a leap year when scheduling his death.

    Or maybe it's the numbers in control?

    What is going on

  8. Matthew RhodesDecember 13, 2016 at 10:48 AM

    Whoever made the DET schedule, it is clear they had no intention of the Lions making the playoffs.

    2 road games against 2 playoff teams, one with the best record in the league.

    The last game is against, what is appearing to be, a HOT QB, on a team that DET always struggles to win against.

    To me, that is not a script favorable to the Lions at all.

    If Green Bay wins out, DET is out of the playoffs.

    and Staffords fake hand injury..or is it the leg?

  9. Simpsons referenced Harbaugh. They lose. Simpsons referenced Patriots. They lose to the Colts.

  10. I was playing with the playoffs machine and have Lions getting sixth seed at 9-7. Same record as Ravens with 9-7.

  11. Vikings beat Colts. Green Bay also wins . Then winner of Packers Vikings will make the playoffs and win their game the last week. If Vikings lose then Vikings have no playoff hopes for Xmas day matchup.

  12. Colts can still make the playoffs with win over Raiders and their last week easy game with three Houston losses against crappy teams

  13. You really think My Giants can beat Dallas 3 times in a single season ?? Did u see the dance the guy that made the first TD from the jets do ? Some other player happen to do It too they showed a throwback video .he happen to play for the Baltimore colts ..?lol