Friday, December 8, 2017

The story of Maestro, and the reality of the trolls down in the comments...

There was this guy named Maestro, he used to always email me and tell me I needed to start making money off of Gematria because my work was amazing and I deserved to be making some serious change off of it.  He used to often call me "the artist".   I would always respond, you know Maestro, if I do this for money, then people will think it is about money, and it isn't about money, it is about getting the word out regarding what is taking place in this world, plus if it is free, more people will have access to it.  Over time, Maestro became more forceful with his opinion, and before long I was a "fool" for not putting a price tag on my work.  In his words, I was missing out on a serious opportunity.

Of course, Maestro decided to take matters into his own hands, and he created his for-profit Gematria club, with a modest price of $300 to join, or was it $350?  The thing was, Maestro didn't have a following, and Maestro wasn't very good at Gematria, so no one came.  Then Maestro got bitter, and he started trolling my blog, the place he learned the skill from.  What it proved was money spoils all things, and money makes people mad, and Maestro has gone mad.  His empty Gematria club is now a place where he posts on the regular about how great Donald Trump is, and how terrible the liberal media is.

The lesson for anyone else is, learn your place.  Be grateful.  Stop hating.  I unlocked a valuable piece of knowledge that very few people were aware of.  The reason Harry Butts is always trolling is because he is Gary Grinberg, who charges $3,500 for a few sessions to learn what I teach for free every single day.  And poor Gary, he focuses on sports for a living, and has been doing this much longer, but doesn't have a fraction of anything I have achieved to show for himself.  He can troll all he wants in the comments and try to spin my words, but it doesn't change the truth of anything.  If I hadn't stolen his thunder, he wouldn't be here.  That's just the reality of the matter.  Instead of Gary trying to improve, he now leaches from me while trying to slander me at the same time (same with the rest of my trolls), on seemingly 24/7/365 shifts.

That's the other proof of the relevance of my work.  How many employed trolls are on duty, trying to stop what they can't...  It's a large payroll.

And here's what it sounds like when a shill isn't talking about me: