Sunday, January 8, 2017

31 41 51 | Patriots potential opponents in Super Bowl 51, January 9, 2017 NFL notes

Patriots potential opponents for Super Bowl 51:

Atlanta Falcons:

The last time the Falcon and Patriots played was September 29, 2013, the day that leaves 93-days left in the year.  That was also a date with '51' numerology.

9/29/13 = 9+29+13 = 51

Nothing stands out about the score of the game.

It would be their 14th game against each other.  Fourteen = 41; Super Bowl = 41

The QB of the Falcons has a narrative to be in the Super Bowl.

Matt Ryan = 112; Houston = 112

Georgia = 44; Wisconsin = 44

Seattle Seahawks:  

These teams met in Super Bowl 49.  The last time the played was this season and Pete Carroll got his 99th win all-time against the Patriots, as I predicted he would.  New England = 99

11/13/2016 = 11+13+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Seahawks = 33)

That game was 84-days before the Super Bowl, or a span of 85.  National Football League = 85

Dallas Cowboys:

10/11/2015 = 10+11+(2+0+1+5) = 29 (Football) (Cowboy = 29)

If these teams met in the Super Bowl, it would be the 13th matchup all-time.  Houston = 31

Green Bay Packers:


  1. Don't forget, Green Bay has had their masonic tributes.

    Remember when they went 15-1 into the playoffs. On that 16th game Rodgers sat out, Matt Flynn threw a 6 touchdown game? Then Green Bay lost their first playoff game?

    Remember the season when the referees were on strike, scab referees were screwing up games? Then, Green Bay played Seattle and what should have been a game winning TD pass was given to Seattle as an interception?

    That play caused the referees to come back from strike and negotiated. GB Took one for the entire NFL THAT YEAR. I think Green Bay missed the playoffs that season. Or got a shit ty playoff pull.

    Green Bay is prime for full mannequin action every season.

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    2. They still made the playoffs that year but lost to the 49ers. With that extra win, they would have had a bye.

  2. After the 15-1 bow out, who picked up Matt Flynn for the payday? SEATTLE.

  3. Not mannequin above, puppet, I was thinking ventriloquist.

    If GB plays NE, it would be their 12th meeting as teams. Both qb's are number 12's with 87 as their 'biggest weapon', hurt or not. Yeah Jordy may actually be out here. But I can see a Texans narrative brewing....

    Jordy out for whole season, could get to big game.
    J.J. Watt out this whole season, could get to the big game next year, their defense will be like the 1980's - 90's New York Giant-esqe.


  5. "nobody comes into this house without paying the price" in the English Reduction system equals 233

    233 is the 51st prime

    1. What team is that related to?

    2. The Packers. It's an Aaron Rodgers commercial

    3. Randall Cobb = 223. Mike Daniels too.

  6. Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown died the day before SB41. On a date num of 41.