Monday, January 2, 2017

Have you been "flat earthed"? 2017 is the year to end the "Flat Earth" psy-op that has dumbed down the truth community!

After posting my latest video, it is 100% obvious there is a paid for network of shills to defend the flat earth psy-op.  For those of you who have fallen victim to this very transparent psychological operations, trying to make an ass of you, the time is now to wake up.

Only paid for disinfo support flat earth, people such as Dave J and RussianVids, who are jokes.


  1. Zack is desperate for traffic, trolling his own blog.
    Zack the shape of the earth 🌏 debate is so 2 years ago.

    2017 is about progression ! Get with the times
    El Ron Hubbard!

  2. you are trying too hard now Zac. Just stick to Gematria.

    1. He's right though, too many inconsistencies. We all know NASA is a scam. But it doesn't mean the earth is flat. Unless of course you read your bible with russianvids

    2. Explain why then U.S. government is covering up Antarctica and explain hollow earth and the life that inhibits it...

      I have challenged Zach but no reaponse. Been 3 days or so.

    3. Explain why then U.S. government is covering up Antarctica and explain hollow earth and the life that inhibits it...

      I have challenged Zach but no reaponse. Been 3 days or so.

  3. I had come to the same conclusion a little while back. It's about time thruthers just admit they've been had and learn from the mistake.

  4. I gotta say...the more I study astrology...the more I see how flat earth actually makes a lot of sense. I don't care to argue it with anyone...I don't know either way obviously. But I am seeing something I didn't see before and if you consider the seasons and the movement of the sun; in that alone, I can see flat earth being a possibility. Honestly...I think what is more important is studying the sky, the zodiac, the sun the astrological history that is kept from us and just thinking about it and figuring out what we can for ourselves. There isn't going to be a youtube video that will explain everything in the world to you. Sometimes you have to employ your own critical thinking skills...and sometimes you just know. Instinct, gut feeling, common sense, the exists...whether you tap into it or not.

    1. Astrology was created for geocentric system with close stars, it's very far fetched to think that Sun 93 million miles away can affect you, or Saturn, Jupiter and either of those planets that are said to be Milions of miles away

  5. Don't bother me if Mandela effect is a psyop. I just want to know how the HELL did they do that ?!?!?!? Because we are talking about some weird, esoteric, crazy things going on lol

  6. Zach, quit trolling and stop being stubborn and do some more research. That man's videos are not definitive.

  7. your arguments are dumb Zach.

    no one is basing the whole argument on the fact that NASA obviously lies, and its embarrassing how you call anyone who disagrees with your train of thought a "paid shill". shut the fuck up about every man and his dog being a paid shill its embarrassing and does you a disservice. far out man wake the fuck up to yourself

  8. "NASA playing God"- clip regarding bass and artificial weather.

  9. bring it on flat earth shit brains
    let me explain fractal creation in detail to you

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  10. @MIKE T

    "Let me explain " the words uttered like a true Sell out.

    Sound waves and light waves is all that matters and You need SPACE.
    This illusion we live in is based on those two principles.

    Keep bouncing your ball! Tell us about the planets and let us know if you found Gravity yet.

    The minions cannot understand their own deception.

    Baby sleeps in a cradle with a globe spinning while he sleeps with the sun moon and the stars playing lullaby baby !

    Get a fucking grip retards.

  11. "Brahms Lullaby"

    Performed by Jewel

    Source: Metro Lyrics

    Lullaby, and good night, in the skies stars are bright.
    May the moon's silvery beams bring you sweet dreams.
    Close your eyes now and rest, may these hours be blessed.
    'Til the sky's bright with dawn, when you wake with a yawn.

    Lullaby, and good night, you are mother's delight.
    I'll protect you from harm, and you'll wake in my arms.

    Sleepyhead, close your eyes, for I'm right beside you.
    Guardian angels are near, so sleep without fear.
    Lullaby, and good night, with roses bedight.
    Lilies o'er head, lay thee down in thy bed.

    Lullaby, and good night, you are mother's delight.
    I'll protect you from harm, and you'll wake in my arms.

    Lullaby, and sleep tight, my darling sleeping.
    On sheets white as cream, with a head full of dreams.
    Sleepyhead, close your eyes, I'm right beside you.
    Lay thee down now and rest, may your slumber be blessed.

    Go to sleep, little one, think of puppies and kittens.
    Go to sleep, little one, think of butterflies in spring.
    Go to sleep, little one, think of sunny bright mornings.
    Hush, darling one, sleep through the night,
    Sleep through the night,
    Sleep through the night.

    Listen to this lullaby!

    1. Harry...check this out! I posted a bunch about this on the Turkey/4th of July page...but no one will see's too far down.

      In studying perihelion and aphelion more I just made an interesting discovery. I have been studying the movement of the sun a lot. Think about the sun moving in a spiral above and moving closer and further away, while the spiral is also getting larger and then smaller again. I just drew it out on paper and I realized that the spiral I drew from the side...looked just like the coiled rattlesnake of the "Don't Tread On Me" flag. Ok...bare with me. At the top of the spiral or the snake's mouth would be the aphelion (July 4th), when the sun is farthest from earth and the spiral is smallest. Perihelion, which is tomorrow this year, is when the sun is closest to the earth but the spiral is also the largest. That would explain the summer being in the "southern" or outer part of the world at perihelion. So going back to that flag, which is very representative of our "freedom" and independence day which is also aphelion. I researched that flag and it's actually called the Gadsden Flag if you aren't familiar here is an article about this flag

      So check this out:
      Aphelion (July 4th)=480/80/44 (When the sun is farthest away)
      Gadsden Flag=480/80/44
      Don't Tread On Me=888/58
      Independence=588/22 (eighty eight=588 like fireworks 880)
      Cancer=152/44 (The sign of the zodiac during July 4th.)
      The flag can be traced back to Ben Franklin=106/52
      And of course Independence Day=74
      I also looked up Brahms Lullaby=47! (Makes sense since one is about the sun and the lullaby is about nighttime!)

      If you take this to pen and paper and draw out what the spiral would look like from above and from the side you get a better idea. I didn't see it so clearly until I actually drew it. Then I was able to easily see how the analemma (the sun's figure 8 in the sky) would occur in that pattern as well. It might be like a fibonacci spiral in the sky going out and then reversing. The zodiac is really a fibonacci sequence in the sky. This video breaks down the fibonacci of the zodiac. It's really cool!

      Anyway...I don't have it all sorted out...there is a lot going on here. But this was a neat find I thought! Had to share!

    2. You are correct Butler.

      The sun moves in a spiral, back and forth between so called tropics of cancer and capricorn (endpoints, minimum and maximum radiai of the spiral), passing through equator twice a year.

      Sun reaching these three points mark summer & winter solstices, and spring & autumn equinoxes.

      Going through the all cycles in the spiral track (back and forth) once marks one year.

    3. This is one reason why spirals are everywhere in ancient cultures.

    4. Thank you iivarii! Brilliant, simple explanation that actually correlates with our experience! It seems that we defy our own senses in order to believe otherwise.

    5. You had it pretty much figured out, so good for you!

    6. It was just common sense when I really stopped to think about it myself. We have been conditioned to just believe what we are told and not think about what our senses are really telling us. I still have a lot of questions..but the seasons just never made sense to me. Why the hell is it winter when the sun is supposed to be closest to the earth? The tilt just defied reason to me. So when I thought about it more and more...I began to think of how it might work. It's just because of studying the zodiac and sacred geometry a lot and it all starts to fall together. That is clearly why the establishment doesn't want us learning such knowledge. We are far too clever if we are allowed to think for ourselves.

    7. Wise words.

      It's all a test, a game.
      No one else can, nor is, stopping you from actually understanding things and obtaining knowledge.
      But no one else can, nor would, give them to you either.

      Truth is valuable only when you also KNOW/UNDERSTAND that it is the truth.

    8. Don't know why I started preaching like that but well, fuck it.

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  13. butler and iivarii
    The first step is to break ALL the beliefs instilled in us. Once that occurs, the world is a different place. Brilliant spirals. The elites hide it as WORM holes lol. Next children toy with the model of the movement of the sun and moon.
    I'm certain both have seen the child's toy with the marble size balls that go through a stiff wire with many colors. It's twisted and spiral toy with several beeds. Hidden in plain site.

    1. Yes, I agree Harry. It is amazing how the brainwashing is so subtle and everywhere. I can't put my finger on the toy you are talking about...but I probably have it in my house! The truth is always hidden in plain sight. We are conditioned to believe things must be so complicated...hence Einstein and all of that sort of science BS. Things are actually much simpler than all of that. I don't pretend to know all truth or anything like that...but I'm damn sure open minded. The minute you go thinking you know something is when it's easy to be led astray. Truths are revealed to us in their own time...but to seek out knowledge is the whole point of the journey. I get accused of believing this and that just because I practice the occult sciences...but it's not a belief to practice's learning. Hence the word "practice" which means to work at or to do. I am a doer...not a believer. People are just so narrow minded it's stupefying sometimes. They don't even know themselves...let alone anything else.

      I was just thinking about those secret spirals...just look at a clock. It sits there flat and stationary and the hands wind in a perfect circle. It's an illusion. That is not how time actually works. It should be moving and creating a spiral. But one must look deeper to see what is really there. And it's that way with everything.

      Thanks got me to think. I love it when that happens!

    2. Hegelian philosophy. Thousands of pages full of theoretical bullshit, but two important things about control, brainwashing and propaganda.

      1. Problem-reaction-solution paradigm

      2. Master-slave word pairs.

      If you can come up with a clever master word (top term/concept) that people absorb, they will become trapped in it's slave words (sub concepts/terms or bottom concepts).

      People start coming up with new slave words and new connections and ideas inside the master concept's sphere of influence.
      Soon everything - every new "discovery", "breakthrough", "progress" in said topic - happens within the master concept's umbrella.
      No one can see completely different options outside of it anymore.

      There can be infinite amounts of sub concepts and links between them below the master concept, each strengthening its stranglehold, the illusion, and each leading to a dead end.

      One can nestle these master-slave word pairs in layers on top of layers, just like harmonics of different frequencies inside a signal/wave.

      Vague master terms and concepts work the best, like "communism" or "equality". Vagueness is desired because then everyone forms their own opinion and mental image about the abstract master concept that best fits their general thinking.

      Master word itself does not usually mean anything concrete, it just sets the framework inside which "regular" thinking happens.

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    4. Just thought of something else interesting regarding the moon. Anytime I see a word with a double "oo' in it I think of the vesica pisces. Blood, Moon, Flood, Good...etc. Then I like to look at the roots of the letters flanking the split vesica pisces in the middle. What you described above could be seen as the vesica pisces going in and then back out again and on and on. It's interesting that the "m" in the hebrew alphabet is mem which is the symbol of the revealed and concealed (which is what happens in the moon's cycle). It is also representative of Moses, which means "drawn from water" and that clearly refers to a fish, for fish are drawn from water. What a fascinating synchronicity! The "n" at the end of moon can also represent "nun" in hebrew and "Nun" can be translated into fish in Aramaic. So that is really interesting. We have two fish flanking a vesica pisces in the middle. The symbolism in just one word, is absolutely astonishing!

      And of course we are told that the moon cycles are what effect our tides as well as the cycle of life in human gestation. The moon means month and also mensus. It's all tied together. I think of all knowledge that we have been deceived about the sun and the moon are of the utmost significance since they deeply effect the cycles of life and our very existence. "Nun" also made me think of in high noon, when the sun reaches the high point in the sky, and it's another double "oo" word. In Hebrew, these things are all tied to God, the soul, emergence, the perpetuation of life...and it's so obvious that the sun and moon are the basis for all of the cycles of life. This is what the Kabbalah is really telling us most likely. Much to learn...super interesting stuff!!

    5. Exactly like vesica pisces going in and out, in and out!
      Good, you and Harry got what I tried to describe.

    6. Now think about 108... 1 O ∞

      You can read about it's significance here:

      or here for example:

      Draw a circle O and draw 1 (or I) in the middle of it.
      You get one of the oldest symbols known to man.
      Look like half moon? Other side is black, other white (light).

      Look at the moon phase cycle and think about the 1 (or I) inside the circle (zero) sweeping in front of the moon, like drawing a ball in front of it in 3D, panting black areas behind it; areas it has already covered.

      Then when the 1 has completed the sweep (new moon/old moon), it starts sweeping again from the same side it started last time, but this time painting the already covered areas white. Black, white, black, white...eternally.

      The "one" (1) is sweeping over the "zero" (0) in 3-dimensions.

      Now, draw ∞ inside the circle as well, so that you have
      O + I + ∞.
      Look familiar? You can also replace the ∞ with vesica pisces.

      Half moon is when the circles form perfect vesica pisces, i.e. touch each others center point perfectly. When this happens, the 1 sweeping in front of the moon is in dead center too, halving the light and dark exactly. You see only a line when looking at the moon, because you are looking directly at the "one" halving the "zero", (masculine straight line, feminine curve circle).

      When you look at near old moon or new moon, the 1 is at the side, and you can see how it is curved (how it sweeps round the circle, forming a ball, like Ezekiel's wheel).

      Keep it up.

    7. "It is what it does". An ancient principle.

      Moon = 108 = ezekiel's wheel.

    8. And great stuff from you. Thank you.

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    10. comes from a circle spinning inside a circle (i.e. Ezekiel's wheel), when you are looking at it right in front of it as it is spinning past the center (temporarily 90 degrees angle between the two circles).

      This is one example of 3D reality creating 2D geometry and vice versa.

      "O" with "I" and "-" inside it
      (O I -)
      Like the zodiac killer sign
      is a circle with two circles spinning inside it.

      "O" with four lines (or ones) inside it like the compass rose,
      is four circles spinning inside a circle.


    11. I wish we could actually talk about this! I am thinking about what you isn't clicking with me straight away, but I'll keep working through it. Going to draw it out now..that might help me see what you mean more clearly. It usually does!

    12. You will get it. And then realize something i haven't.

      Look at the circle inside a circle (ring inside a ring) thingies in this picture:

      Harder to explain than see.

    13. If you have a ring, spin it in front of you and look at it.

      O | O | O |

      circle or line, one or zero,
      depending on the perspective.

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    15. Oh that picture is perfect. I see it now. And now I get why binary code is so important and how that ties into the matrix. Well...I don't totally get it...but I'm starting to see the connection in a way I hadn't before at least! Perhaps this speaks to the significance of the number 42 as well. The binary of 42 is 101010.

    16. That cycle or binary of 101010 also could represent 3 rotations or cycles which could represent the trinity. If you could spin that circle like a wheel and in it's axis I wonder what that would look like. Take a look at the sychrota wheel of the zodiac. There is a lot in that image as well. I'm starting to understand why the ecliptic is so important. As above, so below after all. This website has a good large imprint of the wheel.

      It's interesting too that the orobourus is around the wheel. Trinity=69 which can be found in the ecliptic as well when you think about the yin and yang.

    17. The circle is spinning inside a circle and also
      ROTATING around it like the orobourus.
      Every time the circle has spun one round, it has also rotated one step futher in the zodiac wheel, creating a new one (line) there.

      Who ever "invented" programming knows how to make "a circle spin inside another circle to create ones and zeros".

    18. The cirle spinning inside a circle creates an infinite pattern of alternating ones and zeros, how many of them depends of the duration you choose, a day, a mont etc.
      (it goes on to ininity).

    19. Also, take a look at game of thrones intro to see what they have in the sky.

  14. Yes.

    To hide something in plain sight is actually pretty clever.
    Clearer to go through barriers and fight to get to the secret, which is written in a note inside a box, which is inside a secret chamber etc...

  15. Think of the voting machine...lmao

    Now think of the magicians 🎩 box

    Cheers brother, were both thinking.

  16. I got sucked into the Flat Earth "movement" but I got out when I finally accepted there are huge holes in the theory. The stars in the southern hemisphere cannot be explained.
    The plane routes cannot be explained.
    The fact that the Sun rise and sets at a uniform rate cannot be explained.

    Flat Earthers please stop attacking people for not agreeing with you and accept you don't know what this world is any more than the rest of us. Yes NASA is lying but the Flat Earth is just another lie that's been inserted into your head.

    1. Here's my 2 cents. We do not know either way. I certainly do not. What I think is important and is the reason that this discussion is even taking place is because of the materialism that the globalist view promotes. Whether we realize it or not, it is a framework that we are forced to think inside. So, whether the earth is flat, round, maybe it doesn't even exist...whatever. It's all phenomena anyway...I can't know that anything "is" except for myself if you want to get philosophical.

      So rather than anyone "buying into" any movement of any kind...ergo...developing a "belief system". Or railing against flat earth and thus clinging to the globalist view. I would propose that we might try seeking, learning and opening our minds to all things.

      Thus, I look at flat earth from a philosophical standpoint. And I think people arguing over it just proves how deeply our thoughts are rooted in materialism. Truth will only be revealed when the nonsense, belief systems, dogma and all other preconceived notions are discarded.

      I read a horrible book once called "The Purpose Driven Life" and the first line of that book says, "It's not about You". Well...that is complete Bullshit. It is about you. One must attempt to know oneself before self can know anything else. And all knowledge is hidden within you (your human anatomy, ego, soul, self etc..) for you are a temple. That I do accept as self-evident and thus true.

      That is just me...take what you like and leave the rest, is my philosophy. But I feel it needs to be said.

  17. Thanks Butler and iivarii

    The moon movement makes total sense now.

    The spiral slides at the theme parks are mocking me non longer!

    1. The white que ball and black magic eight ball in billiard is a mockery too.
      Spin those two balls in your hand like stress balls, watch how the black ball blocks parts of the white ball, and you pretty much get the moon phases.