Friday, January 13, 2017

42 44 | Zedekiah, the 44th and final King of Israel +Trump Card, the first Jewish President

The 44th King of Israel was Zedekiah.  Keep in mind the 44th person to be President of the United States, or "New Israel", is Donald Trump, aka the Trump Card.  I like how his name in English, begins with the last letter of the alphabet.

Zedekiah was 21 when he took the throne.

Read about the end of Biblical Israel in the link above.


  1. Zach - you ever come across this face2face technology?

    i'm gonna go ahead and say those trump pressers are CGI
    watch his mouth, and does any other person ever appear on screen?

    1. Funny you bring this up. Would you like to see them practicing? ? Check out DJ Memeworks on YT. The channel also serves to shoq how bad Face to Face technology can look, thus making it less believable that they would use it for real TV, though they certainly would and they would use that technology to its true potential.

  2. The last shall be first...
    The first shall be last.

    Matthew 20:16
    Matthew 19:30

    Jesus is sometimes pronounced...

    ( A-Zues )

  3. "Number twentysix" = 232

    Now THATs duality.

  4. "Genesis to revelation" = 234

    Just for fun...Read it backwards.

  5. Zach and all, I think my post with the link below is a good adjunct of what you brought out in this article. The first modern freemasonic lodge on Israel held an interesting ceremony on 5-7-1873. That was 144 years ago, in May, right in the month you and Dezy wrote about a few weeks ago. Caves are symbols of so many things. Cave = 31 Cube = 31 Matrix = 31 Master = 31 Pan = 31 String = 31 and so on. I'm thinking that the ceremony may have been a "birthing" ceremony for this year, 2017, since it was 144 years ago, with so many other things converging as well. Birth = 57

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  6. I am Jeremiah. I Am Rabbenu. I want my DoughBoy or Lie Networks Burn To The Ground. For The Truth Does Not Die. I Am The Wolf That Walks Through Walls.

    ~Carlos Keith (Little Magician)(President Wolf 134)