Tuesday, December 13, 2016

33 137 | The organic number matrix & when I fell off of my roof December 4, 2016

The Sunday before last, December 4, 2016, we had sunny skies here in Washington State and I thought I would take advantage of the weather to clean the gutters, an annual project due to all of the leaves that fall from the surrounding trees.  All was going well until I began to climb down the ladder after finishing removing all of the debris from the gutters.  When I put my first foot on the ladder, all felt secure, just as it was when I climbed up.  As soon as I put my second foot on the ladder, the whole thing went flying out from under me, catching me off guard, and sending me hurling towards the ground (I always put the ladder in the same spot when I go on my roof and it has never slipped before).  As I fell, I was able to momentarily grab the gutters, which slowed my pace of fall, but also bent them to shit.  Because the gutters bent back, my hold only lasted moments before I fell to the ground, landing square on my left side.  As soon as I landed, I felt an immediate sense of relief, because my face was staring right at the edge of the stone planting box, which my head had missed by inches.  Had my head collided with the box I might have some real problems to write about.  Or worse yet, I might not even be able to write about them.  I might even be a pile of ashes.

Anyhow, since the fall, I didn't think to look at how many days it was from my birthday to the incident until just now.  I had to grin when I saw it.

If you can 'believe' it, it was my 137th day of being 33-years old.

I'm grateful to not be a contestant for the 'Darwin' awards.

This most recent Sunday, "144-days from my birthday", I woke up to my girlfriend landing a pointy elbow right on my nose, due to having a night terror.  I'm hoping for a better Sunday this coming weekend.