Thursday, January 12, 2017

43 191 | A day of questions, Obama and Biden briefed on intelligence Russia is holding against President Elect Donald Trump

A day of questions = 65/83/191 (191, the 43rd prime)
Society of Jesus = 56/83/191 (Jesuit Order)

We'll see if this story goes anywhere.


  1. Since there's nothing but speculation I find it interesting that there is so much coverage about golden showers and not so much about Trump not putting his business interests fully aside which is a much bigger issue at the moment. Gaslight = 59 = Protect Trump, deflect = 55 = manipulation, fake=23= Donald, fraud, agenda.
    Also funny to watch the two sides now reverse roles as we leave emails and pay for play behind for dossiers and direct conflict of interest with business holdings....and hardly anyone can see it, just getting worse.

  2. Good points. We really AREN'T hearing anything about Trump's business entanglements.

    As you said -- there is nothing but speculation in this article (& others like it).
    These "titillating teasers" they keep tossing out to the public have as much substance as commercials for upcoming TV shows.

    Even in a world of Fake News -- they really are dumbing down the topics to the lowest possible denominator.

    Pitiful when most people know what "golden showers" are -- but few have ever heard of the Golden Mean (or Golden Ratio)!! :D