Wednesday, December 7, 2016

38 42 61 242 | Hitler named man of the year for 1938, January 2, 1939, 242-days before the start of WWII,9171,760539,00.html

January 2, 1939 was the right date for some serious NEWS.

1/2/1939 = 1+2+19+39 = 61
1/2/39 = 1+2+39 = 42 (World War) (War) (Freemason) (Zionism)

As for why they made Hitler the man of the year in '38, that's easy.

Masonic = 38; Jewish = 38; English = 38; Gematria = 38

Germany's involvement in World War II would begin 242-days later.

Nazis = 24/33/69

The U.S. went to war with the Nazis and their allies on the day that leaves 24-days left in the year.,28804,2019712_2019694_2019588,00.html


  1. Excellent Connection! Fits right in with the Trump / Nazi Theme.

    I guess "History Repeats Itself" ... When THEY WANT IT TO !!

  2. 242 days from today is August 6th, Hiroshima....

  3. All this war programming for the masses.

    But, the United States has no willingness to fight, after 15 years of continuous war propaganda (basically, the whole 21st century).

  4. German Socialist Workers = GSW ... Georgia Southwestern = GSW

    Georgia Cops HUNT A BLACK MAN -- at GSW --
    On the SAME DAY a "leader" potentially as controversial as Hitler is named TIME's "Man Of The Year" ...


  5. Hitler died in 45(4/30)
    Trump was born 410 days or 45 days after the 1 year anniversary.
    Now due to be President 45.

  6. Yosef Stalin would be a good readout, seeing as he was ruling Russia and he won it TWICE.

    Putin, Trump, ya know. Just using my scouring pad.

  7. Hitler actually got the bankers out of Germany though...

  8. War is a hoax. No war ever went down like the way they tell it. The next one wont either.

  9. Wasn't Hitler also an "outsider" like trump. That's how he told it in mein kampf, at least.

  10. Trump put-in Pence

    Put-in trumpence

    Putin= INPUT!

  11. I do believe Trump will issue in a World War worst then any ever seen on this earth.