Saturday, December 17, 2016

71 | 'A brutal and deadly cold', December 17, 2016 headlines

When I saw this headline, the first thing that came into my mind was the phrase "Weather Warfare".

It's cold and snowing here today as well.

Here's what else CNN has up.

It's a slow news day, as weekends typically are.


  1. It snowed last night here in my part of PA. Nothing too much tho.

  2. I actually think we are in for a hell of a winter. Those 71s are perfect to kick off '17. Pop Culture says that people are already upset that Game of Thrones is going to have their Season 7 premiere pushed back, one of the shows biggest catchlines, of course, is winter is coming. Just in the last couple episodes Winter finally arrived in GoT.

    Now...get ready for a Long Winter.

  3. It's a Panther truck...
    Panthers play Redskins on Monday night.
    That's all the sports talk I got :)

  4. I didn't quite nail (pun intended) it, but my prediction for the 16th was somewhat accurate. Got the country, date, and, like, half the scenario. Strange that something that happened on the fifth is just now making headlines.

    Also, there was a post in my feed from a German blog to not vote for right wing afd, keep them out of berlin clubs. Strange thing is the post was from Sept. 5th. The election was Sept. 18. Could be a connection. Could be nothing. I still wouldn't be surprised if something happens at an illegal rave in Berlin.

    1. I'm gonna do a little "recon" @ Berghain and other joints over Xmas. Ill keep you posted!