Friday, January 6, 2017

42 53 71 | 5 dead at Fort Lauderdale false flag shooting hoax? +Gunman Esteban Santiago and Three Kings Day, January 6, 2017

At first they reported 9 injured, now it is 5-dead.

Five = 42; Nine = 42; Gun = 42; Freemason = 42; False Flag = 42

And as always, the Freemasons believe in 'order' out of 'chaos'.

Notice also the 5-dead, 8-injured.

Recall, it took place at Terminal 2.

Two = 20+23+15 = 58

2:39.... 52nd prime number (Connected to name of airport as covered earlier)

The name of the shooter, as suspected, is connected to 'Three Kings Days', the latin Holiday taking place today.  See where I mentioned that in my video earlier, before they released the name of the shooter.

Here is also the other video I created on Three Kings Day.

Shooting = 44/53

Today is also 'Three Kings Day' in Latin America.

Three Kings = 53/71; Orion = 71 (Three Kings in Orion's Belt); Esteban Santiago = 53/71


  1. the fake elites are getting desperate

    folks, build yourself a mental ark, a place you can go to escape the stupidity of this nonsense

    1. solid advice, it seems I have already done that but was unawares until you put it down. well said!

  2. Look how the "police" are holding their guns ... so fake! And the guy in the top pic is standing behind someone he is supposed to be protecting. OMG. Terrible crisis actors.

  3. "florida" in Jewish Gematria Equals: 170
    "latin" in Jewish Gematria Equals: 170
    "Scott Israel" in the English Reduction system equals 42
    "Gene Messina" in the English Ordinal system equals 111
    "israel" in the English Ordinal system equals 64
    "new york giants" in the English Reduction system equals 64

  4. Updated at 4:44 (lol) by Catherine Shoichet.

    This "reporter" gets a word in with pretty much every False Flag.

    Whenever her name pops up, all I see is Hispanic Ebonics for:

    "SURE I CHEAT" ... "SHO I CHET" ...
    ("Chet" is how some Spanish accents pronunce "Cheat")

    Now -- is Sara Sidner going to (supposedly) "fly" back from that Prop-Laden Soundstage they were calling "the Reina Nightclub in Turkey"? Lol

  5. Anderson cooper is headed to Miami to indulge and report

    1. Absolutely - he'll be heading up the hoax news team tomorrow. LOL:)

  6. I noticed that the outside terminal they were showing on the news was D4 which can be interpreted as 44