Friday, December 9, 2016

December 9, 2016 NBA Discussion Thread

So if you had to pick today, who do you have in the NBA Finals?

I think the Warriors are a lock in the West, I still see a narrative for Cavs OR Bulls in the East.

I haven't been following since the opening days of the season so if you have any facts I should be in the know about, please clue me in.

And that Oakland fire.... Golden State, the night of Cleveland @ Chicago...


  1. I've not looked at it through the numbers but in terms of business Warriors v Cavs again is surely the logical entertainment choice here.

    With Warriors getting Durant a Cleveland final is the only match up that will generate any kind of interest.

    The narrative already seems set can King James defy the odds again and beat an even better warriors team..?

  2. Seen the Giants player house getting burgled and the wrote KKK and Trump all over the walls?

    Might be worth a look i cant find much information at the moment though

    1. They wrote "go back to Africa" R112 in the walls. Houston 112. This player is suspended for ten games. Name is Nikita Whitlock

  3. The most interesting matchup of the day, to me, is the Raptors vs Celtics.

    NBA History here

    Larry Bird just turned 60 on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor day.
    The Bulls just defeated the Spurs, snapping the Spurs 13-game road winning streak. The game was played in the house Jordan built, the United Center.
    The Celtics play the Raptors today. Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan all played in the heyday of the NBA, in the 80s/90s.
    The Celtics won on Bird's birthday to honor him.
    The Bulls won the following day to honor Jordan.
    I suspect, the Raptors will lose today to mock Isiah Thomas. Why? Jordan hated Thomas. Bird was indifferent.
    Thomas didn't care about either.
    Isaiah Thomas (no relation) now plays for the Celtics. He is their top player. How ironic. Yet, he has been "injured" the last two games for "groin" issues (reminds me of Tyrod Taylor of the Bills).
    Isiah Thomas used to be the part owner of the Toronto Raptors, who play the Celtics tonight.
    So, you have the favorites of the NBA winning, Jordan and Bird. And, I suspect, the player the NBA wants to mock, Isiah Thomas, will see his old team, Raptors, lose tonight against Larry Bird's old team, Celtics.
    It is sort of a slap in the face to Isiah Thomas. But, knowing his public persona, he probably doesn't care at all if the NBA wants to ridicule him in public.

  4. anything for suns and lakers tonight

  5. Zach you fraud, why dont you take my bet on clemson vs ohio st? You are full of shit. And warriors not playing cavs 3 yrs in a row. Gtfoh. Cavs will play someone new. Please stop scamming your idiotic followers outta their hard earned money. Lotta idiots on here

    1. You are the biggest idiot on here stupid bitch kill your self

  6. I have a huge theory on heavy numbers hinting at an enormous unthinkable upset for the Indiana Pacers winning the finals please read. There are a big amount of 17 and 53 connections keep that in mind
    Let's start off with these numbers
    Nba - 17/53
    Paul George - 107/53
    Larry bird (executive of pacers) - 107/53
    Underdogs - 107/53
    David west (former pacer player now warrior player) - 107/35
    Myles turner - 170
    Eastern conference-170
    The occult - 107
    Sports - 107
    Bankers life fieldhouse - 107
    Here's where it gets interesting
    The pacers have gone to the nba finals once in team history 16 years ago in 2000 and lost to the lakers. If the pacers make it to the 2017 finals it will be their first appearance in 17 years.
    Seventeen years - 60
    Indiana Pacers - 60
    Larry bird just turned 60
    Klay Thompson just scored 60 on Indiana on a date of 53 numerology (all the fifty three connections)
    Luck and George (the two biggest sports figures in Indiana) - 60
    Zach, what I'm about to reveal is more evidence on a colts super bowl champion as well.
    53 is the football number and also is nba
    If the colts win the super bowl it would only be fitting to have luck at a no finals game if the pacers made it right? I can already see an ESPN headline titled "luck court side"
    Luck court side - 53
    Fifty three - 59
    Luck in the air - 59
    The pacers would need a lot of luck playing the favored warriors
    If both colts and pacers win championships the city will be all over the media
    Golden state warriors - 108
    Magic in Indiana - 108
    The city of Indianapolis - 108/117
    Nate McMillan (pacers coach) - 117
    Two champs one city - 74/209
    We all know the numbers with 74
    One hundred seven - 174 (the numbers of Paul George and all I said at the beginning)
    Where amazing happens - 209 (an nba saying)
    Two champs one city - 209
    Thirteen threes - 174 (steph curry record earlier this year)
    Two hundred nine - 174
    Indiana versus golden state - 98
    Warriors versus pacers - 98
    I went to the pacers only game against the Warriors on March 6th 1998, Indiana win with a score of 101 to 87, a total of 188
    Pacers will play the Warriors Sunday night (game seven of 2017 nba finals) - 188
    Bavarian illuminati - 188
    The pacers in 98 lost in the eastern conference finals to the Bulls who had of course....
    Michael Jeffery Jordan - 188
    The gift of numbers - 188
    A very interesting thought... Mike pence is the 50th gov of Indiana. The pacers are in their 50th season. Governor - 114, Indiana Pacers - 114... Indians 17th governor James d Williams - 69/51... Pacers - 69 Indiana Pacers with s as 10 - 69
    Here's extra numbers I don't know what to connect with
    Pacers win the nba finals - 93 (of course Saturn the keeper of time)
    Second finals appearance - 93 (pacers would be in their second finals)
    The pacers were the most successful team in the aba league having made 5 finals appearances and winning 3 of them
    5 of 3.... 53..... Paul George, nba, Larry bird etc...

    1. Parallel: Larry Bird sacrificed his father when he was 18 yrs old just like Steve Kerr.
      "Eighteen Years Old" in English Sumerian equals 1032
      "Fathers" in English Reduction equals 32
      "Kerr" in English Sumerian equals 312
      "Bird" in English Ordinal equals 33

      "Steve Kerr" in the English Reduction system equals 42
      "Larry Bird" in the English Sumerian system equals 642
      "Ritual Sacrifice" in the English Sumerian equals 924
      "NBA Finals" in the English Gematria equals 249

    2. Good work Marian, this "underdog" script for the pacers is quite intriguing and there's much more to decode.

    3. Has a team like the Pacers ever won a championship?? They got one semi-star in P George, but I just dont see how they can do it, scripted as it may be, to make any sense of them beating the Bulls/knicks , cavs and warriors with no real talent..No team has done that, but we are in unexpected times

    4. Surprising as it may be, the pacer are actually pretty talented but have but clicked at all this year. They have all the pieces to beat the teams in the east but the players aren't living up to potential. If this script is true, they are following what the colts are doing right now, a slow start with a unexpected championship at the end.

    5. Also hints the underdogs - 107 and all the Paul George Larry bird and nba 17 connections.
      They would be no doubt incredible underdogs in these unexpected times.