Wednesday, December 7, 2016

28 33 38 46 58 59 228 | The death of Yaki Kadafi, Outlawz, November 10, 1996, in relation to the death of 2Pac, September 13, 2016

What a name.  I know how his Zionist bosses came up with this one (or perhaps his parent's Zionist bosses).

Notice his family was in the Black Panther Party, like Tupac Shakur's mother, like Kanye's father, and like several other commercial rappers.

Let us examine the birth and death numerology of Yaki Kadafi.

*Bruce Edward Washington Jr. = 109/118 (Member of Outlawz to die before Yaki)

10/9/1977 = 10+9+19+77 = 115
10/9/1977 = 10+9+(1+9+7+7) = 43
10/9/1977 = 1+0+9+1+9+7+7 = 34
10/9/77 = 10+9+77 = 96 (Freemason) (He was killed in 1996)

11/10/1996 = 11+10+19+96 = 136
11/10/1996 = 11+10+(1+9+9+6) = 46 (Sacrifice) (Yaki)
11/10/1996 = 1+1+1+0+1+9+9+6 = 28 (Outlawz) (Man)
11/10/96 = 11+10+96 = 117

He died on his 33rd day of being age 19.

Twenty-Eight = 156; Thirty-Three = 156; As Above, So Below = 156

The date he died, is also the 314th day of the year, and the day leaving 51-days left in the year.

314 is a lot like '3.14', the number for Pi, having to do with cycles and circles.

'51' is the conspiracy number.  Conspiracy = 51

From Tupac Shakur's September 13 death, to Yaki Kadafi's, was 58-days, or a span of 59.

The date September 13, can be written 13/9.

Tupac Shakur = 40/58; United States = 40/58

The date Tupac died very much ties to the date Yaki Kadafi died.

9/13/1996 = 9+13+19+96 = 137 (137, the 33rd prime)
9/13/1996 = 9+13+(1+9+9+6) = 47
9/13/1996 = 9+1+3+1+9+9+6 = 38 (Death) (Rapper) (Nigga) (Makaveli) (Killing)
9/13/96 = 9+13+96 = 118 (Death) (Number is connected to the deaths of Big Syke & Hussein Fatal)

Notice he died at the 228th minute of the day, 3:48.

60+60+60+48 = 228

Notice he also died in 'Orange'.

Again, it was his 33rd day of being 19.


  1. My Gematria system pulls nothing but losers. 0-5 so far, 2-6 Daily Fades. I have one game up, I'll try to get another one. Come fade it!

    1. That is an incredible ability to pick losers... using Gematria and numerical coding.

    2. Nothing wrong with that. We have often talked about teams heavily 'gematriacized' being the picked losers.

    3. I know but I'm looking at it at a different perspective, or at least trying to. I'm either really good at decoding the loser, or I just have bad luck. I've went against my decode every time. I'm now 0-7, well 7-0 in my pocket. Haha!

  2. Are you implying the Black Panther Party is a Freemason front group?

    1. BPP is controlled opposition, created by the powers that be

  3. Zach, I have a slogan idea for all4 truth: Justice Through Truthseeking.

  4. Also, Zach, check out your latest video on Trump being Time's man of the year, I have a bid decode in the comments I think you'll appreciate.

  5. I always post relevant truth. Good work Z. But..

    Tupac was against the entire rap game/so called jews agenda. Not part of the Satan gematria system.

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  7. It says he was found in a stairwell;

    'Stairwell'=38 R (Death, Rapper=38)
    'Stairwell'=119 O (All Seeing Eye, Star of David, Orthodox, Master Plan=119)

  8. There were 10 original members of the Outlawz, including Makaveli. 3 out of 9 are dead not including Makaveli. 39=New York (Another Giants Clue to SB 51). 4 out of the 10 original members are dead.