Thursday, September 6, 2018

36 63 94 108 118 127 147 159 | Death of Christopher Lawford at age 63, JFK's nephew, September 4, 2018 +Week of JFK related riddles

On September 4, the day having a parallel to the presidency, and the day leaving 118-days left in the year, the nephew of JFK died at age 63, reminding that JFK was killed in '63, in Dallas, Texas.

*That was the same day George H.W. Bush got his 1000 Points of Light tribute, and we know he was in Dealey Plaza the day JFK died.

Read more about H.W. here:

Keep in mind JFK was the 35th President, the only Catholic President.

The parallel to the presidency is as follows.

Don't forget JFK died in Dealey Plaza, named after a Freemason.

The term "conspiracy theorist" was first created to dismiss JFK assassination investigators.

His cause of death has gematria of 36, the reflection of 63.

'Heart attack' also has a parallel to 'Dealey Plaza'.

 Last point, he died 159-days after his birthday, the number connecting to 'Scottish Rite'.

Dealey Plaza is named after a Scottish Rite Freemason.

The family released the news Wednesday, September 5, or 5/9, like 59.

That was the same day as the JFK International Airport News:

More on his name gematria is as follows:

Notice his full name sums to 127.

ALSO, today, September 6, we got a JFK riddle in Brazil...

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