Friday, December 2, 2016

Reader Contribution | Leadership & what it is

I appreciate this message.


  1. +1, moneypenni1 is truly correct. Well written.

    All the positive energy and love to the 'Cause' Bro!

  2. Extraordinarily well-written ... & speaks for ALL of your loyal followers!
    Print this out & hang it where you'll see it while you work ... let these wonderful words serve as a daily reminder of how much you ARE changing this world for the better -- & the positive impact you're having on so many lives.

    moneypenni1 -- Thank You!!
    Writing such as this expresses another form of TRUTH that has all but disappeared -- people saying kind words of encouragement. It's something we should all do more of! :D

  3. I came across Zach's channel after Prince was declared dead. I would watch the videos and not apply the teachings. Once I began applying his teachings their was some sort of paradigm shift (difficult to explain). So many esoteric questions that I've been told not to ask growing up, have been answered. Moneypenni1, your comment is so amazingly on point!

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  5. Nice to see and hear the English Language used for something constructive and edifying.

    Keep on keepin on.