Tuesday, December 6, 2016

48 120 | Why is Donald Trump always giving a thumbs up on TV?

Is anyone tired of seeing this dumb motherfucker on TV with his thumb up?

I do have to admit, this caption from CNN did make me laugh my ass off.

Also, don't forget about this ad from 2010.


Is there more to the symbolism of Thumbs Up than we know?

Donald Trump = 48; Illuminati = 48; Hollywood = 48


  1. Hi Zachary, NY Times oped piece by an elector, Christopher Sutton, who was a Gematria of 248 wrote that he would not be voting for Trump. 248 in simple English Gematria also includes, President Donald Trump and Stump the Trump.

    1. Good heads up, thank you! I just decoded a 248 in a trump headline this morning and didn't make the parallel.

  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-05/first-defection-republican-elector-writes-nyt-op-ed-why-he-wont-be-voting-trump

  3. Big fan of your work, Bro. And yes, I donated. :o)

    I will likely make another one soon.

  4. Jew Gematria
    Thumbs ups 690, Apocalypse 690.

  5. Reminds me of Gladiator when they ask thr crowd if they want to kill the loser or not. They have that thumbs up bit, unless Ceaser switches it to thumbs down, then they kill.

    Bautista did the same beat when he was wrestling and finally stepped outta Triple H's shadow.

    Pop Culture Connection Inc

  6. No conspiracy needed.

    Trump has tiny hands like Tony Romo.
    6'2 and hands like a 7 year old. He's just embarrassed nothing more. Take a look at Obama and trumps hand shake in the Oval Office. Trump was slumps in the chair ashamed.

  7. http://thesportsquotient.com/nfl/2016/3/26/does-a-quarterbacks-hand-size-really-predict-success

    Hand size matters in football, in business and to women.

    I noticed that people with small hands tend to be angry or insecure.

  8. Joe McKnight and Brian McKnight

    Joe 88 Brian started career in 88
    Joe 27 Brian 47
    Joe N.O Brian buffalo NY
    Joe played in Cali
    Brian lives in Cali


    Random connection

  9. The Thumb in Occult practice rules the element of FIRE. As well as the planets Mars and Venus (Woman and Man) The forces of creation that give birth to the Son/Sun (Fire)

    1. On a side note the middle finger represents Saturn.
      "Saturn" = 93
      "Flipping the bird" = 930