Thursday, April 26, 2018

1214 | The Parkland High School shooting hoax and the parallels to Sandy Hook grow through "animation of shooting"

It has been revealed that Parkland High School faculty had recently undertaken training for an active shooter scenario prior to the February 2018 shooting.  As part of that training, they listened to police calls from the day of the Sandy Hook shooting.

If you'll recall, the Sandy Hook shooting was on December 14, or 12/14.  Now notice in this Parkland animation, how the majority of victims were in room 1214, not too far off from 12/14.

As we said from the get, there were clear parallels to Sandy Hook with Parkland, through the media images, and the numbers.

The mocking is this thick.

12+14 = 26
26 victims at Sandy Hook

Read about why 26 in the first chapter of Letters & Numbers:

And don't forget the "113" relationship...


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