Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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  1. fibonacci, triangular and prime are requiring a password??

  2. Just putting this here, but the episode that everyone shoukd watch if they want to find the most Alan Thicke Death/Superbowl clues comes from Season 1.

    Season 1 Episode 5(51 Flipped)
    Superdad!=88, 444J
    Original Air Date=10/29/1985
    11,369 days before his Death
    Director=Nick Havinga

    I haven't watched it yet, but it lines up nicely.

    1. Havinga=62
      Nick Havinga=99
      The Superbowl is 99 days after the 32nd Anniversary of this episode.

  3. SuperBowl LI --> L I --> 3 9

    Colts logo is greek letter omega upside down.
    Omega = 93
    Flip it -->


    1. Great work Check this out:
      It is also the OHM sign for electrical measurment
      Named after "Georg Simon Ohm"
      From the Superbowl until his birthday 3/16
      is a span of 1 month 12 days (112)
      Andrew Luck = (112)

    2. Wow nice ones! I was thinking their symbol is an upside-down Omega but I didn't do the gematria.

      Luck's Birthday 12/9 = L / I
      He has 39 birth numerology as well.

      Andrew Luck = 112
      A L = 1 12
      Kathy Luck = 112
      211 is the 47th prime
      Luck = 47
      Oliver Luck = 47

      Georg Simon Ohm = 77 (not sure if 77 connects to this SB)
      March 16 is the 75th day of the year
      Indianapolis Colts = 75

    3. Nice spot, especially march 16th being the 75th day of the year. Thanks.

  4. Hi Zach,
    Take a look at this big upcoming Horse Race and it's Colts connections:
    "The Pegasus World Cup" = 1200 (12)
    The world's most expensive horse race consisting of:
    1 race 12 horses (112) (12)
    12 owners
    12 million dollars on the line
    It takes place 1 week and 2 days (12) before Super Bowl 51
    "Pegasus" = 25 (2/5)
    A Pegasus is a Horse with wings
    (This could be a reference to Luck earning his wings)
    From the Pegasus promotional video they say "An Icon Takes Flight"

    The race is taking place at "Gulfstream Park" = (69) (Colts = 69)
    The race consists of 1 1/8 miles (118)
    Luck held a press conference on 11/8 after beating the Packers and before their Bye Week.
    The weird thing is from 11/8 until 2/5 is 7776000 seconds (7776)
    and the duration from the Horse race (1/28) until 2/5 is 777600 seconds (7776)
    I am not sure about this number (7776) but found it odd that it popped up in these 'seconds' spans.

    The race takes place 9 days before the Superbowl
    "Nine Days" = 91
    "Hallandale Beach Florida" = 91 (Event Location)
    Gulfstream Park has a 901 address (91)
    Gulfstream Park is on the 25th meridian (2/5)

    The emblem for this event is Blue and White. There is a lot of Blue and White in the promo video on their website for the race...

    Anothe Slogan from the end of the video is
    "Watch" "Wager" "Witness"
    Or "W W W" = 15 69 414 1500
    "Colts" = 15 69 414

    Additionally, the "House of the Day' on Wall Street, the day after the Colts beat the Jets. This house was in "Colts Neck NJ." It was a white house with a blue roof and horse stables. The article stressed that it had a "Grand Room" (Grand Room = 51)
    It also said it was "Only one hour from New York City" (makes one think of the Giants)
    "Colts Neck" = 39

    1. Also I will repost this from above.
      Another BIG find: the Horseshoe:
      It is also the 'OHM' sign for electrical measurement.
      Named after "Georg Simon Ohm"
      From the Superbowl until his birthday 3/16
      is a span of 1 month 12 days (112)
      Andrew Luck = (112)

    2. Also SB51 is 5 months 1 day before Ohm's death (51)

    3. great work!

      91 could be towards Vikings as well.

    4. You don't think Jeff Youngs buddy Nick Menza is connected do you? He was drumming for OHM when he died afterall.

    5. Ohm is the unit of resistance.

    6. Good finds! As for the 1 1/8 miles or 118 that you mention.
      The original Deflate Gate game was on 1/18/15. Patriots = 118. DQwell Jackson, who made the interception that led to finding out the balls were deflated has birth numerology of 118. Jackson is from Largo Florida = 118.
      Deflate Gate = 41. Forty One = 118.
      Gate... think about the horses starting out of the "GATE"

    7. The winning horse in the Pegasus World Cup will get 7 million dollars. Colts need to win 7 games in a row to win the Super Bowl...

    8. Hahaha that house of the day in Colts Neck... it has 9 bedrooms, 10 full and 2 half bathrooms. 9/10/2 or 912 like Andrew Luck's birthday. Super Bowl LI = 912. Awesome clues!

    9. indeed, gates and horses go well together.
      Horse shoe looks like a gate too.

      Colts dont necessarily have to win all remaining reg season games, but i too think they will.

    10. Nice. Just a regular (and coincidental) house with 12 bathrooms. Got it.

    11. Wow it is right next to a golf course called "Trump National Golf Club"

    12. Awesome finds Jeremy. This is all very good!

    13. Feel free to use these finds in your blogs and such.

    14. I will put this here from earlier posts, in case someone sees something relevant here.

      Wikibullsitpedia says capital omega symbolizes:

      - Year or date of death

      - The symbol of the resistance movement against the Vietnam-era draft in the United States

      - Used to refer to the lowest-ranked wolf in a pack

      - In eschatology, the symbol for the end of everything

      - In molecular biology, the symbol is used as shorthand to signify a genetic construct introduced by a two-point crossover

      Someone might say look for "two point crossover" "to end everything" by a team that is "the lowest ranked wolf in the pack".

      From wiki regarding vietnam draft resistance movement (omega):

      "During the Vietnam War, 30,000 of the 210,000 Americans accused of dodging the draft left the country."


      Man who headed the movement, David Harris, sentenced to 15 months in prison.

      "In 1986, Harris published The League: The Rise and Decline of the NFL. This book focuses on the battle between Pete Rozelle and Al Davis over the 1982 move of the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles. The book also covers several of the National Football League's other controversies of that era."

      "On October 27, 2004, Harris published a book that drew on rare interviews with American, Iranian, and European participants in the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, titled The Crisis: The President, the Prophet, and the Shah—1979 and the Coming of Militant Islam. In it, Harris tells the story of the 444 days from an insider's perspective."

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  6. Todays paper said Colts need Denver to lose all 3 remaining games, among many many other things if they don't run the table .. So I would say Colts have to win all 3 games ....

    1. as an example:
      colts go 2-1
      texans go 0-3
      titans go 1-2
      --> colts go to poffs

  7. I still say the Hall of fame game cancellation was a clue to a much bigger Riddle playing out presently in society.....

    1. I think so too. Cancelled on 8/7 which goes along with the rain delayed World Series win of 8-7. Clinton = 87. There is something in there.

    2. Not sure if this s relevant, but in hockey Sidney Crosby (no 87) was out six games at the start of season. It was pretty mysterious why. His team said he got injured in practice, but nobody saw anything, no video footage etc. (lots of spectators, reporters in that practice session).

  8. Maybe 87 is relevant this way:

    87th fibbonacci term is

    6+7+9+8+9+1+6+3+7+6+3+8+6+1+2+2+5+8 = 97

    Maybe ties into all the other 97's you guys have been finding.

    Also, "six games" = 97

    "six games" comes from number 87 missing 6 games, as described above.


  9. Which version of excel is used. i have issues with program in excel 2016. macros don't work properly