Friday, December 2, 2016

42 44 68 107 | 'Obama's big gift to Trump' & 'Talk risks China's Ire', December 2, 2016 headlines

Hey, a headline for the seasons!  Have you done your shopping yet?  You know, you better get that special someone a GIFT.  Gift = 7+9+6+20 = 42

My middle school history teacher said that World War III would start when Taiwan declared its Independence from China.  It was one of those things a teacher said, that stood out.  I think I was 13 or 14, so we're talking 20-years ago.

Taiwan = 20+1+9+23+1+14 = 68 (Donal John Trump = 68) (Barack Obama = 68)

First Brexit, then Trump?  Do you see that headline?

Again, Trump was in Scotland for Brexit.  Scotland = 88; Trump = 88; Brexit = 33

Talk risks China's ire = 80/107/206 (Military = 107) (China = 26/35)

Donald Trump will be the 44th man to be President.  Military = 44/107

*Trump breaches protocol by speaking with Taiwan President = 610

I love the facial expressions chosen.  What a mocking.

The Donald Trump headlines, I'm sure "breaches protocol" is going to be a recurring headline.

Breaches Protocol = 76/85/175


  1. Gotta get that shopping in before the Holiday is ruined by a Branch Dravidian-esque FBI strike in them Injuns.

    1. Brexit, Trump, Kanye/Yankee West in the Looney Bin, the message seems to that the west is done.

      It is where the sun goes to set after all.

    2. Standing rock. Standing stone. Battle of the bulge. Pipeline. Something interesting about the Lakota:

      "Heyokas, for example, remind their people that Wakan tanka, the great mystery, is beyond good and evil; that its primordial nature doesn’t correspond to human platitudes of right and wrong. Heyokas act as mirrors, reflecting the mysterious dualities of the cosmos back onto their people. They walk the Red Road, following in the bloody footprints left behind by their Heyoka fore-brothers. They go forward, to that place where emptiness is full, and fullness empty. “As a representative of Thunderbird and Trickster,” writes Steve Mizrach, “the heyoka reminds his people that the primordial energy of nature is beyond good and evil. It doesn’t correspond to human categories of right and wrong. It doesn’t always follow our preconceptions of what is expected and proper. It doesn’t really care about our human woes and concerns. Like electricity, it can be deadly dangerous, or harnessed for great uses. If we’re too narrow or parochial in trying to understand it, it will zap us in the middle of the night.”

      Read more at: |

  2. China's FIRE. Asians often represent the "dragon" or serpent in movies. This could be seen as a mockery of michael slaying the Dragon. Especially IRE-onic given the whole "trump is racist/xenophobic" narrative.

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  4. These individuals continue to deceive us with these Masonic designed narratives.

    "Liars And Deceivers" in English Ordinal equals 168
    "Debt" in English Sumerian equals 186
    "Economy" in English Gematria equals 918
    "Bull Shit" in English Sumerian equals 618