Friday, June 1, 2018

51 66 114 | Warriors 124, Cleveland Cavaliers 114 in Game 1 of NBA Finals, May 31, 2018 +De ja vu from 34-years earlier

The Cavs lost with 114, and LeBron James scored 51-points.

LeBron James = 51 (Reduction, S10)
LeBron James = 114 (Ordinal)

In the first NBA Finals between the Warriors and Cavs, Game 1 went to OT as well.

Consider this game was played on May 31, the 151st day of the year.

151, the 36th prime

LeBron could potentially fall to 3-6 in the Finals if he loses.

This season began with #3 and #6 of the Miami Heat being reacquainted on the Cavs, the men that are Dwayne Wade and LeBron James.

666, the 36th triangular number

The NBA Finals = 666 (Sumerian)
Basketball Game = 666 (Sumerian)

Number of the Beast = 66
The Number of a Man = 66
LeBron James = 66
LeBron = 66
King = 66

Don't forget Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible, where the number 666 is taught about.

LeBron played 48-minutes again.

James = 48 (Ordinal)

This is the Cavs 48th season.

The Cavs starters scored 91-points, and the team took 99-shots.

91, the 13th Triangular Number
Thirteen = 99 (Ordinal)

34-years ago to the day, May 31, 1984, the Celtics beat the Lakers in OT with 124-points, and that game had a similar narrative at the end of regulation.

The date was also right for an Oracle win.

5/31/18 = 5+31+18 = 54 (Oracle = 54)

Recall, the Celtics ended the Warriors home winning streak at 54-games two years ago.

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