Monday, June 12, 2017

106 | More NBA Finals 2017 Notes | Arena Football (Cleveland Gladiators vs Philadelphia Soul), Nate Thurmond & King Charles I's June 18, 1633 coronation

Notice the date of the game was October 6, or 10/6...

Prophecy = 106; Akron, Ohio = 106; Oracle Arena, 106 feet tall

Also, it was the team from Philadelphia, the original home of the Warriors, who won.

Soul = 19+15+21+12 = 67
Warriors won 67-games this year; Cavs would win 67 total if they won Finals

Great observation here!  The Warriors are wearing #42 for Nate Thurmond this year, who had his number retired with the Warriors and Cavs, both as 42.

King Charles and the Cavaliers, what we were talking about last year!  It's all history, recreated on the hardwood.