Tuesday, December 20, 2016

33 60 | Blast at Mexico fireworks market injures dozens, December 20, 2016 news +"Fiesta" and "60"

Sounds like a Winter Solstice party?  Fiesta, fiesta.  Fiesta = 24/33/60

(60) injured.  Fiesta = 60; Conspiracy = 51/60/123


Mexico = 33; Mexican = 33
The Mexican American War ended on the 33rd day of the year.

We'll see where this story goes.  Will it change to "x amount dead?"

Mathematics = 112

Things are adding up.



  2. Haha I just seen a video on this

  3. 196 weeks and 4 days since a firework accident killed atleast 16 in Mexico on 3/15/2013


    Thats 33,024 hours if you're counting.

  4. "if you can even believe this" in the English Reduction system equals 112

    Seems like anchors just have to throw this one in.

    1. Plus the second video on the story page is 1:12 in length.

  5. Looks like the 4th of July to me;

    'Fourth of July'=60 R like the amount injured.

  6. I knew it! Ever since Jennifer anniston was on weekend update for a taco skit, I've had hunch that something would happen in Mexico soon. I was about to add "keep an eye on Mexico" right now before I saw this. Haha. This could be foreshadowing.

    1. It happened in an "open air market" just like in Berlin. Mercury retrograde. Public gatherings beware.

  7. Lord of Allusion had commented earlier that "Remember ALEPPO" was reminescent of "Remember the Alamo" --

    Well, here it is -- his insight was correct!

    Exploding gunpowder & dead Mexicans -- sounds like the Alamo to me.

    1. I mentioned this before.

      The Great Chicago Fire was a conflagration that burned from Sunday, October 8, to early Tuesday, October 10, 1871. The fire killed up to 300 people, destroyed roughly 3.3 square miles (9 km2) of Chicago, Illinois, and left more than 100,000 residents

    2. Explosion in Mexico, Trumps wall, immigrants worried about Trump. Rumors of race wars and civil war. Burning of American flags , Removal of the confederate flag. War on abortion, war on gay and civil rights, fires in Tenn, the water poisoned in Michigan , the pipeline debacle , the Bundy ranch protest, Obama said that America is going to be browner.
      Trump escalating white supremacy, the oil embargo, the war with China, the dollar collapse fears, the health care crisis, Federal reserve interest rate, , Syrian war, police shooting hoax, the V.A scandal, Chicago Gun violence, cancer scare, cyber terrorism, cyber bullying , heroine addictions,
      Sports gambling, child sex crimes, steroid abuse, music sharing and piracy act,.drones, autonomous cars, another fucking Star Wars movie and fast furious I lost count.

      The Fuse is ignited, Guess who the target is? JerUSAlem.

    3. Haha there could be connections with chicago fire and Moscow FIRE of 1812. And maybe london fire of 1666. And napolean, alamo, French invasion of Spain, and Hitler's barbarosa. There's so much!

    4. All the hoaxes of history lining up.

    5. You know that quote from Pres. Bush, when he said, "History doesn't repeat, it rhymes.'? This makes me think of that. Maybe instead of rhyming in the auditory sense...it's more algorithmically. Mathematical that is. Wicked interesting..

    6. Hey Butler -- is that really you?! (Sounds like you!)
      Long time no see ... Lol

      That's a brilliant insight -- & I'd say you're 100% CORRECT!

      I never thought Lil Georgie was as dumb as he pretended to be. Instead I think he was a MASTER at Double Speak -- & delivering Esoteric Messages under the guise of "sounding stupid" (aided by his well-timed chuckles & shoulder shrugs).

      All the while he & his cohorts were laughing at how stupid WE were -- for misinterpreting his words & for openly displaying our OWN ignorance.

      Your comment is going up on my Wall Of Wisdom.
      This info is too important --
      I don't want to risk forgetting to "factor" in that bit of Esoteric Truth! :D

    7. "Merry Xmas" in the English Gematria system equals 1666

    8. Yes, it's me Mfsyy! I've been tending to life a little...taking a break. With two youngsters I get pretty into the holidays. Even if it's all bullshit..the part where we take some much needed time and spend it with the ones we love...that, is important and really missing in this world. I had to get on here when I heard about some of the news stories yesterday though! Had to see what everyone if figuring out! As always..brilliant work taking place! Glad I get to be a part of it when I have time!

  8. Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim met with President Trump today.

    The meeting was a blast. Coincidence ? 😈

    1. Incredible! Whereas "normal" celebrations would involve shooting fireworks into the air ... these two get together ... & suddenly ... THINGS BLOW APART.

      The question is -- was this a consensual "TOAST" (pun intended)? Or was this a "show of force" -- & if so -- by WHOM?

      Hoax or "Real" -- this was clearly a message about SOMETHING.
      The timing is TOO "Coincidental" to be a random occurrence!

  9. "The Peninsular War[c] (1807–1814) was a military conflict between Napoleon's empire and the allied powers of Spain, Britain and Portugal for control of the Iberian Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars. The war started when French and Spanish armies invaded and occupied Portugal in 1807, and escalated in 1808 when France turned on Spain, its ally until then. The war on the peninsula lasted until the Sixth Coalition defeated Napoleon in 1814, and is regarded as one of the first wars of national liberation, significant for the emergence of large-scale guerrilla warfare."

    1. Overlaps with Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. There was also the Moscow FIRE in 1812.

    2. You are digging deep and I am digging it.

    3. Haha Napoleon dynamite. VOTE FOR PEDRO!

    4. OMG -- HILARIOUS!! And still -- IT FITS!

    5. Vote for pedro=954/159
      Vatican secrets=954/159
      Furher of germany=954/159. Haha

    6. More Norse coding:

      "Heder was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, the son of Helen (née Brammer) and Dr. James Heder, a practicing physician. He has an identical twin brother,[2] Dan, as well as an older sister and brother, Rachel and Doug, and two younger brothers, Adam and Matt. Heder is the nephew by marriage of former NFL running back and current WCAU sportscaster, Vai Sikahema.[3] Heder is of part Swedish descent.[4] Heder and his parents moved to Salem, Oregon, when he was about two years old.[5] He attended Walker Middle School in Salem and graduated from South Salem High School in 1996,[5] where he was on the swim team and was a member of the Drama Association.

    7. The guy who directed Napoleon dynamite, Jared Hess, also directed nacho libre. Haha.

      "Hess Name Meaning. German, Dutch, Danish, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): regional name for someone from the territory of Hesse (German Hessen). South German: from a short form of the personal name Matthäus (see Matthew). German and Dutch: from the Germanic personal name Hesso."

      Haha. And heder means entirety in Danish.

    8. "Brian Wilson and Berlin Techno on the Beaches of Mexico’s Most Dangerous City"

      Haha what are the odds? https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/brian-wilson-and-berlin-techno-on-the-beaches-of-mexicos-most-dangerous-city?utm_source=vicefb

    9. No shit? I thought he died a long time ago! Lol

    10. The article mentions Sinatra!

      Michael fassbender speaking Spanish on Seth Myers.

      Another turkish diplomat found "dead." Chief advisor to the latin America department at the ministry.

      Although he died at his own home, Petr Polshikov, 56, was found with a bullet hole in his head after an unknown assailant fired at least two rounds at the senior civil servant, according to the report.
      Polshikov was the chief adviser to the Latin American department at the ministry.

      Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/russian-diplomat-found-murdered-home/#QhXx1Tpu2V65om0B.99

  10. http://news3lv.com/news/local/socal-earthquake-awareness

    Vegas has been on the news for various topics and this year with the OJ anniversary
    UCF , Celine Deion husband, Floyd may weather, raiders moving , police shooting hoax, various casino financial trouble, Ironaclly the weather is 51! Lol
    Jason Bourne latest movie filmed in Vegas and the new Jaimie fox movie.
    Trump may legalize sports gambling and the Vegas effect was a headline.
    The Olympic men's basketball team played exhibition games in Vegas.
    I think NHL is expanding to Vegas. The Tupac murder was recently on
    And it occurred in Vegas.

    I wonder if there is a hoax, Phsyop planned?

    1. Tupac inducted into rock n roll hall of fame today

    2. Ah, and holographic Tupac was unveiled on April 15, 2012, which was day 3 of the Coachella Valley Music festival at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA.

      Perhaps the world did end in 2012 after all, lol.

    3. Or the holographic universe was revealed

  11. stop stealin content zacc we know u a fraud. he calls everyone who dont agree wit him a fraud remember he even call other gemnrtia coders frauds too. he called dan b a fraud until he gave in. dat y no one follows zacc n he pervs a female on twitter

  12. Leave it to THE ECONOMIST to deliver a piece that ties some (current) things together ... published 2/4/2012 ...
    "Carlos Slim: Let Mexico's moguls battle" ... economist.com

    The opening: "In a FUTURISTIC ART GALLERY which Carlos Slim opened last year in Mexico City ...

    Here we have references to The FUTURE (which is NOW) ...
    A foreign ART GALLERY -- as in Ankara, Turkey ...
    ART SPEAKING LOUDER THAN WORDS -- as with the Faux Assassination / Performance Art piece "Remember ALEPPO"

    It was published Feb 4, 2012 -- which relates to the fortuitous comments above about "2012" ... & the possibility that maybe "Our World" -- As We Knew It -- might HAVE actually "Ended" on 12/21/12 ... as "predicted". (Which I think it did.)

    Worth Noting: No author was cited for this article.
    Question: Was this piece REALLY "first published" in 2012?
    Or is this (another) case of Rewriting History to suit the current agenda (ie. screwing with Truth Seekers & PRETENDING to appear "All Knowing")?
    It's so easy to do this now -- since media constantly "publish" DIFFERENT CONTENT for paper & online. Without SCREENSHOTS of the entire original issue from Feb 2012 -- how could we know what ACTUALLY was published then -- & what might have been ADDED LATER?

    Points to remember:

    CARLOS SLIM -- just met with Trump a Mar-A-Lago ... while a FACTORY was BLOWING APART in Mexico ... an allegory for Trump's comment that HE ... "WOULD BLOW NAFTA APART" ... which (reportedly) enraged *"DON"* Carlos SLIM.

    *DON* -- in Mexico -- means The Big Boss ...
    In Mafia terms it means the same thing ...
    "The DONald" is soon to be America's Big Boss ...

    "A Meeting Of The DON'S" -- always results in either a Truce -- or "War" (movies taught us that!).

    1. blowin' my mind...it's funny you mention re-writing history cuz I was thinking similar thoughts while reading Wikipedia articles about Napoleon. Like, how can I believe this when it could easily be bullshit? So much of it sounds dubious.

    2. Totally agree with your skepticism about "Published History". I think you have trust your gut instincts a lot of the time. If it sounds dubious -- it probably is.

      I've often found threads of truth by noting odd details in unrelated topics. Remembering those often helps highlight the Falsehoods in other writing.
      And following up on what seems to be true -- usually coming at it "sideways" via another topic -- is often the best route to MORE truth.

      Too many tiny details is usually a red flag for me. The Rewriters get so caught up in weaving their fantasy narratives -- that they wind up creating TOO CLEAR of a "picture".

      In publishing they used to call that "FACTION" (Fictionalized Fact) -- taking liberties with the truth in order to tell a better story. But in recent times, Faction has become an ACCEPTABLE "SOURCE" -- & each time that "Source" is used by another writer ... TRUE FACTS grow more & more distant.

      Oftentimes OLD BOOKS are great sources -- they also make it easy to see REVISIONS.
      Whenever you can find Old Books (& papers, mags ... even telephone books & receipts, etc.) -- SAVE THEM!
      You'd be surprised at the gold mines of info in the most innocuous places.

      And once you've got them -- that info is YOURS.
      Then you can start piecing together the REAL TRUTH. :D

    3. (D)Trump. (D)Slim


      And the date similar to 2012

      12/20 with 11 days remaining at the time of meeting.

    4. Harrybutts -- WOW! Now I really AM wondering if that Economist article was inserted recently -- with bogus dates & data.

      However, if an actual person produced a bona fide paper copy of that mag -- WITH the exact same article ... then that would be a pretty convincing indication of just how minutely planned all these details are -- & that it's all planned very far ahead.

      Hmm ... hold on a minute. To make such plans, they'd have to create numerous variations -- in order to give them room to "make adjustments" when actual "unforeseens" occur (like someone dying unexpectedly).

      Is this when the Doubles are brought in -- like Replacement Actors that resemble their predecessor?
      And nobody minds because THEY'RE all aware that everyone with a PUBLIC IDENTITY keeps it separate -- because it's DIFFERENT -- from their REAL IDENTITY.

      "Everyone has a Role To Play" would have the most literal meaning possible for them -- because they ARE ACTING -- & they know it ...
      They're Playing THEIR Role "for the good of the populace" ...

      Just like the "Characters" ACTING in The Truman Show -- who would NEVER THINK of revealing their TRUE IDENTITY to Truman.

      OR ...
      Is it all part of a massive psyop that is TEACHING US to BELIEVE in such grandiose things -- & to also DENY that the TRUTH could be as SIMPLE as "OTHERS" HAVING TOTAL CONTROL OVER ALL KNOWLEDGE & INFORMATION.

      Which would be far, far more EFFICIENT.
      And when it comes to the "Management Of Us" -- they're all about "EFFICIENCY".

      BUT ... Our "reality" is probably comprised of both elements -- as well as plenty of ther "Control Factors".
      No wonder we sometimes feel Lost ... Lol

      Excuse the stream of consciousness rant -- the muse was speaking!

    5. @Mfsyy

      May I ask more specifically what you mean by our world (as we know it) ending on 2012?
      Thank you.

  13. CARLOS SLIM HELU -- 1/28/1940 -- Age 76 --
    "Lebanese" (maybe ... maybe not ...) -- NOT HISPANIC


    Note that "SLIM" is a derivation of "SALIM" ...
    & that the father CHANGED HIS NAME (Anglicized -- somewhat)
    Upon Arriving In Mexico.

    MOTHER: Linda HELU **ATTA**
    **ATTA -- This name should sound familiar ...
    MOHAMMED ATTA was (supposedly) the "Mastermind Behind 9/11"
    (Besides Osama bin Laden ...)

    They claim to be "Maronite Catholics" -- which is a polite term for CRYPTO-JEWS. JEWISH TEXTS are very clear in their explanation that "Maronites" are Jews who adopted a Catholic FACADE in order to facilitate easier Business Operations in predominantly Catholic countries. They created their own "form" of Catholicism to accommodate many Jewish practices -- & always remained SECRETLY DEVOUT JEWS. (Any other "explanation" is part of the FACADE.)

    They CLAIM to be "Lebanese" -- but that is only a TECHNICAL "fact".


    En route to Greener Pastures -- & running from the LAWS of The OTTOMAN EMPIRE (which forbade USURY -- charging INTEREST) ...

    They wound up in Lebanon -- but only long enough to determine where they could Start Fresh -- amongst a "Totally Unsuspecting & Naive Populace". MEXICO fit that bill perfectly.

    Interestingly, even wiki says that Young Carlos became fascinated with the Practice Of CHARGING INTEREST at an early age -- & Learned About MONEY, FINANCE & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -- from his FATHER.

    Fun Factoid: those smartphones Americans swap out more frequently than they buy new boots ...
    Cost between $6000 - $10,000 -- in AMERICAN DOLLARS -- down in MEXICO.
    The "High Profit Margins" of the Telecom Industry are what Carlos Slim attributes his great wealth to ... which is easier when you're the main (& sometimes ONLY) provider.

    In 2012 -- Slim was the "wealthiest person in the world" (on record anyway) -- with ... $63 Billon (American).
    Nice way to mirror "93" -- especially when the numbers can never be verified anyway.

  14. Nice! And guess what sign Mexico is? Aquarius! The sign of technology. Tech billionaire from an aquarius country.

    1. Thank you for that info -- I had no idea that Signs were attached to countries. Is it from the Founding Date?
      Do you know what the US & Germany are? I'm fascinated!

    2. Zack notice the conversation band how I engaged the guest.

      You're welcome!

      Hello truth seekers Harry here 😈🤑

    3. Yeah it's called mundane astrology, the astrology of places. It can be iffy. Astrologers often argue on when the exact "birthday" of a country is. The u.s. is a cancer, like China. Germany has a tumultuous history. So many empires etc. You could use 1871. You could use Oct 3 1990, reunification (which in that case would make it a Libra). Germany is a tough one. And there's tropical vs. Sidereal astrology. There's Vedic astrology. You can draw up a chart for anything, really.

    4. "For Germany the situation is critical because Germany is well known to be a Capricorn nation. They are the only nation that refers to itself as the Fatherland (Saturn), unlike the USA or Russia which refer to their nation in the feminine. So this passage of Pluto over their Saturn will likely bring a nationalist revolution. Similar things are happening Sweden."


    5. Elmer -- you're better than SIRI & WIKI combined -- lol!

      The stuff you know is Amazing. The info you show is eerily like looking two steps ahead in my brain. I've actually pondered over whether you might be a more intelligent chatroom algorithm (please take that as a compliment, lol)!

      However, I still have faith that there ARE intelligent people STILL out there ... & that you are -- indeed -- human, haha!

      I can see why zodiac signs for countries would be difficult ... also how easy it would be to manipulate a date to coincide with a desired sign.

      In fact, National Zodiacs actually sound much more unreliable than even "traditional" horoscopes -- the personal kind -- which at least have a better likelihood of working with an accurate date.

      I'd say those sciences work best in societies where the information isn't so prone to outside interference. :D

    6. Elmer -- that's really interesting.

      With GERMANY as the ONLY "Masculine" FATHER ...
      & since the US & RUSSIA as Both "Feminine" ...
      All 3 are top world powers with deep MASONIC roots ...

      Could that mean that the US & Russia are like the Masonic Pillars -- Joachim & Boaz -- & that these pillars also represent "The Feminine"?

      And -- do these Pillars EXIST TO SUPPORT THE CENTER -- The "Masculine" One -- GERMANY?

      Just a weird thought ...

    7. Yes. You're onto something. My research is leading me to the conclusion that Germany is the "home" of the new world order. I've been saving this info. If you want to have a better understanding of the nwo, check out rudolf steiner's work. Check out the "coming race." Check out max Heindel's (another German) rosicrucian Cosmo conception. It gets weird.

    8. Seems there is an occult plan for every country. Every place has a role in the play.

    9. Haunting words from "rosicrucian cosmo-conception" by max heindel. from p. 4: "to prevent the plan of evolution being defeated, a great destruction of the human bodies is permitted which for a time look as if it would wipe humanity off the earth." that was published in 1909.

    10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril

    11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Bailey

    12. Thank you for all the great tips -- I WILL be reading up on ALL of those!

      That quote from Heindel was chilling -- & (unfortunately) not all that surprising.

      If people would read more history from that era -- like the examples you gave -- then they'd UNDERSTAND that "GENETICS" is just a friendlier-sounding word for "EUGENICS".

      And they'd know that the practice of -- "Selective Breeding To Achieve A Desired Product" -- has been a HOBBY of Royals & Nobility for as long as they've ruled ...
      ... and that the real reason why peasants had to get their Land Lord's permission to marry (or cohabit) ...
      was because -- just as the rulers controlled the mating of their livestock (& genetically experimented with orchids & other plants) -- so they also controlled the "breeding" of their tenants.
      That these practices have been around for CENTURIES ... & now "Science" is being employed as a "Breeding Tool".

      These sly manipulations have never stopped -- only the tactics have changed.

      But like I said -- people would first have to WANT TO KNOW these Truths -- & the info has deliberately been so spread out that most will never make the effort (or perhaps have the time) to learn it on their own.

      Already, fewer & fewer people appreciate -- or even comprehend -- the significance of historical information such as this ... & what it truly means.

      So -- it's left to those who DO "get it" -- to be sure that these truths don't vanish completely. And to ensure that SOME Truth will still remain when we finally emerge from the encroaching Dark Age.

    13. Interesting information - much appreciated.
      Thank you both.

    14. YES. You get it, mfsyy. Check out steiner's secret brotherhood and the mystery of the human double. P. 64-66. ( Concerning occult plans for lands). It's on Google books.

      Concerning eugenics, it boils down to witchcraft, I think. The secret societies teach they're the "sons of Cain." Tubal Cain. T-Cain. The watchers. (Book of enoch, "found" by a freemason.) They have magical blood,and, therefore, a divine right to rule. We're living in harry potter, except the witches don't like the muggles/cowans/mundanes/uninitiated.

      Compare the 13 rules of wicca to the georgia guidestones. Read "mastering witchcraft."

  15. All these world figures and celebrities are all reptilian.
    life cycles of mind fucking has place the veil of perception.
    this possibility is beyond comprehension For the average Neanderthal.
    Wake up , smell these lizards! They're taunting everyone.

  16. Some great comments here, deep but challenging.