Thursday, January 12, 2017

32 50 51 77 113 | Black Sunday, March 11, 1977 film about terrorist attach on Super Bowl, Cowboys vs Steelers +Possible Super Bowl 51 riddle with "Black September"

2:23, eh?

The film Black Sunday is about a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl.  In the film, the Super Bowl is the Cowboys vs the Steelers.  IF that becomes the matchup for this Super Bowl, "Houston, we might have a problem".

Black Sunday has some interesting gematria, fitting for a film about the NFL, an American icon.

*Black Sunday = 32/41/50/113; Super Bowl = 41/50/131

7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32
U = 21/3; S = 19/10/1; A = 1; USA = 3.1.1. (113 / 311)

It's neat how '32' connects back to '50' and 'America' on another numerical level.

The gematria of the film connects to the date of release, March 11, 1977.

The film released on March 11, written 11/3, or 3/11.   Black Sunday = 113; USA = 3.1.1.

The supposed earnings tie back to '32'.

The name of the director of the film is right for a propaganda flick.  That was Robert Evans.

Name = 33; Code Name = 33; Robert = 33; False Flag = 33
Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Order = 33

Spielberg = 93; (Schindler's list came out in '93) (Everything in Israel is coded 93)

The 2016-17 NFL season marks 39-years since the release of the film in '77.  (39 / 93)

The stadium hosting Super Bowl 51, NRG Stadium, had construction begin March 9, a date that can be written 3/9 or 9/3.  NRG = 14+18+7 = 39

The media is controlled by Kabbalah / Gematria practicing Zionists.

The name 'Black September' has the same gematria as 'Conspiracy'.

Keep in mind the Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, and in the film Black Sunday, it is the Dallas Cowboys versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The original Dallas team, was the Dallas Texans.

'September also connects to 'United States', just a note.

The slogan for the film also connects back to 'United States of America' and 'death'.  Notice, the slogan is 'It could be tomorrow!'

Recall how 'United States' sums to '40'.  '40' connects back to '84'.

I think there are more clues.  Let me know what you find!  Perhaps this is worth a discussion in itself at

Also, as for that Edgar Allan Poe award, remember there was a riddle with the Ravens and Browns, the same day Trump visited the White House for the first time.  The Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe.


  1. The book is even better, but it has different teams. I wanna say Miami vs Washington. The cool twist is that it is totally McViegh style. An ex Vietnam vet is upset with the goverment and joins forces with Palestinian terrorists.

    It was written by Thomas Harris of Silence of the Lambs fame.

  2. This is one of your best posts to date. Thank you, Zach. There should be more comments for a topic like this than rigged sports.

    1. This is one of my oldest posts. =)

    2. That's right. No wonder it looked so familiar. My bad. Carry on. lol

  3. Zach when will the NFL Divisional Round thread/predictions be posted?

  4. The night of March 11th 1977, thru the 13th, Friday- Sunday, was a HALF Moon Phase.

    It was specifically the 3rd Quarter Half Moon Phase

    Another Terrorist event that happened on an 11, during a HALF Moon 3rd Quarter Phase was 9/11

    There are 9 Phases of the Moon and we are talking about Phase 7

    1)New (also called the Dark Moon) - not visible
    2)Waxing Crescent
    3)First Quarter - commonly called a "half moon"
    4)Waxing Gibbous
    5)Full - we can see the entire illuminated portion of the moon 6)Waning Gibbous
    7)Third Quarter - another "half moon", but the illuminated part is opposite of the First Quarter
    8)Waning Crescent
    9)New - back to the beginning

    1. School Bread thought you'd find this useful. I have. Beaver , Wolf and Snow Moon seem to be of very much significance to Sacrifice this year.

    2. Good stuff thank you! I'm liking how 6 months are reflections of themselves 3-3

      Heading into Summer
      April: Pink Moon (April 11) or 4/11 - 11/4
      May: Flower Moon (May 10) or 5/10 - 10/5
      June: Strawberry Moon (June 9) or 6/9 - 9/6

      Heading into Winter
      September: Corn Moon (Sept. 6) or 9/6 - 6/9
      October: Hunter's Moon (Oct. 5) or 10/5 - 5/10
      November: Beaver Moon (Nov. 4) or 11/4 - 4/11

    3. I missed 2 so it's 8 for a 4-4

      March: Worm Moon (March 12) = 3/12 – 12/3

      December: Cold Moon (Dec. 3) = 12/3 – 3/12

  5. I've done alot of work on the movie Black Sunday from back in the day & I know Zach has too. I'm sure there are a couple of blog entries already on F2FT on this subject.

    Cowboys Steelers =205 looking like 2/5 or SB 52. I'm leaning SB52.

    Cowboys Steelers =1890. Dallas Pittsburgh =189. That Decodes to 98th NFL Season - imho.

    Another reason why next year makes a lil more sense to me is that it will be the 41 year Anni of that film. SuperBowl =41. Black Sunday =41. NFL =14.

    Black Sunday =177. US Bank Stadium =777.

    1. Maestro 2x, I thnk you're on to something....

      I've never heard of this movie or novel prior to reading this.

      fucking crazy!

      Zach, I see the director of the film as

      "John Frankenheimer " in the English Reduction system equals 93

      Running time of film: 2h 23m

    2. I can only give away so much here, but the convergences for SB 52 are remarkable. Everybody is talking about Prince, Trump, & the color Purple.

      From Trumps Inauguration on 1/20 to SB 52 =380 Days. Donald Trump =138. Prince =38. Football =38/83.

      Trump =88. Purple =88. SB52 is at the Vikings stadium, & their Color is Purple. Minnesota is also home to Prince =390. US Bank Stadium =930. Prince died 93 weeks before SB52 on 4/21 =25...alot like 52.

      Purple Prince Trump =241. US Bank Stadium Minnesota =1142. Super Bowl Sunday =2142.

      Anybody that wants to chat more about this or Gematria in general - catch me on Twitter - @TheMaestro2x

    3. It isn't 41-years from March 11, 1977 to February 5, 2017. It is just shy of 40-years. 39-years +... NRG = 39

    4. I thought my comment was clear - I am referring to SB 52. But even then the anniversary will technically be 35 days short of 41yrs. I took the liberty of calling that 41yrs to make the point using 41/14.

      Fifty-Two =124 - Prince died 4/21. SB52 will be in Minn where Prince is from. My guess is Black Sunday has a better chance of happening next season. You gave us an incredible lead here!

  6. Biden Presidential Freedom Award is another Tribute. I wonder what kind? Probably won't see that article.

  7. teXAns vs seahawks superbowl

  8. So weird. After reading this, I took a look at the Lakers spurs game. Total ended at 228, with lakers losing by 40 points...

  9. 'NRG Stadium' = 45. 'New NRG' was a type of hardcore dance music back in the day. 'Hardcore' = 45 / 72.

    Random one ...
    From release of this movie, to the release of movie, 'Any Given Sunday' = 8322 days.
    Divisors for no.8322 sum to 17760.

    1. Miami vs Dallas in any given Sunday

      So that means Miami Seahawks vs Dallas cowboys ???

  10. The browns, coding signaled Jerry Brown dictator and Cal exit, all these teams movingbto cali, brown people, san diego, raven is a smart bird.very wise will help you survive.

  11. I look at the Super Bowl by Seeding

    Pick NE #1 seed all season
    Packers are #4

    Cowboys are #1 seed
    Pitt is #3 seed

    We've seen the 13/31 14/41 code all season

    Today is 1/13 sat 1/14. Sun 1/15

    😈 I wonder what the moon phases are this weekend

  12. Seahawks are dangerous team

    Wilson could go to his 3rd Super Bowl

    Wilson 1-1
    Rodgers 1-0
    Brady 4-2
    Ben 2-1
    Osweiler 1-0 back up on Denver


  13. Favre 1-1

    He's being honored this year H.O.F

    I wonder what was the symbolism of Carr hitting the camera wire with the football vs Chiefs

    Collin Kapernick from Wisconsin taking a Knee

    Trump getting a packers jersey before a visit to the White House which is unusual.

    5 cops shot in Dallas.. cowboys have 5 current stars

    Future (ATL) vs Wilsun (SEA)

    Clowney vs Brady (Brady gets injured) Patriots would be done.

  14. I know the 5 cops shot in Dallas was the Pentagram the High Priests follow for the false flags, Dallas helmet it all ties to that.. We should see a Earthquake today because the Zodiac/ pentagram timeline code I have been tracking shows a Hit for today/ tomorrow?? We shall see..