Wednesday, June 13, 2018

13 | The Number 13 in Pro Sports in the year 2018 (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Horse Racing)

13 in Pro Sports in 2018 thus far...

Alabama won on the 13-point comeback, lead by #13; Alabama = 13 (Reduction)

The Patriots and Eagles rematched in the Super Bowl 13-years after their last meeting
The Eagles won with 41-points; 41, the 13th prime; Super Bowl = 41; NFL = 13

Alex Ovehckin won the Stanely Cup in his 13th NHL Season

LeBron James fell to 1-3 against the Warriors in Finals, winning the only championship against them in his 13th season

The 99th NFL Season is upcoming, and Tom Brady is 41-years-old

We got the 13th Triple Crown winning horse, Justify

Thirteen = 99 (Ordinal)
The United States of America = 99 (Reduction)

What other big 13 rituals have happened I am forgetting?

We need to keep an eye on this number in the MLB.

Think about how Judge wears 99.

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