Sunday, January 1, 2017

19 46 | Chicago's 2016 homicide rate, highest in '19' years (Chaos Code)

19-year high, eh?  In Chicago.

I can smell the 'chaos' coding.

Yea, maybe if people could only buy one handgun a month, everything would be fixed.


  1. so you decoded 3 words and just shared a CNN article, great fucking work bro! how much would you like donated? just let me know ill send it through

    1. you are clearly not aware of Zachs work, He simply decodes whats there, not every story will solve a riddle for you shills

  2. 1 gun per month
    oh man I laughed

    black comedy at its finest

  3. 19? Fuck dude. I made that post on Obama dying the nintha. Mind fucking myself with every new piece of info. What do you think of that? Pretty strong links right?

    1. Barack Hussein Obama = 91
      POTUS = 91

    2. 19 is a Kabbalah Numerologists Hardon Number. The Combo of the two absolutes. 1 and 9.

  4. 'Seven Hundred Sixty Two'=96 R
    'Freemason'=96 O

    1. Also off topic but this story made me catch it;

      'Donald Trump'=138 O
      'Homicide'=138 English gematria

      could see homicide headlines if Trump gets assassinated in office.

    2. Look up the "Enough is Enough" card from the illuminati card game (it's actually my profile pic)

  5. I know most here know the control and legal related reasons behind why we all have a name and social security number.

    You guys ever thought about the other reason?

    It is to link/tie certain numbers with you.
    It is to assign (and force) certain numbers to your existence.


  6. Another topic:

    Urim and Thummim:
    Exodus 28:3-30

    "Say to all who are wise at heart, those I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they are to make Aaron's (Rodgers) garments to consecrate him as priest in my service. These are the garments for them to make: a breastpiece, an ephod, a robe, a chequerered tunic, a cap and a sash...
    Let them make the ephod of gold, blue, purple and crimson wool and of fine linen twisted and worked in designs...
    You shall make a breastplate of decision, worked into a design, and make t like the work of the ephod, of gold, blue, purple and crimson wool, and fine linen twisted...

    When Aaron enters the sanctuary, let him carry over his heart the names of the sons of Israel in the breastplate of decision, as a reminder before YHVH at all times. You shall put the Urim and the Thummim into the breastplate of decision so that they will be over Aaron's heart when he comes before YHVH, and Aaron will carry the judgement of the children of Israel over his heart before YHVH at all times."

    Remember what happened in Super Bowl 45.
    Remember how Aaron's shoulder pads (breastplate) were exposed and that was a 'thing'. It read 'Douglas' (=79) in the breastplate. Thummim = 97

    Just google e.g 'Aaron rodgers shoulder pads' and take a look.


  7. A Goat for Azazel:
    Lev. 16:1-10

    "The Lord spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron who died when they came too close to the Lord. The Lord said to Moses: 'Tell your brother Aaron that he is not to come as he likes into the holiest place behind the curtain, in front of the cover on the ark, or else he will die, for I appear in the cloud over the cover. This is how Aaron is to enter the holiest place - bringing a bull from the herd for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering... He is to take two male goats from the community of Israel for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering.

    Aaron is to offer the bull for his own sin offering...and then take the two goats and make them stand before the Lord at the entrance of the meeting tent. He is to put lots on the two goats, marking one for the Lord and the other for Azazel. Aaron shall bring the goat marked by lot for the Lord and offer it as a sin offering, but the goat marked by lot as the scapegoat is to be left alive , standing before the lord to be used for making atonement and sending into wilderness for Azazel."

    Azazel = 71
    Lord = 49

    1. So if the above happens, Aaron can enter the 'holiest place' aka super bowl.

    2. - rams sacrificed

      - bulls sacrificed (as a sin offering)

      - two male goats standing at the entrance
      (can be literally in front of the tunnel in SB entrance, some guests or HoF players maybe...
      OR opponents in the game...
      OR something else...

    3. Here's my problem with the Bible and football.

      Rodgers played in 2 Super Bowls prior.
      He's 1-1

      Favre is 1-1 too

      Total is 4 or 2-2 or 22
      What's to say that the prophecy was not fulfilled already? Favre was knock out silly and Rodgers
      Shoulder pads have stuck out before in fact Rodgers already had a HAIL MARY.

      The H.O.F game canceled followed by the Packers losing on the night Favre entered the ring of Honor

      I do not see packers or chiefs making it.

      33 this season was assigned to losing teams.

      BTW NY scored 19 like the headline.
      Trump NY defeated Hillary and Obama both from Chicago.

    4. My bad Rodgers is 1-0

      So maybe my theory is correct

      NFC has 26 SB wins
      AFC has 24 wins

      With Rodgers losing in the SB to the Patriots
      Like in the 96-97 season it would tie him with Favre 1-1 in SB

      Brady can be 5-2 on 2/5 and 25th win for AFC and his 25th playoff victory.

    5. Yes, I think that prophecy I described is fulfilled already.

      Could it happen again for Aaron or are these things just one off?

  8. Brady's record vs the NFC

    He could go 2-0 or 1-1 vs Seattle
    0-3 or 1-2 vs Giants
    1-0 or 0-1 vs falcons
    1-0 or 0-1 vs Packers
    1-0 or 0-1 vs Lions
    1-0 or 0-1 vs Cowboys

    From this perspective Seattle or Giants would
    Fall into the REMATCH

    Cowboys or Seattle spark the race card

    Vs Falcons or Packers it's passing the torch

    Vs Lions could be 58 year curse game

    What is the most likely scenario?

    I'm guessing the Chiefs are in the AFC title game. Patriot kills the Indian IMO

  9. Rematch can be from futher back in history too, or a rematch from a non-SB game.

    What I'm looking closer into are
    Patriots vs Falcons (or maybe Packers)

    Pretty much crossed out raiders and chiefs etc. Think that patriotism will defeat terrorism, which is represented by the raiders.

    Regardless of the final two teams, in the playoffs you gonna have at least:
    racial wars, star wars, all kinds of wars
    make 'murica great again,
    remember the good ol' days,

    For example, star wars could be star vs star (Brady vs. Rodgers)
    OR it could be patriots/imperium VS Millenium Falcon.

    1. Steelers win dolhins to face chiefs next round
      Raiders win texans to face patriots in terrorism tribute.

      Pats win terrorists for obvious reasons.
      Chiefs win steelers because fuck the iron (common) man in class wars.
      Then Patriotism defeats chiefs, because 'murica defeats terrorists and fucking low life indians.

      NFC is tougher.

  10. class wars, economic wars...

    Giants vs Packers is a Walmart tribute

    Purple, allahu akbar, exodus = 88

    Berlin wall, trump wall, WALLmart, physical and mental and economical walls.

    Walmart is a giant packer.

  11. Packer win to play cowboys.
    Seahawks win lions in a meaningless animal sacrifice game.
    Seahawks play falcon in a bird fight, military tribute match.

    Cowboys play packers because cowboys are packing. Gunslinger tribute, Favre much?
    Cowboys lose just like their free lifestyle to packers in walmart.

    Falcons win seahawks in angry birds/military/space"houston-we-have a-problem" game. Bird =33

    Falcons vs packers.
    Which one is going to houston?

    1. Cowboys are going to face the Giants a 3rd time. Packers will not beat the Giants

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Well Falcons of course!
    What would packers do in houston?
    Falcon rockets fit right in there. Patriot/america/space/greatness&conquer tribute

    And falcons will lose because patriotism/'murica/empire/great again/american dream/everything war-related will defeat SPACE too!

    They defeat terrorists, native americans and the final frontier, your fake space falcons.

    1. America won the space race from Houston
      --> America wins the SB in Houston

      Rocketry comes mainly from soviet union, that's why Falcon rockets are defeated.

      If this theme is correct, expect Houston Rockets to succeed this season as well.

    2. I promise you Falcons aint going to no superbowl you could do whatever connections or numbers u want

    3. I promise you Falcons aint going to no superbowl you could do whatever connections or numbers u want

  13. Patriot missile> Red Falcon rocket USSR

    North vs South Civil war

    Trump is orange 33

    Falcons from Georgia on the 33rd parallel

  14. 19 days till trump goes in Giants score 19

    (C)arrier deal
    Trump wants to use (C)ourier

    (C)hina had its first (C)arrier in the Pacific

    Trump predicted to visit (R)ussia or (C)hina

    Or (I)srael within his first 100 days.

    Trump vows to get rid of (I)ssis and

    Settle the (S)yrian conflict.

    Trump wants a (W)all between the US and (M)exico

    (R)epeal (O)bamacare

    And bring (J)obs back to America.

    Trump wants to redo the (B)oeing deal

    Reduce the cost on the F(35)

    Patriots scored 35!

    Trump supports (W)inners like (B)rady and (B)Eli chick who wrote trump a (L)etter to congratulate the president (EL)etc

    1. Lady (G)a(G)a will sing at half time

      At NR(G) field in Houston home of the (R)ockets (T)exans and (A)stros

      5 police officers killed in Dallas the same place Kennedy was shot by a rogue Russian
      Lee H Oswald at Deley plaza from the Book depository. In 63 that was 54 years ago like 45 TRUMP. (E)nough is (E)nough is 55

      2 teams are 11-5 or 511 Saturn or 55 Satan

      ATL, Giants

      11-5 10-5-1 11-5

      2 & 5 seeds lol like SB date.

      Patriots are #1
      Atl #2 Matt Ryan #2

      Giants #5
      Eli is #10

      Eli +Ryan=12
      The ball Drops at 12
      Brady is #12 but really #1 and on New Years we celebrate 1st
      And Trump goes in on the 20th

      Like 12

      Seattle celebrates the 12th man

      Jesus had 12 deciples


      Goat #12 will be #1

      Gillette 42/71 LL
      NRG 29/95

      77 like trump latitude
      166 or 66 like NFL longitude

  15. Nice.

    I may have stumbled upon something tying falcons to cubs and the 108 year drought:

    There was a car named Falcon manufactured in Chicago, Illinois, only in year 1908-1909, by a company called Falcon Engineering Co.


  16. Caught part of this rose parade. There are 44 floats in the parade....

  17. Everything about the teLIEvision makes me want to vomit. Fucking sellout schills for the zionist jews!!

  18. 'Doing good in the world' was on the front of a float. Sums to 110. Twin towers that zionist jews blew up to get more war and control were 110 stories. Our efforts in the truth community must be 100% directed at these scumbag bankers that control our info. and this world..


    I don't think think this is "padding" OR a "mistake".


    Something up for JAN 3rd, 4th & 5th ...?




  20. Looks March 9 2017

    Or March #45 gets it!