Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reader Contribution | D'Qwell Jackson's final four game suspension and "Deflate Gate" hoax

Great work.  Remember, the entire Tom Brady "Deflate Gate" was by the numbers.


  1. Brady suspended first 4 games
    Jackson suspended last 4 games


  2. Jackson wears #52

    Brady is 4-2 in super bowls going for 5-2

  3. Looks like Colts are done losing this season.

    All wins puts them at 10-6 (prophecy). Luck's season 10-5 (45-25 all time, he has lost 5 reg season games every year in his career - that's why he was out 1 game).
    Winning three post season games puts Luck at 6-3 in poffs overall. His career 51st win in super bowl 51. in his 79th total game (79 = champion).

    63rd prime is 307. Freemason = 307 (jewish).

    Seems that getting 51 wins is a big deal (51st prime is 233, 233="luck", "horse" in jewish)

    Also, winning the remaining reg season games, colts would go to 276 w all time (276=deception), baltimore + indianapolis all time reg season record would become 498 wins (498 = "football", "winner").

    With a win in SB51, Indianapolis post season record would become 17-16 (17+16=33). 17 is 7th prime. "Seven"=65 (Andrew = 65, horse = 65, prince = 65).

    I say this riddle is solved.

    As a side note, "seven" = 840 in jewish and "Jonathan" = 840.
    How about Jonathan Newsome? Any ideas if he is relevant?

    "Jonathan was released from the Indianapolis Colts on February 22, 2016, after being arrested by police for Marijuana possession".

    birth: 22/1/1991 (place: cleveland, ohio)
    drafted: 166th pick

    This might be nothing but let's see..

    from Jonathan Newsome's bday to SB51 is a span of 349 days.
    349 is 70th prime ("seventy"=110, Minnesota = 110, giants = 70).

    From his Bday to the day he got busted for marijuana (=63, smoke=63, plant=63) is a span of 31 days (houston=31). 31 s 11th prime, "eleven" = 63

    "eleven"=775 in jewish gem (viking = 775).
    63rd prime is 307. Freemason = 307 in jewish.

    If Vikings go to SB51 from a wild card spot, they end the season with 881 total games in franchise's history.

    Heisman trophy = 881 (jewish)

    Then Vikings would have total playoff record 22-29.
    22+29 = 51

    Now Giants can get to 51 too (24-24 at the moment), but ONLY by playing just three poff games. So if giants play in wild card round, they are not in SB51.

  4. Super bowl on 2/5

    Jackson 52 Ray Lewis 52

    Jackson suspended/ Ray Lewis played !

    52+52=104 or 41

    SB 41 score 46 Patriots vs Giants SB 46 @ Lucas oil stadium on 2/5

    Giants got the ball on the (12) yard line like Brady and drove 88! Yards for the GW TD by Amahd Bradshaw #44!
    Trump 88

    Brady and Terry Bradshaw 4 Super Bowls each 44

    Now Brady looks to get #5 to top Montana #16 in 2016 or all in 216

    Cowboys have 5 rings looking for #6 like Pittsburgh.

    1. Trololol, the super bowl is being played in NRG Stadium.
      Colts Vikings

  5. Here's the last clue for the minion morons

    The trend is two teams will meet and they will be from the same division just different conference

    "Hello truth seekers Harry here"

    1. Nobody cares about you imbecile

    2. Definitely a disinfo agent sent here to put doubt in people's heads. Him and his ilk were here telling people that the Indians were winning, the Warriors were winning, etc...

      Colts are 100% your SB51 winners. We've seen this script play out a million times.

    3. Did you lay money out already lmao

      If I'm wrong I will still be here, will you apologize if I'm right ????

    4. Yep, definitely something intentionally subversive about him. I think he hopes people new to Zach's site will scroll down, see him posting a dozen times, and lazily write us all off as weirdos. Posting random phrases and numbers with no reference to any connections is just about the worst contribution here.

      A part of me wishes Zach would ban, if he could, but seeing someone so reflective of a shill can be nice - certainly reinforces the idea that we're all on to something.

    5. 90% of the people on the thread know Hairybutts is a trololo/agent. Just ignore him, we cashing out either way

  6. I just did some work on why the Vikings will "Bw the first" team to host a super bowl next year and why this season is sacrifice for their success next year. "Colts Vikings" =52, super bowl 52 is in Minnesota. "Super bowl Lii" =62 just like "Colts and Vikings." "Be the first" (the shirt Mike Zimmer wore this offseason) =49, colts and Vikings play 49 days before super bowl 51. Now remember that Colts and Vikings pawn star episode where someone asks for a "Viking Coin" and a "Colt Revolver" both =59 just like Mike Zimmer!! From the date they play this year 12/18/16 to next years super bowl 2/4/18 is a span of exactly 59 weeks again connecting to Zimmer. Super bowl 52 will be the forty eighth of the modern era, "forty eighth" =69 just like "Adrian Peterson" who will most likely be the MVP of the first home super bowl. "Denny green" (who died this year) =57 he died from "cardiac arrest" =57, 2017 will be the Vikings 57th year of existence. The last super bowl Minneapolis hosted was for the 91 season, "home field super bowl" =91, 208... 28 is Adrian petersons number. The movie oblivion which says super bowl 51 will be the last, "Oblivion" =44 just like "champions" super bowl 52 is on a date with 44 numerology. I really don't think 51 will be the last super bowl, instead, it will be the last before a team hosts and wins a super bowl in their home stadium!!! Last note "forty eight" ,for the 48th super bowl of the modern era, = 61. The last super bowl in Minneapolis had a sum of 61 points. The Vikings had their star players sit out the season as a sacrifice for their great season to come next year and first home team super bowl in league history.

    1. Exactly colts and Vikings going next year not this year..

      Fuck u Legion or RFG or Zack second user name !

    2. @Siberling

      61 ! TRUTH!!!! Great info

      These nut hungers are too lazy to check out any other connections besides the one that Zachary
      Has put forth.

      Zack at least came clean and declared Vikings SB52!!!

      He's still holding out hope or denial that Colts going to AFC championship

    3. Interesting. Couldn't Vikings still "be the first" to win home SB next year regardless of this season?

    4. Here another clue

      As of right now you can only search SB sites until 2020 SB55

      For some odd reason yesterday when you search SB 53 it was redirecting to SB52

      Did that like 10 times. Then it finally came up.

      SB 55 in Rams stadium in 2021 Is the last SB!


    5. Yes, I don't see the Vikings in the NFC championship this year because of the bridgewater/Peterson narrative. Next year is the Vikings season.

    6. Wrong, next yr vikings host superbowl rookie.

    7. Agreed...

      Bridgewater will come back AP will be back with the defense and we all know Bradford is one snap away from retirement. He's the NATIVE being sacrificed this year.
      Colts will get offensive line help a pass rusher and possibly another TE. For next years team ..
      I have Shannahan coaching the colts, harbaugh may leave Michigan for the colts job. Both coaches Connect to Colts. There's a reason (Paga-NO) has cancer morons

      These idiots only follow numbers. 15=51 see Super Bowl 51 lmao!!!

    8. @Seiberling

      Alright. I just looked at the pawn stars episode being season 10 episode 6 --> 16 --> 2016. Didn't find anything else clear about when (time/date), but that just means I might have missed something. Thanks anyway!

    9. Everyone thinks it's the Cards year next year. Do you think the Vikes make back to back appearances in the SB?

    10. You can only find up to Super Bowl 55 because they haven't decided on who the hosts are for the ones after that. How can they post any info if they haven't decided the date and who's hosting...DUMBASS.

      Check this wiki site and scroll down. It only shows up to SB 55.

    11. Personally, I think the Vikings won't be in the super bowl this year. I think Zachs right on with the Giants, currently I think the colts are a lock for this year and the narrative is there for next year as well. I'd say locks are: SB51- Colts v (probably) Giants. Sb52- Vikings. Think about this as well, Giants wear blue and red which equal purple when blended. Giants because of their purple connection have the prince connection. Vikings are obviously purple but they're also yellow connecting to purple rain and the Yellow cloud guitar. We need to get some more minds on who the colts will face in this super bowl, so far I think Zach has presented the clearest connection with the Giants.

    12. That's me in my picture. How am I RFG? lol

    13. The last superbowl is this feb!! Tom Cruise tells you thatvin Oblivion. Earthquakes all over every day now Boys USA is near its end... As we know it .....Dont be too worried about superbowl 53 and stuff my bet its over after Feb!!

  7. Performance Enhancing Drugs = 131 = Championship.

    1. Who do you see the colts playing in SB51? It seems everyone's sure of the colts but kinda stuck on Giants or Vikings.

    2. I was never completely sold on the Vikings to begin with, and as the season rolls on, the Giants seem to have more going in their favor for this season. Visit Jeremy White's "Fields of White" blog - he has some extremely-detailed breakdowns of various commercials and news stories that point to the Giants and Super Bowl 51. It's more striking than what I've been seeing for the Vikings.

      Vikings definitely are my favorite for the NFC next season though. You have this narrative of them hosting the Super Bowl that think of how Denny Green, longtime Vikings coach, died the DAY BEFORE USBank Stadium in Minneapolis opened. Sprinkle in all the Prince symbolism and you have a strong case to make for them being the first team to host a Super Bowl they're in.

    3. Yeah, Giants look like the NFC favorite this year based on all the coding. I've been keeping up with Jeremy's blog, he's done some amazing work for the coding on both the Giants and colts. There's the numerical narrative there for the Vikings this season, I just see them fulfilling Zimmers shirt of "be the first" in being the first team to play in the super bowl they host, as well as being the first Vikings team to win a super bowl.

    4. That's wild, I never knew there was a shirt like that.

      Earlier this year, the Cubs players had a shirt that said "If you ain't first, you're last." = 112. They also had shirts during the playoffs that said "We Came to Reign", which is 66.

      Doesn't it seem ridiculously arrogant to be wearing clothes like that? They'd only wear them if they knew they'd win. It's part of the growing in-your-face mockery people just refuse to admit is right there.

    5. Vikings = VI kings = six kings

      six kings = 112 = Houston = Andrew Luck

      Pretty sure Vikings will be there in SB51 watching Colts victory (112) people.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Zimmer's shirt "Be the first" could also be in reference to this years team being the FIRST Vikings team to win the Super Bowl. They are 0-4 right now in the Super Bowl.

  8. Nothing is a coincidence in our matrix world. Our gods/creators are AIs. Why do you think all the Gematria, numbers, astrology, etc. line up so well? Do you really think some human being(s) are smart and efficient enough to pull this off? COME ON MAN!

    1. I know some of us, including Zach to some degree, definitely believe there's more to it all than freemason coding. The masons know more about the natural number matrix, so to speak, than we do, and pay tribute to it in ways unrecognizable without training.

      I've had some mighty freaky shit happen to me in the past couple months after getting into numerology. The more you study, the more emotion you put into it, the more it talks back to you. The shit is insane.

    2. In the Matrix movie, Morpheus explains to Neo that the machines use us humans like a battery...for ENERGY. That's exactly what the Super Bowl and halftime show is about. It's the world's single biggest event of the year used to siphon ENERGY from us in order to perform their dark magic. Google "Super Bowl ritual".

    3. I seriously need to go back and watch those films. Did you know the Wachowski Brothers are now the Wachowski Sisters?!

      Mid-game rituals are also huge. Maybe they've been going on forever and I just began noticing them. But a great recent example was during Game 7 of the World Series.

      Game was 5-3 Chicago in the top of the 6th. David Ross, wearing #3, comes up to the plate, and the 39 year-old vet in his last game hits a miraculous home run against the stud reliever Andrew Miller.

      The statbox shows the inning and score - 6, 6-3. David Ross, #3, completes the 666 by crossing home plate. The whole team then celebrates with some bizarre, obviously-coordinated gay sex tribute.

      The rest of this game went according to much so, in fact, that the game-tying home run actually HIT A CAMERA!

      So I wonder...are these rituals done in order to ensure the gods allow them to continue their plan?

    4. Oh and of course I forgot to mention...David Ross was the only player in the World Series to have any kind of 666 gematria.

      "David Ross" = 666 (Sumerian)

    5. John John,

      You have some interesting points. Do you have a blog or website I can find out more? To me, there is validity in 'Gematria', yet there is still that proverbial 'X' factor.

      Thanks for your input.

    6. Alex Smith=666

      You think that helps the Chiefs? Lol

  9. yall fools itz pats over cowboys foh wit dat colts vikings like rfg chosen fag stole from instagrams pix bama duke n cavs win as well

  10. Tom Brady is 50-1 since 2006 against AFC teams at home.

  11. If you guys want to use the fact that colts are 50-1 odds to go to the SB then I can respect that. There's more narrative for Patriots. This league is BRADY's and the smear campaign only adds to more viewership and more upset people that TRUMPS team will win.

    Patriots vs Merica

    1. Answer this Harry why do you always switch your SB picks fucking idiot?

  12. Paga means PAY

  13. 26-24 NFC leads in super bowls

    On 2/5 the Patriots tom Brady will win his 25th Playoff game and his record will be 5-2 in Super Bowls.

    The AFC will have its 25th win in 51 Super Bowls .

    Patriots traded away #51 Jamie Collins
    Picked up #88 like trump in bennette
    From the bears and Collins shipped to Ohio
    Where belichik coached until 95 when the Browns moved to Baltimore. 10/06/95
    Belichik is from Tenn. born in 52 like 2/5
    Belichik needs 2 wins to reach 25 playoff wins
    That's the AFC championship game.

    Belichik wins SB51 he's at 26 wins all time

    Brady= 205 wins 25 playoff wins


    Let's see I'm the only one going Patriots.

    1. You and all the NFL experts are choosing patriots,then vegas favorite

  14. Colts have no defense, no line, coach sucks and the offense is mediocre. They built their new stadium and Peyton was 1-1 in SB. Now you want them to win a SB lol.
    Cavs built their team so did the Cubs and the royals were young but immense talent.
    The worst team ever in a SB was the Cardinals and the 2005 Seahawks. They at least had Kurt Warner and Fitzgerald and the Seahawks had the MVP running back. Luck had 1 good season so far while shuffling through OC's and players and the owner is a clown.

    Kraft or the Colts owner??? Lol

    Kraft is black magic he owns the league.

    Mara and Roomey allow it!

    1. It's sripted... you idiot none of that shit matters stupid fucking moron

    2. We're all here because the games are fake .. U turd.

    3. Ok then why even mention that the colts defense sucks,they have no line,and that their coach sucks if you know it's fixed and rigged you know none of that shit matter fucking moron

  15. *Rooney.

    Belichik winning his 7th
    Coach K winning his 7th
    Saban winning his 6th
    Brady winning #5 in 7 tries
    Jimmy Johnson won his 7th
    Cubs won in the 7th game
    Cavs won in 7th game

  16. Zach please there is some way you can get rid of harrybutts106

    1. Why? What have you contributed?
      Besides nutt hugging ?
      Why don't you just wait till the season is over and if I'm wrong you can troll me to death?
      Why are you AFRAID of a different perspective faggot ? Using Zacks language

    2. Because you change your SB picks like everyday fucking moron ,you just say a bunch of bullshit dumbass mf,you troll everyday

  17. fools! harry is warriyah sock puppet account. he jus bored eatin ramen n hot pockets while payin his student loan debts in monoplu money lmao

    1. Mike now your using my Hot Pocket.. WTF first Zack now you..
      Go back to that roach motel in the hood.. Oops crib yo

  18. Zack you are becoming lazy again!

    How the fuck did anyone miss this ?? How

    On February 3, 2015, Jackson was arrested for assault after allegedly punching a pizza delivery man in the head in Washington D.C.[10]

    Comet Pizza and Luck is from DC


    The interceptor and deflators are now gone.

    Footballs used 12 footballs under inflated 11

    1 good football out of 12 .112 folks Brady will not be denied in Houston 112

    13 years ago Brady won second Super Bowl in 3 years
    13 years later Brady wins his second Super Bowl in 3 years in Houston.

    Brady ends his career at 222 wins

    Brady's first ever win vs COLTS 44-13 lmao

    15 years ago

    1. Colts Vikings are a lock. Lets cash out boys!

  19. Zack out of respect for the thread and the Minions. I will post again in the AFC championship game.
    You ladies take care!
    Harry must collect souls and $
    Later minions... Happy holidays

    If the Colts win I will donate $100 to Zacks heating bill in the basement.

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  21. i cant wait to come back on here when colts vs giants/vikings will not make the SB i am going to flood this blog