Friday, June 9, 2017

46 | NBA Game 4, announcer calls Cavs 46th point a "haymaker" a Muhammad Ali tribute no doubt

Listen to what the announcer says when the Cavaliers score their 46th points in the game, the remark about the "haymaker", boxing terminology.  It's at about 3:39 in the video.

Miami Beach = 46
Parkinson's = 46
Louisville = 46
Phoenix = 46

Last year Muhammad Ali's death was part of the ritual for the Cleveland Cavaliers...

He became boxing champion in Miami Beach, in '64, the last year Cleveland had won a pro sports championship before the Cavs in 2016.

Remember, Muhammad Ali lost once to Joe Frazier, then beat him in his next two fights, what the Cavs are trying to achieve against the Warriors.  Frazier died in Philadelphia, like where the Warriors are from.