Friday, June 1, 2018

37 44 114 | Thinking more about Ichiro Suzuki returning to the Seattle Mariners, at age 44, in light of it being the year of the 114th World Series

Notice Ichiro, who returned at age 44, sums to 44.  Ichiro = 44 (Reduction)

So does 'Seattle' and 'Space Needle', the landmark in the city.

Space is a clock, the most organic one out there.

Ichiro is Asian...

Military = 44; Soldier = 44; Infantry = 44; Kill = 44

Ichiro is from Japan, and there is a big riddle this year with the Japanese player in Anaheim, who plays in the same division as the Mariners, for the Angels.

This is also the year of the 114th World Series.

The March 7, 2018 news came 136-days after his 44th birthday, on his 137th day of being his age.

Ichiro doesn't look happy, eh?

The news came March 7, or 3/7.

Ichiro = 37; Suzuki = 37

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