Sunday, January 7, 2018

26 57 | Saints beat Panthers, 31-26, advance to play Vikings in their 57th season, January 7, 2018

With the Saints winning, my picks for the Wild Card were 3-1.

Chiefs over Titans (wrong)
Falcons over Rams (right)
Jags over Bills (right)
Saints over Panthers (right)

Notice the two away teams one on day one, and the two home teams won on day two.

They 3:22 clock pause, of course...

The 2:27 clock pause, of course...

26+31 = 57

Saints go on to face Minnesota in their 57th season.

As we know, Minnesota and New Orleans both used to have the Anderson brothers on their team, and I'm expecting a big "field goal" narrative.

Also, "26" comes up yet again...

Falcons won with 26
Panthers lost with 26

Those were the last two NFC teams to be in the Super Bowl.

1/7/18 = 1+7+18 = 26 (Today's date)

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