Saturday, January 7, 2017

17 | FBI says Esteban Santiago flew to Fort Lauderdale Airport to attack it specifically, January 7, 2017

Who flies to a specific airport to attack it?  "Yo man, I got beef with that Ft. Lauderdale Airport!"

I love that this story from the FBI comes on January 7, or 1/7.

FBI = 6+2+9 = 17 (1/7, January 7)

Today's date can also be written 7/1

Three Kings = 71; Esteban Santiago = 71; Orion = 71



Fifteen = 38; Killing = 38; Death = 38; Florida = 38; Jewish = 38; Masonic = 38; Jew = 38


  1. Where to begin? With the pic of "the runners" -- showing the cart laden with bottled water -- ready to hand out to the crisis actors when they would later become "trapped on the tarmac"?

    Or with the Catholic priest named RESTREPO -- the EXACT SAME NAME as the "Award-winning" DOCUMENTARY about troops serving in the war -- at Forward Base RESTREPO?

    Honestly ...

  2. Surprisingly they got a good picture of the "shooter".

  3. Let me put this up here, in case someone is interested.

    Game of Money

    Everyone understands force, but how did money come about? How did it become so powerful? Let me tell you a story.

    First there was only force, i.e. getting other people to do what you wanted by force. ”Do this or die” type of way.

    Then someone figured out that threatening basic needs pretty much does the same thing. Do this or starve / suffer, hence die. If you have all the food, people will voluntarily do what you want; give you what you want in exchange for it.

    Then one day there were some things out there in the world that people wanted and considered valuable, like there always is. But this time someone started thinking: “What if, instead of those common valuable things, people started suddenly perceiving something I have so valuable that they would give anything I wanted in exchange for it! And wouldn’t it be awesome if only I could create unlimited amounts of this thing out of nothing! Indeed it would. I could get everything I ever wanted. All I have to do is get others to want this new thing badly. What is the best way to get my neighbors to want it very badly...? And what could this new thing be, I want it so that only I can have it at first and make more later on effortlessly if need be...”

    “Since it really doesn’t matter what this thing actually is as long as people want it badly, maybe it could be anything… Just pieces of paper, just my paper with my handwriting and nice drawings in it, done with my special pencils and my special mixed colors only I know how to make… (Or just coded numbers in computers, just my coded numbers, no doubt would this someone though had he lived today). Yes, and I’ll add a secret ingredient to make sure it is my doing and no one else can start making them.”

    But what good is money no one wants – then no one gives you what you want in exchange for it. Our money guy was clever and figured out how to force everyone to want this money he just founded. He offered food for unemployed soldiers and in exchange they demanded someone, a farmer, to pay 10 money to them or be killed / tortured / starved / whatever. This farmer had never even heard of money, but went on to find some to stay alive. He found out that other farmers had received the same demand and that the only way to get this money is via this some guy (wonder who?). This someone was willing to give the farmer 10 money in exchange for his farm and tools. But no need to worry, the farmer could stay working in the farm and even get little more money for it! Of course some of the goods must go to the other guy because he has to get something out of this too, right? This someone knew somehow, that similar demand for more money would come again next year, and the famer would be wise to gather at least that amount beforehand…

    And just like this, money was forced into existence. It was the most advanced and effortless method of stealing – a new, more sophisticated method on top of many other methods in the art of getting what you want.

    Soon nearly everyone was so used to money that no one seemed to neither remember how the game started nor realize how it was played. Everyone just wanted money badly since it was the only way out of slavery. Soon there was no need to force anyone to want money anymore.

    All this happened a long time ago. To understand how game of money is played today, just think you are our money guy. You only have one concern, one condition, fulfillment of which keeps the game going:

    1. Others must want your money badly.

    Then they exchange whatever you want for it.

  4. Anytime we say a incident is staged to pass an agenda, this is what we mean. I would like everyone to research Florida senanate bill Sb-140. The key peice of this bill is to allow people to open carry inof all places airports, the first draft of this bill came out in December of last year, following the succes of the airport false flag event state legislators wrote this:State Sen. Greg Steube (R-Sarasota) said Friday’s mass shooting at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shows the importance of his bill, SB 140. It would allow Floridians with a concealed weapon permit to have guns with them in non-secure areas of schools, courthouses and airports. That would include airport baggage claim areas, where a lone gunman killed and wounded multiple people during Friday’s attack. I wrote about the importance of us waking up and challenging what we see on the TV or the idiot box, 911 was suppose to be the reason for all this needed extra security, now we peel it away to allow weapons back into airports.

  5. SB-140 = Super Bowl 14

    Bradshaw, Rooney, Rams, Steelers...
    Harry get over here!