Friday, June 1, 2018

33 39 48 58 66 | Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathway and their jewelry companies +58 and Diamonds

In the mall my girlfriend loves to frequent, the Ben Bridge and Helzberg Diamonds are right next to each other.  Now I have a better idea why... and I also learned that Ben Bridge was established in Seattle.

Ben Bridge was established by Samuel Silverman, SS.

That's a good name for a jeweler.

What is considered an 'excellent' cut for a diamond is 58-cuts.  58.

Samuel Silverman = 58 (Reduction)
Freemasonry = 58 (Reduction)
Secret Society = 58 (Reduction)

As we know, 58 is a very special number.  Biblical = 58; Tetragrammaton = 58; Power = 58

And don't forget that Freemasonry is based in the Old Testament, the Jewish section of the Bible.  Here we're talking about jewelry and jewelers.

Masonry = 33 / 39
Secrecy = 33 / 39

As for the name Ben Bridge, who took over Sam Silverman's businesss and renamed it, it is good name in Gematria terms too.

Ben Bridge offers a signature diamond with 66 cuts, 8 more than what is considered excellent and top of the line by most jewelers.

Ben Bridge = 66 (Ordinal)
Ben Bridge = 48; Ring = 48; Live = 48; Sex = 48; *Evi = 48

And looking at the parent company of Ben Bridge and Helzerberg (both jewelers), I notice they're owned by Berkshire Hathway, which is largely owned by Warren Buffett... and which owns A LOT of stuff... from minerals, to banking, to insurance, to food, to travel, to pretty much everything.  Look at the list in the paragraphs below.

This is how a small group of people have so much influence over the world.  They profit from the productivity of the masses in more ways than any other.

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