Thursday, December 15, 2016

33 | Craig Sager, reportedly dead, from Leukemia, December 15, 2016 +NBA Finals clue? 

The CNN article, naturally, focuses on his years with Turner Sports.

Turner = 33/96; Turner sports, out of Atlanta, on the 33rd Parallel

Freemason = 96; Knowledge = 96

Craig Sager has reportedly died December 15, 2016, 169-days after his birthday, and 196-days before what would have been his 66th birthday.

6/29/1951 = 6+29+19+51 = 105
6/29/1951 = 6+29+(1+9+5+1) = 51
6/29/1951 = 6+2+9+1+9+5+1 = 33
6/29/51 = 6+29+51 = 86

12/15/2016 = 12+15+20+16 = 63
12/15/2016 = 12+15+(2+0+1+6) = 36
12/15/2016 = 1+2+1+5+2+0+1+6 = 18
12/15/16 = 12+15+16 = 43 (RIP)

From the July 13, 2016 ESPY's, where Sager said he would never give up, until today, is a span of 156-days.  July 13 can be written 13/7, a lot like '137', the 33rd prime.  '156' also connects to '33'.

Thirty-Three = 156

Here is the July 13 comment from Sager at the ESPY'S:

In light of the ESPY'S, synch, the word 'ESPY' has gematria of '65', like his age of death.

You might also recall June 16, where he has his special NBA Finals coverage:

NBA Finals = 33; Cleveland = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

From today until the start of the NBA Finals, is a 168-days, or a span of 169.

Update:  CNN was slow to report, they have a front page story now.

69.  Symbolic.  Masonic Arch.

In the calculations below, don't forget your s-exceptions for 'English Reduction' method.  S-exceptions do not apply to English Ordinal method.


  1. That's funny, I just tabbed Stephen King for 4/5(The anniversary of his first novel), which is the same span of days from his 9/21 birthday. Interestingly, the 196 days is 6 months 16 days with the end date. 616 has been hitting for me. The episode of Growing Pains with Robin Thicke was season 6 episode 16. They also had 166 episodes. 16×6=96, the flip of Thicke's 69 years.

  2. Off topic, NRG Stadium was the first in the NFL to have a retractable ROOF. interesting time spans from and to Dylann Roof's birthday/court date to Super Bowl at a glance. Might be significant, throwing it out there.

  3. If you haven't Noticed we always get 3 Celebrity Deaths in 3 Days Starting on The First Full Moon of every month. This month it was the Dec. 14th. Will get 1 more before the 17th.

    1.)Alan Thicke

    2.)Craig Sager

    3.) ??

    Who will be the 3rd Death? My guess is Ellen Burstyn. The Mom from The Exorcist (1973). I'll Explain if it happens.

  4. dylann roof is played by the actor john Christian graas who played the kid in Seinfeld non fat yogurt episode

  5. Once he did the NBA finals coverage, I knew this guy was going to die this year.

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  7. Check out this allstate commercial guys, it has colts written all over it. Same mascot, same colors, a dude is wearing a horse shirt, he's talking about a win streak and making the playoffs...

    1. I seen the video. When the car smashed the car in the back ground a car was painted GO TEN= 322 in English gematria GO =13 could COLTS go on a winning streak and get there 13 win against TEN=39 NYG?

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  8. Area code on the port o potty 312 Chicago
    Or 123=conspiracy

    312 area code was founded in 19(47) lol

    Port o industry = 1263
    Andrew luck=1263

    Phone number is incomplete 1-312-220-495

    You're welcome minions

  9. Standard Portable Toilet w/ Urinal

    Enclosed unit with a door that can be locked from the inside, approx. 4' wide x 4' deep x 7.5' high, made from injection molded plastic. Has 1 toilet seat over a 50 - 60 gal holding tank which contains approx. 5 gal of liquid chemical for breaking down waste. Usually stocked with seat covers, toilet paper and waterless hand cleaner. Requires placement where truck can approach to within 25' for servicing. The Tufway unit is manufactured by Satellite Industries - Port-O-Let Height: 88" Width: 44" Depth: 48" Weight: 230 lbs.

  10. Portable toilet 6' 5 230
    Andrew luck 6'4 240

    This is either a clue or State Farm is full of shit lol

  11. Mayhem= 65/390/474

    #1 one fan=

    Playoffs =100/600/633


  12. Most famous people born in 1947

    The terminator could be next.

    Seattle wins easily tonight

  13. There was a #11 on the pick up truck

  14. Born june 29th, the same day andrew luck sign his contract 6+29+16=51. Also he had leukemia, just as chuck pagano


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    1. This is a joke "right" .. "Jesus" overturned the money lenders table. We do not pray for money. We pray for help. Man the devil is getting desperate.

    2. Obviously, you love your punctuation. :P

  16. Using my Cipher that I adapted from Marty Leeds's cipher the headline "Sports world mourns"=137 the 33rd prime.

  17. 8-8 home and away record NFL week 15

  18. This is the 71st season of the NBA (2016-2017). Which officially began on Oct. 25th. The Warriors did a tribute to Sager and Nate Thurman before the game. I found that to be very odd, because Sager was still alive at the time. So I knew something was about to happen to him. They also talked about him and his illness during the 2016 Summer Olympic games. Which was also very strange, I knew he would end being a sacrifice for the NBA Season.

  19. Is this a clue for the San Antonio Spurs Zach? Gregg Popavich was close with Sager

  20. Dwaybe wade designed special ties for sager foundation. Purple tides

  21. There is so much gematria coded in these cancer related deaths. What bothers me the most is the scam to take money from the sleeping masses (donations) for the false practice of cancer research/cures.
    "Cancer Cures" in English Reduction equals 47
    Jimmy Valvano died of Bone Cancer on 4/28/1993 at the age of "47"

    Stuart Scott died of Cancer at age of "49" on 1/4/2015. He died "six months" after receiving the Jimmy V Award at the ESPY's.
    "Jimmy V Award " in English Reduction equals 49
    36+13=49 - The age of Stuart Scott when he died.

    Craig Sager died at the age of 65 from leukemia on 12/15/2016. Sager was awarded the Jimmy V Award at the ESPY's in July 2016. He died "five months" after receiving the award.
    (Do you see the pattern?)
    "Cancer Cures" using S-Exception equals 56 (the reflection of 65)
    Also 5 months and 6 months is 56

    (36+13+18=47) (4+7=11) (11 x 3=33)- The number #3 represents the three men.

    All three men were Sportscasters. But Jimmy V was a beloved coach and collegiate basketball player. So that makes him a representation of all three entities in the NBA (player, coach and sportscaster).

    "Sportscaster" in English Reduction system equals 47
    "NBA Coach" in English Ordinal system equals 47
    "Ritual Death" in English Reduction system equals 47
    "Basketball Player" using S-exception equals 63
    (the reflection of 36)

  22. Also "Donations" in English Sumerian system equals 666

  23. zach hubbard wrong about trump, colts,vikings, cubs vs astros