Tuesday, December 6, 2016

45 93 | Anti-terror handoff, Obama defends his "legacy" against "terrorism", December 6, 2016

Propaganda = 93; Saturn = 93

Notice down below they mention it is '45' days until Inaguration Day.  '45' is the sum of the magic square of Saturn, and of course, Donald Trump was just elected the 45th President.



  1. Zach I've been messing around with an integer sum calculator and a few stood out to me the most;

    When you add up 1-42 (freemason=42) it sums to 903 (Saturn=93, propaganda=93)

    When you add up 1-49 (revelation=49) it sums to 1,225 which makes me think of 12/25 for Christmas which is based around Christianity which has the book of revelation.

    1-188 (Bavarian Illuminati=188) = 17,766 (Notice how it has the 1776 sequence, goes to show they should have been given credit for this country's revolution also.

    1-55 (Satan) = 1,540 (1540 was the year the Jesuits were established and they worship Satan).

    These are some of the most important ones, but I have a longer post on it here:


    1. Good job, I'm new to all of this and just want to say, this all makes more sense than anything I've learned in school.Thank you and keep it up.

  2. Off topic... Check out this top headline on NFL.com


    "Who are the real contenders?" = 112
    Andrew Luck = 112
    Houston = 112

    Just straight up telling us to our faces.

  3. Colt's Lb 'D qwell Jackson busted today for PED's.

    4 game suspension.

    "D'qwell' Jackson" = 47
    Screwed his colts path to the 47th modern era super bowl

    'PED'S' = 44
    'Kill' = 44

    1. He'll be back just in time for the playoff run.

    2. They're making another connection to "Deflategate" here lol. Is there any doubt that the Colts face the Patriots in the playoffs this year?


    3. Of course it could be that obvious, the Patriots have to squash a few teams on their way in to play Green Bay at NRG. But we're talking PED's, not mechanical advantage.

      I think it also has a connection to Green Bay and their pre-season PED scare with al-jazeera america.
      Clay Matthews
      Julius Peppers
      Mike Neal

      It fits my narrative of GB v. NE.

    4. 'D'qwell Jackson' with the S exception is 56 not 47

    5. performance-enhancing drug = 131 PED=25 LIKE THE DATE 2/5

    6. On a side note, his name is odd.
      D is the 4rth letter (suspended for 4 games)
      "Quell" means to put a stop to a rebellion or disorder by the use of force.

    7. You Zackey kool-aid drinkers.

      Why do you think there is an s-exception? Because it isn't always used Fucktards.

      It does equal 47, s-exception always adds 9 per s, hence you ha ha lol soo funny 56.

      'D'qwell Jackson' For those of you hicks that can't do this in their head...
      (4+8+5+5+3+3)+(1+1+3+2+1+6+5)= 47.

      If you are changing the spelling of his name, I can too, I hear his name as Duck Well, like AVOIDANCE, not suppression.

      GB v. NE in 51

    8. Ghost Ship Fire (pirate skull driving the ghost ship)+ Rashaan Salaam's death date 117 days from mlb's opening day + opening day + donald trump + 117th world series + 7-11's 88th All Star Game = Insane Unknow's MLB pick this year of Pittsburg Pirates vs. Oakland Athletics meeting in the World Series in '17.

      Now tell me your's...

    9. Put your money where your mouth is, and bet on that outcome. When the fudge Packers and Pats are eliminated, make sure to check back in with us.

    10. I have no shame in my alternate picks. Colts are still in play, New York is too. I do not bet. I have NOTHING TO PROVE. Or anything to bet with.


      I also do not cast the first flames. Just merely back up my reasoning violently.

    11. I have a lot of picks that have gone wrong, and certainly am not embarrassed to not come back. This is fun for me, I don't sweat gambling. I also shed trash talk from single white insecure males, SWIM's.

  4. I'm looking at the Trump run ending in New Orleans.
    59 is big in my eyes.
    Trump beheaded=59
    Fifty nine= 108/54(reflection of45)
    Fifty four=756(like New Orleans Jewish gematria)
    Forty five=54/756
    Seven hundred fifty=104(like 10-4)meaning affirmative
    Now 10-4 spelled (ten fore)=38/83
    Louisiana= 38
    Vice President elect Mike Pence will be supporting state (treasurer 44) JOHN KENNEDY in New Orleans Saturday in a run off election for La State Senate.

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  6. New here. Is there a ready list of number meanings (Military 44) anywhere ? Attempting to decode around the Middle East

    1. Gematrix.org gives you matches to your search in 3 formats, but that's very cloudy and will give very ambiguous results. Www.thedeepzone.com from Tal Golden, has become a partial reference for the ones I do not have memorized, too. 44 goes both ways, it's a kill number and a positive number, so..

    2. Using the titles on this page, Zach puts the numbers first, very helpful, which are broken down in those topics.

    3. Shab Al- Mutawa,

      My muslim sounding friend. Careful what you post, people from the good side and bad side will try to eat your shit no matter what you write. Spelling errors, facts they think are right, much of this stuff we put out, fits our own ideas or Zach's ideas.

      Gotta have thick skin against these 23 to 43 year-old, acne-faced, basement dwellers, playing on their grandma's free tablet, from the phones she got them for Ramadan last year.

    4. Thank you friends. Don't worry, My skin was thickened by invasion and war.