Thursday, December 15, 2016

67 139 | Will he get death? Dylann Storm Roof hoax trial headlines

Will he get death = 67/139
Freemasonry = 58/67/139

6/17/2015 = 6+17+20+15 = 58 (Freemasonry = 58/67/139)

Anyone who has ever been to jail, knows that no one goes in the holding room with you, as shown above.  Of course the photo is staged, and part of the race war psy-op, one white, one black.

CNN has now updated the cover photo.  I think it is meant to make the reader ask, "Is this guy retarded?"  He very well might be.  Perhaps this is how the government selects their patsies.  Today, CNN is also bringing Johnthony Walker before the cameras.