Saturday, December 30, 2017

7 42 45 47 61 77 | The genealogy of Jesus Christ according to Matthew and Luke +Hermeticism and Sacred Geometry

42 Generations to Jesus in Matthew.


77 Generations to Jesus in Luke.

The genealogy begins the 3rd chapter of Luke, the 47th Chapter of the New Testament.

Think about how the false Jews rule over the masses today, giving them information that doesn't add up, but which is expected to be believed and accepted.  It's no different.

Even more, what the false ones have done, is take the ancient teachings which came before, and corrupt them, such as Hermeticism.

In Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life, and its 61 circles is of the most important objects.  It is said that all things in creation can be derived from within this shape.

The number 61 shows up in a big way in Christianity.

61 is 6+1 = 7

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