Friday, January 6, 2017

33 44 47 75 113 156 | Record-setting jobs growth, January 6, 2017 headlines

The 'NWO' is back at again with their fake news.  New World Order = 75

No doubt today's news is a tribute to the sitting President.

1/6/2017 = 1+6+20+17 = 44 (Obama, #44)

4.7%, eh?  That's the final number for this President Obama character?  President = 47

The 156k jobs are something else too.  Thirty-Three = 156

All of the numbers reported in the above graph are hilarious.

229, the 50th prime  (America = 50)
Phi = 1.61 (Golden Ratio)
Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113
Bush, major loser!  "13"


  1. 11.3 million jobs added, eh? Reliable "113" ...

    THANK YOU for teaching us how to POSITIVELY IDENTIFY that "113" as an ADMISSION OF DECEPTION!

    On the surface we know it's a lie -- & that unemployment figures are ALWAYS "doctored" ...

    There's no longer any lingering doubt about such things ... EVER.

    Simple observance of how hard everyone is struggling SHOULD be evidence enough of THE TRUTH.

    But with so many conditioned to BELIEVE in "Authority" ...

    Plenty will be CONVINCED that the troubles THEY'RE having are THEIR OWN FAULT ...
    Because "apparently" Everyone Else Is Doing Just Fine.

    However -- this use of Gematria within the Propaganda CONFIRMS that THE LIE is intended solely for the Ignorant Masses ...

    They are ENSURING that none among the Ruling Class will be deceived by these bogus figures.

    Understanding how Gematria is used in this way has proven to be a valuable & reliable tool to differentiate "Fact" from FALLACY.

    In ways big & small Zach, your work REALLY IS paying off! :D

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