Wednesday, June 6, 2018

225 | The second Galactic Tick Day is coming, June 26, 2018 +Upcoming interview

Remember what was significant about the 235th observation, and the start of the holiday, September 29, 2016.

-235 relates to 23.5 which relates to time and the coordinates of the earth's tropics
-September 29 leaves 93-days left in the year
-The Sun is 93-million miles away
-Sun = 54 (Ordinal); 9/29/16 = 9+29+16 = 54

This holiday for 'Galatic Tick' has everything to do with time.  The sun is time.

Now notice, from the last Galactic Tick Day, 9/29, to the next, 6/26.  Do you see a pattern with those number sequences?  If not, where's Jimi?  He has a song - If 6 was 9.

From September 29, 2016 to June 26, 2018 is a span of 636-days.  (635-days after)

This post was inspired by the fact that the creator of Galactic Tick Day has invited another conversation on the subject.  The last occurred because he enjoyed my video on the significance of the September 29, 2016 date, way back when.

The last time I spoke to David I did not know Reverse Ordinal Gematria.

Notice the details about a Galactic Tick and 225-million-years.

Galactic Tick = 225 (Reverse Ordinal)

I'm looking forward to chatting with David.

I will ask him why the second holiday is being celebrated 635-days after the last, instead of 634, as is suggested in the Wikipedia article.