Wednesday, June 27, 2018

26 43 74 177 188 | The South Seattle barge fire of June 26, 2018 solved (Masonic Ritual / Mariners Related)

I can solve the mystery... with Gematria.

The smoke from this fire was very visible last evening and it became a point of discussion for some of my riders last evening, June 26, 2018.

6/26/2018 = 6+26+(2+0+1+8) = 43

It is possible this is a baseball related ritual.  We have seen fires and sports before, see the 2016-17 NBA Season, the Oakland Warehouse Fire, and the 2017 NBA Finals.  Don't forget Seattle and Oakland are both on the 122nd Meridian as well.

Remember when the Seahawks won their only Super Bowl with 43-points?

Next year, 2019, will be the 43rd year of the Mariners.

Seattle = 19 (Reduction) (2019)
Mariners = 43 (Reduction)

43 is the 14th prime; End = 14 (Reduction)

Can the Mariners end their streak of never making it to the World Series next year?

And again, this fire happened on the 26th... of June, the 6th month...

Game = 26 (Ordinal)
Ballgame = 26 (Reduction)
Athlete = 26 (Reduction)
God = 26 (Ordinal)
Man made in the 26th verse of Genesis, by God, on the 6th Day
June 26, or 6/26...
Sports tribute with fire?

Seattle is the (206) area code

This incident was blamed on an 'accident'.

Notice the article says the fire was on the 600 block of South Myrtle Street...

Masonic = 43 / 74; Seattle on the 47th Parallel

Recall the big fire in London last June was centered around the number 74.  (see older posts)

June 26 is also a very interesting date...

We're living in the time of the 266th Pope...

September 23 is the 266th day of the year...

ALSO, just for extra information, this story comes 89-days after the start of the MLB Season, and 119-days before the start of the World Series.  The MLB Season began March 29, 2018, the 88th day of the year.

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