Monday, April 16, 2018

44 47 93 144 215 333 | Syria bombing of April 13, 2018, comes 215-days after Assad's birthday +Other notes

As a warning, the post below is incorrect in regards to Israel's Independence Day, which is actually May 14, and not April 19.  Still, the rest of the points are interesting, and recall, "144" was the number in the April 4, 2017 Syria bombing.

And remember...

In Jewish Gematria...

Time = 144
Light = 144
Nadis = 144

In Ordinal...

April Fourth = 144
Forty-Four = 144
*Clock = 44

With time in mind... there are 1,440-minutes each day.

And with regards to Israel and time...

Israel was drawn up as a nation September 3, 1947, it was recognized as a nation November 29, 1947, the 333rd day of the year.

Saturn = 93 (Saturn is the keeper of time)
They say the sun is 93-million miles away...

Time = 47 (Ordinal Gemtria, same as how Saturn sums to 93) (Saturn, keeper of time)

And with regards to Israel's office birthday, May 14, 1948, there is many interesting things, and one to keep in mind.

The Synagogue of Satan = 223
Masonic = 223

223, the 48th Prime
Freemason = 48 (Hebrew and English)
Illuminati = 48

Illuminated means illuminated, in the light.  Freemasonry is the pursuit of light.

ALSO noteworthy, the attack was on Assad's 215th day of his age, reminding of Philadelphia (215 area code), a biblical name, like Syria, a biblical place.

ALSO, April 13 can be written as 13/4.

Make America Great Again = 134
New World Order = 134

See my work on Donald Trump and the number 134.

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