Sunday, January 8, 2017

33 47 118 137 | Clemson's QB, Deshaun Watson, his birthday alignment with the College Football National Championship

Deshaun Watson, the starting QB for Clemson, was born September 14, 1995, a date with '118' numerology.  From his birthday to the championship this year will be a span of 118-days.

Just Do It = 118 (Nike Slogan)

9/14/1995 = 9+14+19+95 = 137 (137, 33rd prime number) (Tigers = 33)
9/14/1995 = 9+14+(1+9+9+5) = 47 (Deshaun Watson = 47) (1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47)
9/14/1995 = 9+1+4+1+9+9+5 = 38
9/14/95 = 9+14+95 = 118 (From his 21st birthday to the game is a span of 118-days.

On the date of the game he will be 7,788-days past his birth.

It will be 117-days after his 21st birthday.

And a span of 118.

I think last year in my post college championship game, I said don't be surprised if Watson wins the championship next year.  I'll have to go back and watch.  He really is a good football player.  Perhaps the game is scripted for him.  I need to do the rest of the homework, but these alignments are pretty cool, especially in light of Nike and its symbolism in football, as well as collegiate and professional sports.... and everywhere else.

His birthday is also the day that leaves 108-days left left in the year.

That was a number that worked out well for the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers and the Chicago Cubs.  We'll see how it translates for the College Football Championship.  Keep in mind, Clemson is also from Carolina.

Chicago Cubs broke the 108-year drought, in the city where the tallest building is 108-stories.

Oh yes, and one last point about Gainesville, Florida, home of Gatorade, or better known as 'G'.

Recall, the divisors of '42' sum to '96'.