Tuesday, December 6, 2016

43 | Denis Leary, Ford Motor Co. & Dallas Cowboys fix up Fire Station 43 for Thanksgiving Day (Marketing by the numbers)

Red Kettle = 37; December = 37

On Thanksgiving, Fox aired this special about players from the NFL's Dallas Cowboys football team, going to fix up the "poorest fire station in Dallas".  That happened to be #43.  This "charity ad" was also used to sell Ford Trucks, with none other than Denis Leary, who has been doing Ford truck commercials during football games for more than a decade.

Speaking of Denis Leary, recall when Donald Trump asked if he could fuck the woman Denis was out to dinner with in his 2001 TV sitcom?  It's on this blog if you missed it.  I think the show was called 'The Job'.

This is supposed to be Fire Department 43.

I wonder what's with the things pinned on the flag shown.  The symbolism escapes me.

That reminds me of '43'.

7x7x7 = 343

It was also reported on September 11, that 343 firefighters died.


163 is the 38th prime number; Fire = 38

Recall, Denis Leary was on the show Chicago Fire, a show that debuted on the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire.

Denis Leary = 49/58/112

Buy trucks.  Drink beer.  Join the army.  Watch football.  You fucking retards.

Rooms of fucking morons clapping at shit that just wasted their time, the story of America.